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Tuesday 2nd March

 Tuesday 2nd March 

Daily register

Please click on the link below to access the Reception Remote Learning Daily Register.

Answer the register with your child's name. Thank you! smiley


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A message from Miss Hand...

Good morning Reception!
How are you all today? I hope you all enjoyed yesterday's lessons. Today we have our usual morning activities and then we're going to be continuing with our unit of Lent.

Not long to go now until we are all back in school together. If you didn't see this week's video message, take a look back at yesterday's page to view it. I hope you have a great day!
Take care, Miss Hand and Mrs. Barnett 


Need to contact me? Please email - can send a message to me on J2message - this can be found on the BGFL launchpad. Please click on the image to take you to J2message.

Morning routine

We always start our morning by talking about the date and weather. We sing the days of the week song and we discuss the date - what day was it yesterday, what day is it today...tomorrow?

If yesterday was the 1st, what is today? What is one more than 1... Perhaps you can talk about the date and weather at home. There is a youtube link of the days of the week song and the months of the year song below. 

Days of the Week song

Months of the Year Song

Basic skills

1. Practise writing numbers - Practise writing numbers from 0 - 10. If you can do this, why not have a go all the way to 20.


2. Simple sentence - I wonder if you can write something about the picture? I wonder if you can think of your own sentence or perhaps you could write another ‘I can see’ sentence. I can see... 

It is up to you! If this is a bit tricky, you could have a go at writing some sounds/words.


3. Word of the day - Take a look at today's word of the day and have a go at the activity if you are able to. 


4. J2blast spellings - Click here to take you to the website/app where you can practise the words.

Collective Worship

Please click on the document below to see Tuesday's Collective Worship.

1.) Daily devotion.

2.) Bible song - I have added a link to the song below. 

Click on the image to listen to and learn today's Bible song for Collective Worship. Enjoy!

Literacy - The Enormous Turnip

Today we are continuing our new story of The Enormous Turnip.

I have added the story powerpoint below and all the other resources you will need in one document. Today I would like you to read the story and then have a go at drawing your own story map. You could just choose some of the key moments in the story if you like. Perhaps you'd like to just think about what happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story. There are a couple of examples of story maps to give you an idea. I wonder if you can label your story map.

You can use the word mat, sound mat and high frequency word table to help you. 

 Snack time and this week's Nursery rhyme...

Five speckled frogs

Maths - Comparing numbers within 10

This week we are exploring the number 10.

Take a look at the lesson resources below.

1.) Lesson video - Building 9 & 10 - Week 2 - Comparing Numbers Within 10

2.) Lesson activity card.

1. Lesson video - Comparing Numbers Within 10

Phonics - er

We will practise our new sound 'er' today.

In phonics, we do the following things:

1. Sing the alphabet song

(the video below is slightly different to the one we sing at school, but the children know it).

2. Practise all of the sounds that we have learned so far.

3. Practise reading words with the previous sound in.

4. Watch a video of our new sound.

5. Practise writing the new sound (pre-cursive letter formation).

6a. Practise reading words with our new sound in. We segment the sounds and blend them together to say/read the word, e.g. the word -  cat - segment ---> c-a-t - blend ---> cat!

6b. Practise writing words with the new sound in.

1. Alphabet Phonics Song

2. Practise all sounds learned so far!

3. Practise reading these words

4. New sound - er

5. Practise writing the new sound - er

5a. Practise writing the new sound (pre-cursive letter formation) - er

5b. Practise writing the new sound (pre-cursive letter formation) - er

6a/6b. Practise reading and writing words with our new sound in.

 Lunch time 

Little Big Maths

Please take a look at this week's Little Big Maths powerpoint (resource below). These are basic skills to practise throughout the week.


Today we are going to continue with our unit of Lent. We are going to be reading a story in the Bible called the Parable of the Talents. We are also going to be thinking of our God-given gifts and how we can use these gifts to help others. 

End of the day story


Today's end of the day story - Norman the slug with the silly shell! I hope you enjoy it! smiley

Norman the slug with the silly shell.