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Tuesday 5th January 2021

Tuesday 5th January 2021


Below you can find the lessons we are doing in class today and the order of our learning. However, if you are learning from home, you can do the lessons in whichever order you wish, as long as you try and complete all of them every day, where possible. Make sue that you post your online work onto the blog or save it as a file on the jit5 app write!


There is one thing you need to do first however! Before you get started with your learning and begin your day of remote learning please make sure that you follow the registration link below and register that you are here online and reading to learn!


Basic Skills/ Grammar



Collective Worship


Please click on the picture below to go to the Collective Worship we are doing in class this week.










Look at the picture of the book 'Not Now Bernard' below.



Answer the following questions:


1.What do you think this book will be about?

2.What characters might there be? What will they be like?

3. Where do you think the story takes place?

4. What do you think is happening on the front cover?

5. Tell me two things that you think will happen in the story.

6. Do you think the story will have a happy or sad ending? Why?

7. Can you write your own version of the story? Write what you think or predict will happen.




Weekly Spellings to Practise Daily


You can also access your weekly spellings online using J2 blast which is on the BGFL App Launchpad. You can practise your spellings online here and play lots of fun games to help you learn them throughout the week! I have outlined some simple instructions below for how to find J2Blast and get practising your spellings!


1. Log on to your BGFL Account Launchpad.

2 .Click on J2 Blast Spellings.

3. Click on Spell Blast.

4. Click on the 'Have a practice' button or picture at the top of the page.

5. Click on the shared button and you will see the spelling test I have created for this week. Click on it and you can start practising!


if you click on spell blast spellings as well as shared you can see lots of Common Exception and High Frequency Phase Words that need to be learning and practised for Year 1 and 2. These are different to our weekly spellings but they are still very important and you need to know how to spell them! There are many different words there to practise and learn so if you want to challenge yourself go for it- how many different spellings can you learn every week?!

Big Maths- Beat That and CLIC Tests

Please click on the PDF and find the Beat That Test and CLIC Test with your name on. ( There should be 2 tests each.) Please print, practise and complete at home each day.

Big Maths- Class PPT 

Science- Autumn to Winter ( Seasons)


Science Lesson PPT Tuesday 5th January 2021- Seasons Autumn to Winter

Changes around Us Autumn to Winter Scaffold Worksheets