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Tuesday 6th July

Tuesday 6th July 2021

Happy Tuesday

Good Morning Year2,

I hope that you're well and that you are getting on okay with the work. Remember any problems then send me a j2message and I can get back to you. 

So today is the start of a Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. I am challenging you to find out which famous King lived there. Add your answers to your work today for extra housepoints. I'd also love to see any example of your perfect garden as that is what the show is about.

Have a great day,

Dr Gould.


For the children in blue group and who Direct Instruction with Mrs Woodley.

We are reviewing the sounds all week.


Today we are looking at solving word problems for addition and subtraction.

This week we are doing some non fiction reading on the lifecycle of butterflies that link to our animals and habitats Science topic that we have just completed.

This week we will be looking at Superheroes. 

Today we are looking at the second lesson of astronomy on orbit and rotation between the sun, Earth and the Moon.

After the lockdown we have been doing basic skills catch up afternoon sessions so this week I am setting you some extra Maths and English challenges. The answers are included for you to mark in green pen (if you have one)... but don't look until you've had a go.


As we finish today I would like you to read along with another Oliver Jeffers story 'Stuck.' Sit back, relax and enjoy with your family.

See you tomorrow.