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Please upload a photo or sentence about what you have been doing on the blog. It's lovely to see what you're doing and I'm going to be giving house points for blog posts.


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Re-read the story together with your actions. You could use your puppets to act it out as you read.

Task - Then use the sheet below to draw what happens at the beginning, middle and end of the story. Your grown up could label what you have drawn for you.



Review yesterdays’ work by checking which numerals 1 – 5 your child can recognise. You could increase this to 1 – 10 if they are confident. You

Task - Today’s challenge is to match flashcards with numerals 1 – 5 with the correct number of objects. You could use toys, pieces of pasta or cereal. Anything you can think of!


Phonics activities

This week’s focus is being able to discriminate between different sound you can hear in the environment. Choose one of the activities from the sound discrimination home learning sheet each day.


Afternoon activities

Art – Our topic this term is sculpture. Look through the slides and then cut out the pictures of different art works. Can you sort them into sculptures and art that is not a sculpture?