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Wildlife Wednesday


The Wildlife Trust


The Wildlife Trust is a fantastic website that has lots of wildlife activities and crafts for children to try, make and enjoy. They have a resources called 'Random Acts of Wildness' where they have lots of different ideas for kind or creative activities you can do help nature. Click on the link at the bottom of this page to access their fantastic website and resource. The Wildlife Trust also has a YouTube channel where they post a new video each Wednesday.  The videos have a range of wildlife which are fun and engaging such as making a bird feeder, nectar bar or even a wormery! All of the activities from the website  that the children do are also particularly good at getting them outside in the fresh air, particularly if the good weather continues. I will be giving 20 j2stars points for any Act of Wildness or Any Wildlife Activities that that you do so make sure you write about it or put any pictures/videos on your blog.



Click on the website link below to go straight to The Youtube Channel and start trying out some of the activities!


The Big Wild Weekend



 This weekend, from the 19th to 21st June there is also The Big Wild Weekend, which has a a bumper line-up based around all things that are wild and from nature. On Friday, DJ Cel Spellman hosts an evening of music with artists such as Sophie Ellis-Bextor. On Saturday, you can  join in on a particularly exciting summer solstice camp-out  where you can sleep under the stars either in a tent in the back garden or in a fab den in your living room. Finally on Sunday you can then  your knowledge with a The Big Wild Live Quiz hosted by Sophie Pavelle and David Oakes. I will be giving 50 J2 STARS to the children who take part in any activity from The Big Wild Weekend and post about it on their blogs- it will be such a fun weekend for you all year One so come on- let's do this and go truly wild! I have added a link to The Big Wild Weekend Website below where you can find more details and information of how to get involved:

30 Days Wild


From the 1st of June we will be doing a challenge called '30 Days Wild' organised by the Wildlife Trust.  It's a nature challenge that starts on 1st June for the whole month and is designed to get the children to do different wildlife and nature activities along with 'Random Acts of Wildness'.  I will be uploaded lots of documents below for you to try out at home with your families and to help you get involved with this fantastic challenge. Don't forget to post any activities you do onto your class blog so I can give you lots of j2stars and points!

Make your own Compost

Go on a Litter Pick

Make a Nature Mandala

Name that Flower

30 Days Wild PDF Resources

Design your Own Bird

Make your own birds nest

Make an egg carton crab

Study a Minibeast

Race for a Rainbow

Natural Sounds Map

My A-Z of Nature

Random Acts of Wildness for Children


A Random Act of Wildness is any thing that you can do in an average working day to bring a little nature into your life. They can take a few seconds, a few minutes, or if you lose yourself completely, a few hours! The activities are so fun and include stargazing, keeping a wild photo diary, climbing a tree and many, many more. I will be giving 10 j2stars points for any Act of Wildness that you do so make sure you write about it or put any pictures/videos on your blog. Click on the link below to access lots of Acts of Wildness Ideas.