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Tuesday 2nd February

Tuesday 2nd February


Good morning Nursery,


I hope you had a fun day yesterday with our new story and investigating shapes. This afternoon's focus is RE. You will be learning all about how Jesus is the light of the world. Please post what you have done on the blog as I love to see your updates!


Miss Arnold 

Days Of The Week song

What's The Weather Like Today

Collective worship

While we can't go out and see our friends and family life can feel strange and a little tricky but today's bible story teaches us that whatever happens we can trust in Jesus. 

Jesus Calms the Storm I Animated Bible Story For Children| HolyTales Bible Stories


Re-read the story together and then act it out with the props you made yesterday. I've included the story resources from yesterday below. 


You can find a simple version of the story here


You can listen to an audio version here:


And watch a ballet version of the story here:


Provide loops made from string or elastic at least 3m long. For the task, these can be put on the ground or held in the air. Ask your child to make shapes with their loops and talk about what they see.



Today we are going to play a game with the cards we made yesterday. Can you put the cards that rhyme together. You will probably need to say the words several times to support your child and then say the pairs together emphasising the end of the word that rhymes.




Today's lesson is all about Jesus being the light of world and what this means. Look through the powerpoint below and discuss what you read and then create your own light of the world craft. (The instructions are in the powerpoint.)

Children's mental health week


One strategy we can use to promote good mental health is by practising being grateful. It can feel really hard to do this sometimes, especially in difficult times like these. Here are some ways in which we can build this into our lives:


  • Start your day by writing down one thing that went well the previous day and why it went well. You can do this while eating breakfast or before you start on work or schoolwork. Writing it down is important because it is a record of what happened that you can refer back to. This allows you to reflect on your actions and continue growing.


  • Most of us feel frustrated by something in a normal day. When you find yourself feeling upset or frustrated, hit the pause button and reset your thinking. Come up with something positive about the situation or think about something else entirely that you are thankful for.


  • Go around the dinner table and have each person state something general they are thankful for, and something specific to that day that they are thankful for.


  • Share your gratitude with others by writing a note to someone you are grateful for







End of day story

Today's story is all about a tiger trying to find his smile.

Storytime for kids Augustus and his Smile by Catherine Rayner

Come help Augustus find his smile. Listen to the story and see the beautiful illustrations