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Tuesday 19th January 2021

Tremendous Tuesday

Another day, another chance for new learning opportunities! Keep up the good work everyone!


Before you start your work for today, make sure to register yourself using the link below...


A message from Miss Mapother...

I hope you all have a lovely day learning today! Today you are going to be doing your morning activities of Maths, English and Grammar and then in the afternoon you shall be learning about light and dark in Science. Make sure that you have registered before you start your work for the day (use the link above) and then make sure to upload all of your lovely work to the blog so I can see it later! laugh

Remember, if you need to ask any questions I am only a J2message away!

Have a great day everyone!

From Miss Mapother x


Liturgical Assembly and Collective Worship

Please find below Tuesday's Collective Worship slide.


SPAG 5 a day

It is so positive to see all of your SPAG skills improving, keep up the great work! Please complete the SPAG 5 a day for today. Please see the answers to the Maths 5 a day from yesterday below too.


Answers from Monday's Maths 5 a day...


For today's lesson, you are going to continue with length. Today you will learn how to make appropriate estimates of length by comparing. 

To do this you are going to need some equipment: please see if you can find some paper, a pencil, a ruler and something that is similar to a centimetre for example, a mini peg, paperclip or tiny block. This will be explained more in the video below so please click on the link. 



Now please complete the worksheet below..



Have a short 15 minute break from your work, have a snack and have a run around or do something you want to do to relax for a few minutes!



Yesterday you watched the video about Pigeon Impossible. Today you are going to plan your very own exciting adventure story based around the video. 

First, refresh yourself by watching the video again...


Pigeon: Impossible

The inspiration for the animated feature SPIES IN DISGUISE starring Will Smith, Tom Holland, Rashida Jones, Karen Gillan, DJ Khaled, Ben Mendelsohn & Masi Ok...

Creating your character....

In the video, the main character who caused some of the mischief was the pigeon. You are going to create your own character for your story. This needs to be an animal or a creature, it cannot be a human!

Use the template below to plan your character, think about some great adjectives and housepoints for expanded noun phrases. 

After you have completed the sheet, make sure to have a think about what your character is going to get stuck in (just like the pigeon got stuck in the briefcase), is it going to be a briefcase/suitcase/ will plan this more tomorrow. 



Yesterday, you learnt about fronted adverbials in your basic skills lesson. Today, you are going to put it into practice by using some fronted adverbials to describe a scene from The London Marathon. If you need a refresh about what fronted adverbials are, please see the link below. Then, complete the sheet by writing a descriptive piece of writing. The first sentence has been done for you...

On Sunday 23rd April, thousands of people hit the streets of London to take part in the annual London Marathon. 



  1. forgetting
  2. forgotten
  3. beginning
  4. beginner
  5. preferred
  6. preferring
  7. occurred
  8. occurring
  9. forbidden
  10. committed


Check out the spellings on J2Blast under the shared tab. Also practice in your books or on a piece of paper. 



Have a break now to have a rest from your work and to have some lunch. Make sure to have a run around or do something that you want to do to take your brain away from work for a little while.



For today's lesson, you are still going to continue with Light and Dark but today you are going to look at how shadows are formed.

Please complete the intro quiz, watch the video and complete the final quiz using the link below and then complete the worksheet. 



Let's get some exercise and do the daily mile! Spend 15 minutes walking or running around your house or garden or do some psychical activity for 15 minutes.



Click on the link below to take you to the Big Maths Powerpoint I have created. These are some of the areas some of you are getting stuck on so practice this to help you! 



Extra activities - 

Use this time to practice some of your skills on the apps like TTRS, active learn, read theory, J2Blast or any BBC bitesize games linked to our topics. Please also watch some of the videos below to give you more information. 


SHADOWS - Have a look at this performance on Britain's Got Talent where a group called Attraction use themselves to create shadows and to tell a story. It is very powerful and amazing how they use the shadows to create a story. How do you think they created the shadows and the different sizes of shadows?


Attraction's semi-final shadow theatre performance | Semi-Final 5 | Britain's Got Talent 2013

The next chapter in the Attraction story is a real tear-jerker.Hankies at the ready!See more from Britain's Got Talent at htt...

DONE! yes

Well done you have done another day of home learning! You are working so hard! Now time to log off and rest!


Don't forget to add your work to the blog! laugh