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Wednesday 27th January 2021

Wednesday 27th January 2021

A Message From Your Teachers...


Hello Year One- welcome to a Wonderful Wednesday and the middle of the week! I hope you all had a great Tuesday working at home and that you are excited for another day of learning! Thankyou so much once again for your amazing blog posts- I know I say this a lot but I do really enjoy seeing all your fantastic work each day and it truly keeps me going... it always manages to put a smile on my face! Keep working hard Year One you superstars! smiley


This morning we have some exclamation sentences to learn about in English and are focusing on Doubling and Halving in Maths. There is a brand new Geography Topic on the Continents of the World and a brand new Forest School Activity to try at Home for Welly Wednesday. Don't forget to join in with our Story Time video at the end of the day too, as I know lots of children are enjoying this every day!


Don't forget there are brand new Home Learning Packs available this week which you can collect any day from the school office. Make sure that you phone the school beforehand to let them know you are wanting to pick up a pack and try to come between 9.15-9.30 where possible.

Please note that should you have any technical issues or problems at all with work set please email me on the following address: I will aim to get back to you as soon as possible.


Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!


Kind Regards,

Miss Murphy and Mrs Lynch


Seeing AI- APP



Seeing AI is a really clever app that parents can download to help their children read pieces of text at home, particularly at the moment when they are home learning and completing different pieces of work. They download it and then can scan pieces of text, images, people and handwriting and the app will then read it to them. This means you can have my PPTS or your reading questions read aloud to you which may help your child with the learning!


It is an app that was originally designed for visually impaired people but, as it reads texts aloud to you, it is great for children who perhaps might find reading hard on their own. For children in Year One, it is brilliant for helping children hear lessons and the texts from PPTS,  hear instructions or simply hear the texts or questions  you've been  given to read orally. This would be great, for example, when completing our weekly reading comprehensions and questions based on a text. When working on the computer just zoom in on the screen or piece of text you are reading. You can  either put your mobile phone over the piece of text and it will read it to you. You can even download whole documents or PDFS and it it will read all of it to you.


Below is a little Youtube video explaining what it is. Try and explore this app this week and use it as much as you can with your child. I particularly  want you to use it for the English Comprehension Reading lessons or when reading through a lesson PPT for an afternoon lesson. Let me know how you get on on the blog!

Basic Skills- Grammar


Collective Worship


Please click on the picture below to go to the Collective Worship we are doing in class this week.


Wednesday Word 27.1.2021


Phonics Lesson (ph) Sound

Please find our Phonics Lesson and Sound Video for Today. ENJOY!



Then play a Phonics Games off the Phonics Games Website below. Click on the link to access the games and HAVE FUN!



Monster Phonics Website



Maths Worksheet 27.1.2021- Doubling and Halving



Today we are learning all about exclamation sentences. Read and go through the lesson PPT below and then read and complete the worksheet PDF. You need to write a exclamation sentence for each picture that you see. For a challenge see if you can write three exclamation sentences that you have about the story Not Now Bernard.


Lesson PPT English Exclamation Marks 27.1.2021

Exclamation Sentences Worksheet 27.1.2021

Weekly Spellings to Practise Daily




You can also access your weekly spellings online using J2 blast which is on the BGFL App Launchpad. You can practise your spellings online here and play lots of fun games to help you learn them throughout the week! I have outlined some simple instructions below for how to find J2Blast and get practising your spellings!



Big Maths- Beat That and CLIC Tests


Please click on the PDF below and find the Beat That Test and CLIC Test with your name on. ( There should be 2 tests each.) Please print, practise and complete at home each day Monday- Thursday. You can then do your final online test on Friday morning.


Please do NOT do your online test until FRIDAY MORNING so I can then see the final test results for everyone after you have practised. Your online Big Maths test should be your final test score and should be done at the end of the week. (anyone who gets a full score for 2 weeks running will be moving up to the next level!)


Big Maths and CLIC Learn It Tests

Big Maths Class PPT

Geography- The 7 Continents


Watch the video below of the lesson by clicking on the picture. Then complete the labelling activity on the worksheet document below.



Geography Worksheet 27.1.2021.PNG

Daily Mile- Get Moving!




This is your daily reminder to have a break from your work and to keep healthy and active! You need your exercise so make sure you now run around your garden for 15 minutes or go on a 30 minute walk.


Online Work 


It is time for you to practise your online Maths and Reading Phonic Skills. You can either try and move up a level on Numbots or read some books or sound lessons on Active Learn, complete your Big Maths Tests online or try out some spelling games on j2blast.



Numbots helps children with their sums and with counting and recognising numbers. This is very Year One friendly and helps children to improve their Maths fluency and recall in addition and subtraction facts.



Active Learn  has access to thousands of online reading books to help the children practice their Phonic sounds and become fluent readers. The more books they read the quicker they will progress in their reading so you need to be using and accessing this website regularly.



Big Maths helps them to recall number facts quickly in their learn its test and practise their skills for their CLIC test on Friday.  


You can now access your weekly spellings online using J2 blast which is on the BGFL App Launchpad. Don't forget that you will have to sign into BGFL first and then access the j2blast through the app launchpad. You can practise your spellings online here and play lots of fun games to help you learn them throughout the week! 


The links to all pages are below.

Story Time

📚 Kids Book Read Aloud: ROOM ON THE BROOM by Julia Donaldson I StoryTime with Miss Randall

Every day I will be uploading a brand new 5 minute story for you to listen to to finish off your day of learning. Click on the youtube video below to watch our end of the day story for today. I hope you enjoy it!

Extra/ Challenge


Welly Wednesdays

Forest School at Home



Miss Mapother has very kindly been creating some Forest School Card Activities that you can all try at home. This is so those learning at home do not feel like they are missing out and can get involved in similar home learning forest  activities. Below you can find a forest school card for this week with an activity on. I will be uploading a brand new one every week on Wednesdays. ENJOY! 

Live Cricket Lesson- 2pm-2.45pm




Chance to shine are a charity who help develop cricket with children in deprived areas and they are putting out a live lesson each Wednesday from 2pm- 2.45pm. These are then uploaded to their Youtube channel. You can also catch up with all the sessions you have missed so far so don't worry if you haven't done one before. They are all on the website and are fantastic for developing your cricket skills. It makes a change from Joe Wicks and is a great PE resource for use at home. 


To go straight to the website to find the Wednesday Live Lesson and catch up on previous lessons click the link below.



PE At Home Outdoor and Indoor Learning Activities