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Weekly Spellings

Summer2 Spellings From Monday 7th June 2021


Summer Spellings From Monday 19th April 2021

Week 6 will be completed on Friday 26th February


Spring 2 will then start from 1st March 2021

A new exciting way to do our spellings!

From Friday 15th January


Please complete your weekly Friday spelling test using J2 blast which is on the BGFL App Launchpad. You should have been practising our spelling all week and you can complete the test on here and  play lots of fun games! I will also be able to see your weekly score on here and see any spellings you have got wrong ( if any.)  I have outlined some simple instructions below for how to find J2Blast and complete your spelling test.


If you can-not access the BGFL launchpad and j2blast for any reason there is also a copy of the spellings on the English tab of the class page. Your parents or families can use these spellings to test you at home and you can then upload a picture of your spelling test to the blog but I would really encourage you to try and use j2blast online if you can as it is so much easier!