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Wednesday 7th July 2021

Wednesday 7th July 2021

Daily Register

A Message from Miss Murphy... 


Good morning Year One, I hope you are well today. Welcome to hump day- we are halfway through the week already and getting ever close to seeing each other again! Thankyou to everyone who is continuing to work hard at home and is registering every day. It is so wonderful to see such fantastic blogs from those children who post their work every day and they will be recieving a special prize when we return to school.


Today you are learning all about Bats in your Reading Lesson, exploring Halves and Quarters in Maths and are being introduced to signposts maps in Geography. There is also a fun Forest School activity for you to try out too. Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone and don't forget to post your work on the blog. 



Basic Skills

Basic Skills 7.7.2021

Collective Worship

Please click on the picture to go to the Collective Worship we are doing in class this week. Scroll down the page to Week 5 ( 5.7.2021)  for the current week of Collective Worship.


Lesson 8 - air chair

Our Learning to Blend lessons give additional blending practise for children. They are not suitable for Reception children in the Autumn Term as they contain...



Then pick a resource or game to complete off the Phonics Website below. Click on the link below to access the activities and HAVE FUN!


Phonics Play Website




Click on the picture to access the lesson for today.


Maths Lesson PPT 7.7.2021.pdf

Maths Worksheet 7.7.2021

English- Reading

Complete the following reading comprehension all about bats from the PDF below. Read the text and answer the quick read questions. There is also a reading challenge for you to complete.

Reading Comprehension Activity 7.7.2021

Year 1 Reading Comprehension Challenge Stop Telling Fibs 7.7.2021

English- Writing

Complete the following writing activity from the PDF document below. Read or listen to the story and then complete the writing activity.

Writing Activity 7.7.2021

Big Maths

Class PPT

Big Maths Lesson PPT 7.7.2021

Big Maths

Beat That and CLIC Tests

Please click on the PDF BELOW and find the Beat That Test and CLIC Test with your name on ( There should be 2 tests each.)  Please print, practise and complete at home each day Monday- Thursday. You can then do your final online test on Friday morning. Please do NOT do your online test until FRIDAY MORNING so I can then see the final test results for everyone after you have practised. Your online Big Maths test should be your final test score and should be done at the end of the week.

Big Maths and Learn it Tests 7.7.2021

Geography- Signpost Maps

Please click on the PDF PPT below to access the Geography lesson today which is all aboutsignpost maps. Work through the lesson PPT and then complete the activity which is to draw you own signpost map.

Geography Lesson 3 7.7.2021

Daily Mile- Get Moving!

This is your daily reminder to have a break from your work and to keep healthy and active! You need your exercise so make sure you now run around your garden for 15 minutes or go on a 30 minute walk.

Forest School

Online Work 

It is time for you to practise your Maths and Phonic Reading Skills online. Click on the pictures to go straight to the websites.




Story Time

📚Kids story Read Aloud: THE TWITS by Roald Dahl I Part 2 I Storytime with Miss Randall

Every day I will be uploading a brand new 5 minute story for you to listen to to finish off your day of learning. Click on the youtube video below to watch our end of the day story for today. I hope you enjoy it!.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation for Kids - 5 Minutes Guided Meditation for Children

This mindfulness meditation for kids helps children learn how to better relax, focus on their breathing, become aware of body sensations, reduce stress, and ...