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Wednesday 20th January 2021

Wonderful Wednesday!

Keep up your great work today, you are working so hard! Have a great home learning day everyone!


Before you start your work for the day please remember to register by clicking the link below...


A note from Miss Mapother...

Hi everyone! I am so pleased to see you all working so hard at home! We are half way through the week now so you are absolutely smashing it. Keep up the great work!

For today's lessons, you shall be doing some PE with Joe Wicks, Maths, English and Grammar this morning and then this afternoon you will be doing Geography and you can also have a go at some Forest School activities!

Have a great day everyone! laugh


 Collective Worship

Please find the collective worship for today below on the slide.

Maths 5 a day

Please complete the Maths 5 a day below. Also find the answers to yesterday's SPAG 5 a day below too.

Answers from Tuesday's SPAG 5 a day


Today Father Gary will be holding a mass, please find the link below to watch. It is a lovely time to reflect.



This is a refresh of what we have already learnt. Please complete the sheets to show off your skills wink



Today we are going to continue to look at Length and we are going to look at how we can solve word problems using length. 

Watch the video below by following the link then please complete the worksheets.




Please complete the worksheets based on what you have learnt so far. 

Hint: the word 'descending' means that you are arranging from largest to smallest.


Time to have a 15 minute break from your work, have a snack and do something you enjoy for 15 minutes!



Reading and writing

So far this week you have watched a video called Pigeon Impossible and have started to think about how you can write a story based off this video. Yesterday, you created a character for your story that would do similar things to the pigeon in the video. Today, you are going to plan your story by thinking about what is going to happen and what exciting adventures your character is going to go on. 

Watch the video below to refresh your memory of the story, it is going to give you some good ideas for your own story.


Pigeon: Impossible

The inspiration for the animated feature SPIES IN DISGUISE starring Will Smith, Tom Holland, Rashida Jones, Karen Gillan, DJ Khaled, Ben Mendelsohn & Masi Ok...

Now you are going to start planning your story by thinking about what happens at each time. 

Have a look at mine for an example and then come up with your own ideas.


Now try your own but make sure you try your very best!



Fronted adverbials - using the fronted adverbials from the word bank, add them to the sentences so the sentences make sense based on time.



Time to have some lunch!! Have a good break from your work now, you have worked so hard already this morning! Make sure to grab some fresh air and have a little run around too before the afternoon lessons! 

Enjoy your lunch!



In today's lesson you are going to learn about the countries of Europe. Click on the link below and please complete the quizzes and watch the video. Remember to pause the video to complete the tasks when told to. 

Then come back to the class page to complete the other tasks. 




So now you should have completed the tasks on the video. Please complete the tasks below. 


Explain what the English Channel is and where it is located. 



Draw or print out a map of Europe and try to name as many of the countries as you can. Look back at the video to help you. Can you make it colourful too? Use an atlas or google to help.




The children who are in school are doing Forest School today so we did not want you to miss out. Have a look at the activity below and see if it is something you can do at home. I cannot wait to see what you get up to. 

Maybe see if you can even have a hot chocolate like we would at school laugh



Time for the daily mile! Spend 15 minutes doing some physical activity...this could be a run, walk or sports game. Try and see if you can do more physical activity than you did yesterday!

On your marks....get set....GOOOOO!!!!



Another day of home learning DONE! You are all working so hard, keep up the great work for tomorrow! Before logging off, make sure to upload to the blog so I can see your wonderful creations!

Have a lovely rest tonight, you deserve it!