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Wednesday 10th Feb

Wednesday 10th February


Message from Dr Gould                                                                                            

Morning Year 2,

How are you all? Did you have a great Internet Safety Day. There were absolutely loads of fun activities so if you haven't had a look then go to yesterday's links. What I can see from the blog is you have thoroughly enjoyed yourself with the Maths shapes. Your work has been very colourful.

I was really happy to see more of you signing in to the register yesterday too. It made me very happy. Keep up the great effort,

Dr Gould.


The Wednesday document includes 5 a day, word of the day, SPAG and the spelling work for the day. The spellings are also on j2blast for you to practice.


Shape Lesson 8

Please join us at 10am for our Wednesday session.

For the children in blue group and who do Direct Instruction with Mrs Woodley.

Today's sound is air.


This week you are looking at non fiction reading. We are concentrating on various celebrations around the world as Friday is Chinese New Year. There are challenge questions to complete.

Today is a writing session. Listen to the story again (by clicking on the picture) and then start to imagine where the elves may have gone when they left Mr and Mrs Cobbler.



Start the lesson by completing the quiz based on the population from last week.

While you watch the video, fill out the  paragraph and then afterwards complete the second task to explain the difference between village, town and city. The tasks are on the document below.

Story Time

This is one of my favourite stories. Read along and tell me what you think of it too.


Wednesday Word

Enjoy reading the Wednesday Word. Upload the completed activities to the class blog for extra housepoints.