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Wednesday 23rd February


Morning greeting

Good morning Nursery. I was very excited to hear that it really shouldn't be too long before we're all back in school learning together. Mrs Deocades and I have really missed you and it will be lovely to all be back together again. Please do keep sharing your work to the blog and email if you need any support. 

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Morning routine


Days of the Week song

Weather song

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Collective worship


Today you have an "I wonder" question to help you think more deeply about the bible story.


10.30 AM Mass 24th February

Please join Father Gary for mass this morning at 10:30.


Today we are going to think about what was on Mr Wolf's shopping list. You might like to find a recipe for pancakes to help make your shopping list. 


Task – Read the recipe for Mr Wolf’s Pancakes with a grown up and then create your own shopping list by drawing each ingredient. You might even want to make your own pancakes first.


Today’s activity is to create a visual number line. You might like to collect different numbers of objects and put them in sequence or use post it notes to show numbers in different ways. Have a look at the ideas below for inspiration.


Show your child how they can make sounds with their voices, for example:

  • Make your voice go down a slide – wheeee!
  • Make your voice bounce like a ball – boing, boing
  • Sound really disappointed –oh *buzz like a bumble bee - zzzzz
  • Hiss like a snake – sssssss *be a clock – tick tock
  • Keep everyone quiet – shhhh *gently moo like a cow - mmmoooo
  • Look astonished – ooooo!
  • Be a steam train - chchchchch
  • Use hand movements to support these sounds



Discuss the PowerPoint together and paint a picture of those who look after you.


End of day reader

Rhinos Don't Eat Pancakes | Story Train Read Aloud with Sound Effects

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