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SPAG - Word Families - 26.4.22

Today during our SPAG lesson we were learning about word families and how to make them using root words. We looked at the words in certain word families and how they are made using certain suffixes and prefixes. We explored this through games, questions and even using lego to stack the word families. The children really understood this concept and did very well with their understanding. 

The Last Supper - 04.04.22

To also support Holy Week, we started by learning about the Last Supper in our RE lesson. We used the Bibles to explore the meaning of the Last Supper and to reference the quotes which are used during the Eucharist in Mass. 

Stations of the cross - 04.04.22

To start off our learning of Holy Week this week, we learnt about the 14 stations of the cross. We went for a walk around the school where we looked at and learnt about each section. This was a calm and reflective time to be with Jesus and to appreciate the ultimate sacrifice that he made for us. 

Computing - using Tinkercad for the 3D printer 30.03.22

Today the children explored Tinkercad (a website for designing 3D models which will be printed on the 3D printer). This was an excellent chance for the children to explore the technology and get to grips with the design process. We also looked at the 3D printer which will be used for printing their designs. This was a lot of fun!

PADS day - Planting our sunflowers

As part of our charity days during Lent we dressed in orange, green or yellow today to support the charity Positive about Downs Syndrome. This is a very important and heart warming charity that support families and promote Downs Syndrome just as it should be. To mark this the children could also bring in £1 to purchase a sunflower seed which they then planted and have taken home. As their flower starts to grow they can think about how we all grow in the likeness of God. 

Lenten hymns and songs 24.03.22

During our RE lesson today, we explored how Lenten hymns and songs explore the theme of Lent and desire to change. The children worked hard on this and sung and danced to the hymns and songs we explored. 


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Shakespeare Workshop - 24.03.22

Today the children had the opportunity to experience Shakespeare through a workshop with an actor. We did the workshop about Macbeth and got to experience the play through freeze frames, actions and storytelling. This was a lot of fun and all the children were engaged. 

Shakespeare - Macbeth Battle

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Computing - designing for the 3D printer

Today we used Tinkercad to start designing our cookie cutters that shall be printed on our 3D printer. The children were extremely resilient with this activity and got this activity really well! We cannot wait to see our designs being printed on the 3D printer.

Bishops Wood School Trip about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings 22.03.22


Today we went to Bishops Wood to explore the topic Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. We had a wonderful time exploring the different activities and practises that the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons would have done. This included making clay pots and writing in Viking runes, spinning wool, making brooches out of copper, building a den and making fire using flint, steel and straw. 

This was a very enjoyable day where the children learnt a lot about the topic we have been studying in History. Well done Year 3 on a great day! 

Ukraine Charity Day

To support the people in Ukraine, we had a charity day where the children came dressed in blue or yellow and brought in money for fancy painting or a cake. This was a VERY successful day and we kept the thoughts of the people in Ukraine in our hearts through prayer and meditation. We want to thank you for your support. Take a look some of the events we had below to raise money.

Lenten Retreat Day with Dan & Emily

We had a wonderful day with Dan and Emily where we looked at the Journey of Lent and how there is no greater love than Jesus' love for us. We looked at three of the stations of the cross; station 2 - Jesus accepts the cross, station 4 - Jesus meets his mother and station 5 - when Veronica wipes Jesus' face. We spent some reflective time in our classrooms being close to Jesus as we completed our activities. It was a lovely, peaceful day where we became closer to Jesus. Please take a look at the pictures captured from the day below...

World Book Day 2022

This year for World Book Day we did things slightly different. Instead of dressing as a book character we came to school dressed as vocabulary and St Rose out did themselves. 

In Year 3 we had many different words including royalty, old, omnivore, carnivore, cool, strong and so many more to name. We were blown away by the efforts and creativity put into creating the outfits so we thank you for your support with this! 

During the day we did lots of different activities all around reading and a love for books - this included making a puppet show from our favourite books, listening to audiobooks, making posters about our vocabulary and world book day and reading every time the school bell went off. 

I think it is easy to say that we all had a lot of fun and have enjoyed getting to know other books and forming an even bigger love for reading. 

