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Wednesday 20th January 2021



Good morning, Year 4! I hope you are all well and having a good time learning from home. I know I say it everyday but, thank you to all of you who are posting on the blog. I love seeing the work you are doing and hearing from you as I miss you all very much. I haven't been very well recently so I haven't made any parent calls this week to check you are OK but I will be doing so next Monday so please email me and say hi!

I hope you have another fantastic day,

Miss Elliott x



Click on the link below to register your attendance for today. Don't forget that it will ask you to sign into your BGFL 365 account before you can register.


Here are yesterday's answers to the Basic Skills tasks and the Maths lesson worksheet. Use them to mark your work!


Word of the Day:


Arithmetic 5-a-day:


Please join Father Gary at 10am today for Mass.

10.00 AM Mass 20th January - St Sebastian


Today is our penultimate lesson on dividing 2-digits by 1-digit numbers! Click the image below to start the lesson and then answer the questions on the worksheet by below.



Today in English, we are going to be reading an extract from Fizzlebert Stump. Read the extract first before answering the questions on the lesson PowerPoint.



Here is today's collective worship. Read through the reflection and think about today's verse before singing along to Do Not Be Afraid, For I Have Redeemed You. The video below shows you the lyrics as it plays the music.

Do Not be Afraid, For I Have Redeemed You


Today, I have uploaded a word search for you to do - see if you can find all your spelling words for this week!



Today, I have given you an example of the CLIC test you are on in preparation for Friday. I will upload the answers tomorrow along with those for the basic skills tasks and maths lesson worksheet. Take your time when answering the questions and don't hesitate to email me or upload a question to the blog if you are finding something tricky!



Today in Geography, we are continuing to learn about hemispheres and tropics. To begin the lesson, click on the image below.



The key worker children who are in school are taking part in Forest School sessions on Wednesday afternoons. Obviously, this is a great opportunity to explore the outdoors and learn new skills. We want you to have the same opportunities at home, so Miss Mapother has kindly made some 'Forest School at Home' cards for you. Each card has a different activity for you to do.


Potato Peeler Whittling

Today, we will be whittling sticks with a potato peeler! This is a really safe way of practising whittling in preparation for using a knife when you're older.


What you will need:

  • a stick
  • a potato peeler


Before starting this activity, please watch the information video below:


Whittling Peeler - Presented by Claire Warden


Instead of someone reading to you, I have uploaded an extract from 'Delivery to the Lost City' by P.G. Bell.


If you have read 'The Train to Impossible Places' then you might find this familiar and that is because it is the sequel to this book.


I hope you enjoy reading it - please let me know what you think about it by posting on the class blog!