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Wednesday 3rd March

Wednesday 3rd March


Message from Dr Gould


Good Morning. How are you all today? Well, we are on the real countdown now. Tomorrow is World Book Day, Friday is World Day of Prayer and then on Monday we are all back together in school. Mrs Woodley and I have been busy updating the classroom. You now have your own clear, large bag for all your equipment (rather than poly pockets), the walls have been changed so the subjects, we are doing this term, are up ready with the key words and the RE altar has things about Lent on it. We are both so proud of how hard you have worked... keep on going as we are nearly back together again.



For the children in blue group and who do Direct Instruction with Mrs Woodley.

Today's sound is ai/ay.



 PE with Joe

Join us at 10am for the Wednesday session.

This week we are learning about Captain Cook.

Today we are looking at settlement patterns using the vocabulary linear, nuclear, dispersed and isolated. Please do both the two quizzes and the task sheet as you go through the lesson.

End of Day Story

This is a lovely story about a dog wanting to be a pet. Enjoy together and read along.



In the morning everything will be revealed...