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Weekly Challenges

Weekly Challenges


Each Monday, I will upload a challenge for the week that I expect everyone to complete and email directly to me at If you do not complete this challenge, Mrs Edgington will be contacting you to ask why and check that you are ok. I understand that some of you do not have access to BGFL 365 and therefore cannot email the challenge to myself. However, I would still expect you to email to request your log-in details or explain the reasoning for not submitting your work online.

This Week's Challenge 

This week's challenge is to email your Year 5 teacher! I can now announce that your teacher next year will be Miss Neville! So, your task is to send her an email introducing yourself and letting her know what you are looking forward to in Year 5. 


You need to email this to me on and I will then forward it onto Miss Neville for her to read. This needs to be completed by Thursday 16th July 2020 in order for me to forward it on.


I have uploaded a document below that explains how to email me if you have not yet done so or do not know how to. I will also be emailing those of you directly on Wednesday who haven't completed the challenge to ask why and let you know how to incase you have missed this. 


Have fun!


Miss Elliott