Take a look at all the fun we got up to below...


Geography - Rivers of Africa - Spring 1 - Week 6 

The children have been learning about the Rivers in Africa this week and they used the atlases to identify and explore the River Nile and the River Niger and then created some wonderful pieces of work based around this which included amazing facts about the two rivers. 

E-Safety Week - Spring 1 - Week 6

This week we have been looking at E-safety and how we can all be safe and kind online. The children took part in a workshop about being kind online on Monday and had a lovely time learning about the importance of how to be safe on the internet but also how to treat others on the internet too. 

Forest School - Spring 1 - Week 6 

When out in Forest School this time, the children explored how to make a river using natural resources as we have been learning about rivers in Geography. The children also took part in making pewter on the fire, building dens and making photo frames from sticks and string. Take a look at all the fun we had below...

Science - Human Body - VR Headsets 27.1.22

The children thoroughly enjoyed using the VR headsets to explore the human body and all the different body parts in a fun and interesting way. 

Forest School Fun - Spring 1 - Week 4

Year 3 have enjoyed taking part in our Forest School sessions on a Wednesday. They have enjoyed exploring the area, climbing the trees, make dens and being creative with the natural resources while also making their own Viking and Anglo-Saxon spears from whittling sticks and helmets using some of the natural resources in Forest School like feathers.

Take a look below at all the fun they have been having. 

Science - Forces and Magnets - Spring 1 Week 2 

This half term we have been exploring forces and magnets. The children have enjoyed seeing what happens when we put magnets next to materials especially specific metals. They have also explored the poles of a magnet and what happens if they attract and repel while also looking into the strength of a magnet.

Forest School Fun - Spring 1 - Week 2

Year 3 have enjoyed taking part in our Forest School sessions on a Wednesday. They have enjoyed exploring the area, team building on the trim trail, bug hunting, exploring with a scavenger hunt, den building and having a go on our sensory path.

SPAG - Prefixes (auto, anti, super, re, mis)

During our SPAG lesson, we played grab a duck. On the bottom of the duck there was a root word and the children then had to match the root word to the prefix. For example, root word = man and the prefix = super. They had a lot of fun and learning doing this activity. 

Library Time 

We really enjoy our library time on a Friday where we can just relax and dive into the plot of a book. This helps us to explore our imagination and enjoy some quiet time in a relaxed environment. 

Forest School Fun - Spring 1 - Week 1

Year 3 have enjoyed taking part in our Forest School sessions on a Wednesday. They have enjoyed exploring the area, team building on the trim trail, bug hunting, making mud potions and drinking a nice warm hot chocolate made with the fire. 

All things wild trip - Fossils and Rocks

Today, Year 3 had a fantastic day at All things wild which specialised in rocks, fossils, dinosaurs and animals. The children had a great team as did us teachers learning about how fossils are made, what fossils belonged to each creatures and how long ago that was and we even learnt about the different dinosaurs and were able to hold some animals you wouldn't see every day. We had a great time, have a look below at what we got up to..


P.S. Year 3 what a fantastic class you were today. We are so proud of all the knowledge you brought and how well you represented St Rose. Well done! 

Art - sketching and line weight 05.10.21

The children have been learning how to use weight when drawing lines and they showed this using fruit and veg. They took their time when drawing and enjoyed the lesson. 

RE - The Sacrament of the Eucharist 04.10.21

In our RE lesson today we were exploring the sacrament of the Eucharist and the structure that takes place during our mass. The children learnt all about the different parts of the Eucharist and they did fantastically at freezeframing the different stages.


Outdoor learning for Maths 04.10.21

Today we were exploring the topic of subtraction using outdoor resources and we looked at how the calculation can be represented visually. 


Macmillan - Wear it green day 01.10.21

Today was a very exciting day as the children got involved in supporting the very worthy charity of Macmillan that was organised by the Charity committee from the Lighthouse Group. 

Year 3, along with the rest of the school, could come dressed in green and bring £1 to support the charity. Our class did us proud and looked fantastic!