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Wednesday 3rd February

Wednesday 3rd February


Good morning Nursery.  I can't believe that we're halfway through the week already. Well done to those of you who have already posted on the blog. If you haven't already, please do try and post by the end of the week so I can see who is accessing the home learning. Today you are making your own story maps, continuing with your shape challenges and then you had a forest school challenge this afternoon. Enjoy!

Collective worship


Morning routine


Days Of The Week Addams Family (Parody) | Fun songs for Big Kids, Preschoolers and Toddlers

What's The Weather Like Today | Song Lyrics Video for Kids | The Kiboomers


Re-read the story and then either draw a story map of your own or cut and stick the pictures into the one provided. I have provided some example story maps below to help you.

Example story maps



Look at the shape pictures and discuss which shapes you can see. Try and explain how you know which shape is which. E.g. I know this is a rectangle because it has two long straight sides and two shorter straight sides.



Today we have got another rhyming game. It’s called odd one out. Pick three cards – one rhyming pair and one other. Lay them out and say the words a few times. See if your child can select the card that does not rhyme.

Forest school


The Worrysaurus by Rachel Bright, illustrated by Chris Chatterton

To buy the book: visit Rachel Bright's website: books illustrated by Chris Chatterton on...