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Wednesday's home learning tasks - Please complete these tasks and upload a photo or description to the blog

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Days of the week and the weather


You can then talk about what the weather is like out of your window. We sing a simple song about this every morning that your child might be able to teach you! - Sing this through and discuss what day it is today.


Collective worship - You can sing and dance along to Jesus you're my superhero to start off your day.


You can join Father Gary for mass via youtube.


Maths - Introduce your child to positional language with a game. Ask them to put a teddy or toy in different places around the house for you to describe where it is. E.g. Teddy is in the fridge. Teddy is under the table. You could try and use the words in, on, under, next to, above. You could even take photos of the exciting places your toys go, look through them and describe them together. 



RE – Watch the story of Jesus' birth here: What can you remember about the when Jesus was born? You could ask your child to retell the story after watching. Two weeks ago many of us will have celebrated Jesus' birthday with our families by opening presents and eating special food. Your RE challenge for today is to make a birthday card for Jesus to help remember why this is such a special time.