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Wednesday 3rd March




Morning greeting

Good morning Nursery,


We are halfway through our last week of remote learning and World Book Day is right around the corner. It's so wonderful to see the sun shining a little more and the days being brighter for longer. Spring is well and truly on it's way. I wonder if you have spotted any signs of Spring in the part or garden? Today you have some forest school challenges in the afternoon. I can't wait to see your work on the blog.



Today's challenge is to re-read the story together using the link below and then draw a story map of your own.


Here are some helpful links:


Story text - 


Audio story - 


Example story map -



Please follow the link below to access today's online math's session.



With a grown-up, play a listening game about a visit to a farm. ‘I went to the farm and I saw…’ – instead of saying the animal name, split the word up into its 3 letter sounds. The other person has to identify the animal by blending the sounds together. For example: ‘I went to the farm

and I saw a c-a-t. It’s a cat!’

Collective worship


Lent is traditionally a time of giving but as monetary giving is not really possible for children, I would like to challenge you to "give" something else.


You could:

  • Give someone a hug
  • Help someone
  • Make a card for someone
  • Make a craft for someone
  • Do something nice for Mom/Dad
  • Do something kind for the earth
  • Say something kind to a family member
  • Say something kind to a friend give someone a hug

Afternoon activities


Forest school