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Thursday 8th July

Thursday 8th July

Happy Thursday.

How are you all doing? I hope you enjoyed the football (if you stayed up to watch it). We were singing a lot in our house... same again Sunday.

So it's ten years this week since this film came out and it made me wonder what you're favourite Disney film is? I like all the Pirate of the Caribbean films and it is my favourite ride in Disneyland Paris. Hayley's favourite is Parent Trap and High School Musical. Why not draw a picture of your favourite Disney film character today, I'd love to see them all on the blog.

Keep safe,

Dr Gould.


For the children in blue group and who have Direct Instruction with Mrs Woodley.



Today is addition with regrouping.

Remember to "put the tens on the shelf."

This week we are doing some non fiction on the lifecycles that link to our animals and habitats Science topic that we have just completed.

This week we will be looking at Superheroes. 

Today we are doing our second lesson on Northern Europe topic. You will learn a lot of information about which human and physical features in Northern Europe. 

After the lockdown we have been doing basic skills catch up afternoon sessions so this week I am setting you some extra Maths and English challenges. The answers are included for you to mark in green pen (if you have one)... but don't look until you've had a go.


Well done with completing Thursday. Enjoy another Julia Donaldson story with your family. It was one of our guided reading that we missed during lockdown in February.

See you tomorrow for the last day of remote learning.