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What have we been up to?


Art - sketching and line weight 05.10.21

The children have been learning how to use weight when drawing lines and they showed this using fruit and veg. They took their time when drawing and enjoyed the lesson. 

RE - The Sacrament of the Eucharist 04.10.21

In our RE lesson today we were exploring the sacrament of the Eucharist and the structure that takes place during our mass. The children learnt all about the different parts of the Eucharist and they did fantastically at freezeframing the different stages.


Outdoor learning for Maths 04.10.21

Today we were exploring the topic of subtraction using outdoor resources and we looked at how the calculation can be represented visually. 


Macmillan - Wear it green day 01.10.21

Today was a very exciting day as the children got involved in supporting the very worthy charity of Macmillan that was organised by the Charity committee from the Lighthouse Group. 

Year 3, along with the rest of the school, could come dressed in green and bring £1 to support the charity. Our class did us proud and looked fantastic!

Science - Life Cycle of a frog 30.09.21

In our science lesson today, the children learnt about the life cycle of the frog. They were so engaged and interested in this topic and could remember that they start with eggs then develop into a tadpole, a tadpole with legs and then a frog. We were thoroughly impressed with all of the children!

Spade to fork 29.09.21

Today the children got stuck into planting as they planted broad beans and potatoes and helped to maintain the outdoor space. The children in Year 3 are having a brilliant time exploring the outdoors and it is coming so naturally to them. It is fantastic to see!

Science - Seasons 27.09.21

In the lesson today, the children were looking at how the seasons can change the natural environment. They explored the noticeable differences in each season and drew and wrote about why this happens. 


Active 15 - Skipping 28.09.21

Today the children were getting active with their skipping. They were trying to beat their scores and get as many skips as they could. They worked very hard!


Science - Life Cycles in Nature

Lesson 1 - 27.09.21

Today we started our new topic of Life Cycles in Nature and we explored the difference in seasons and why we have them. We learnt that the earth is tilted on an axis and orbits the sun which can affect the season that we are in. 

Some of the children demonstrated to the others and did a great job! 

We also planted some broad bean seeds to observe over the next few weeks to see what the season does to help it grow and what factors make a difference. We had a lot of fun doing this! 

French - Instructions 27.09.21

Today we were learning about the different instructions in French we started with silence = silence, ecrivez = write, asseyez vous = sit down, ouvrez vos chahiers = open your books. 



PE - Tchoukball 23.09.21

Today the children participated in a game of Tchoukball. They learnt the skills to play like passing the ball, catching it and learning the rules. They had a lot of fun!

Spade to fork 22.09.21

The children have taken part in a cooking session to learn how to make houmous. They used many different ingredients including the tomatoes that they grew back in Summer! They had lots of fun and we are so proud of them for working well as a team and for trying some of the foods even if they were hesitant at the start. We have some budding chefs amongst our class.

Geography - Spatial Sense 22.09.21

In today's lesson we were exploring grid references and how they help us to navigate a map and find a specific location. We were also comparing the physical features of San Francisco and Birmingham by looking at their maps. We looked out for the shape, land area and ocean area alongside any rivers and the difference in climate. 

Geography - Spatial Sense 21.09.21 

This week we have been exploring the different skills needed for our spatial sense. This has included map reading and symbols. In our lesson today we learnt about the ordnance symbols (OS) and map and explored which were familiar to us and the meanings behind the ones we did not recognise. 

RE - Baptism 21.09.21

In our RE lesson today we were looking at the sacrament of Baptism and we explored the naming of the child, the use of holy water and the Oil of the Chrism, the prayers said, the baptism certificate and candle. We used role play to secure our knowledge and performed to the rest of the class.

How to use instructions 15.09.21 

In our writing lesson we have been planning how to write a recipe. To do this we needed to know how to be clear with our instructions so we went outside and in partners we instructed each other as if we were robots. We looked at using the correct vocabulary for example, first, next, after that, finally. The children did amazingly!

PE (Dance) Lesson 1 15.09.21

In our first PE lesson we explored the character of Miss Honey from Matilda by Roald Dahl. We worked in groups to learn our moves and then performed to the rest of the class.

Spade to Fork 

The children have really enjoyed spade to fork and learning all about the plants and vegetables that can be grown. They have enjoyed planting vegetables in the planters and garden while tasting some of the produce.