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World Mental Health Week 2020

World Mental Health Week 18th May- 24th May 2020



This week is a very special week as it is dedicated to Mental Health Awareness, hosted by the Mental Health Foundation. The theme this year is KINDNESS which is a very important message to be spreading at these uncertain and difficult times. It is also so lovely to see so many people spreading kindness in the community, whether that be clapping for our amazing key workers or helping deliver important items such as food or medicine to our vulnerable people. There are many ways that we can be kind in our community whether that be volunteering, doing acts of kindness for neighbours and your community or simply helping out family etc. No matter how little your act of kindness is it can still make someone feel better and make a huge difference!


 Below I have added links to lots of ideas, activities and resources that you can do this week to show your support and raise awareness of mental health.  At this time it is important that we look out for each other but we also need to look after yourself. These activities are also about focusing on you and your mental well being as well as thinking about others. 

Useful Websites and Resources
Meditations and Breathing

Calm Down Breathing Exercises for Children

Year 1 PSHE and Mental Health Lesson Ideas and Activities to try at Home
Twinkl Mental Health Activity Pack Ideas and Resources
Music and Mental Health / Mindfulness Colouring