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Wednesday 24th February

                                              Wednesday 24th February

Message from Dr Gould 

               Hello everybody. It's wonderful Wednesday.

Yippee we will shortly be back together again. I am so pleased that in two weeks time we will be in school all working hard. It will be lovely to see you all so for now we need to keep on with the remote learning for just a little while longer. I am so proud of all your efforts and cannot wait to hear all about what you have been up to. Keep up the great work and the countdown to returning is on!


For the children in blue group and who do Direct Instruction with Mrs Woodley.

Today's sound is ee.



This is the last week on our shape theme.

Click on the box to watch today's lesson. Complete the quizzes and the two tasks.

Mass with Fr Gary

Today Mass is 10.30am. 

Click on the picture to join us for Mass.

 This week we are looking at the oceans around the world. 

Today is a VIPERS reading session where you will look at vocabulary used in Pandora's Box story. You may need a dictionary (or google) for this activity


Start the lesson by completing the quiz based on the population from last week.

While you watch the video, fill out the  paragraph and then afterwards complete the second task to design a settlement. The tasks are on the document below.

 Story Time

It's the end of the day so to finish let's read together 'Eat your peas.' See you tomorrow.

World Book Day  4.3.21 

The countdown is on! This year will be completed remotely. Please click on the picture above to see what the school is doing.