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Welcome to Year 1's Class Page!



We are always working hard in Year 1 but we always try to have as much fun as possible in our learning. We are always trying hard and being respectful and kind to others in the class in our words and actions.  


We use our class page to tell you about all the exciting things that are happening in Year One while also informing you of any key and important messages or dates.This is updated regularly so please ensure you check the class page frequently.


Learning the story of The Good Samaritan


In RE this week we are learning about the story of The Good Samaritan. We heard the  story from the Bible yesterday and then acted out the story to deepen our understanding. We discussed what the story meant and how the Samaritan was a good neighbour to the Jew even though they were enemies. We talked about how we could be good neighbours to each other and act out the ethos of this story in our lives. God wants us to look after each other and to be true neighbours to everybody in our lives, not just our friends and loved ones. We are going to consider how we can continue to extend olive branches to everyone we meet both inside and outside of our school community. The children really enjoyed dressing up and playing out the story- they will then sequence it in their books and write about the story later this week. please ask your child at home to tell you about the story of The Good Samaritan- I am sure they would love to tell you!

Making Sculptures in Art


As part of our Art Topic we have been looking at Architecture and Buildings. We have looked at Sculpture as our focus this week and have seen and discussed different types of materials and what they are made from. The children enjoyed guessing what the different sculptures were and their meanings. They then made their own sculpture out of clay- they could choose to make either a sea creature with tentacles or a flower with petals. The children were shown how to mould, roll and sculpt the clay to make their different sculptures and they loved getting their hands nice and mucky! God wants us to use his materials in his world to make wonderful and beautiful creations- Sculpting and Art is just one of the ways we can do this. Their finished sculptures were fantastic and we are going to move on to paint them next week!

Star of the Week



Each week, myself and Mrs Lynch  will choose a member of the class to be our 'Star of the Week'.  Please come back each Friday to see who our new star is!


Our star for this week (17.1.2019) is the magnificent Millie. Millie has come on leaps and bounds since the start of the year- she has tried so hard with her spellings. She took a long time to get through Band 1 but she persevered and has been trying really hard at home. As a result she has flown through Band 2 ad is now on Band 3, and very nearly on Band 4! Her writing has also come on hugely and she us starting to use her spellings and her phonics to sound out words and write proper and simple sentences. She is really progressing and trying so hard- all her amazing dedication hard work is truly paying off.  We are so proud of you Millie- well done and keep it up!


These children have been stars of the week so far this year: Yamin (20.9.2019, Elishaj ( 27.9.2019) Alfie ( 4.10,2019) Amar ( 16.10.2019) Robyn ( 23.10.2019) Brooke ( 8.11.2019) Louis (15.11.2019 Harvey (22.11.2019) Grace KW ( 29.11.2019) Year 1 ( 6.12.2019) Cassius ( 10.1.2020) Tristan ( 17.1.2020) 

Weeks commencing: 27th January 2020


As we move into the Spring term, we continue focusing on the key skills needed in Year 1, in particularly focusing on our Phonics ready for The Phonics Screening Check in June 2020.


In English, we will be reading and learning new grammatical features through the story of 'Mog's Christmas' by Judith Kerr and then using this story to help us write a recount. In Grammar, we will look at capital letters, using conjunctions and exclamation and question sentences. 


In Maths, we move into looking at numbers to 20 and 40 this half term. We also are using our knowledge of number to help us with adding numbers to 20.



  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
English Rereading their work and correcting simple mistakes Using vocabulary  skills for a text  Using sequencing skills for a text Using reading skills for an unseen text Retelling part of a story ( second part of narrative) 
Maths Chapter 7 Review and Addition and Subtraction Facts

Counting to 40

Making numbers to 40 Counting in Tens and Ones Comparing numbers



Using the Mix Tool and Graphs in ICT



Today the children used the mix tool in ICT using JIT 5 to write about their pictograms they created last week. They made pictograms charts of their favourite fruit in the class and today they looked back at their work and used the mix tool to write about their data. They were able to write about what our chart showed e.g 9 children like oranges and our chart shows different types of fruit. They then did the fun part of playing around with the text they wrote to change the style, size and colour. What clever Computing Year One- God wants us to use technology for good and to help with our learning. Our Computing lessons help us to do this and to learn about new technology in a safe and respectful way. Please look at some of the wonderful work the children created below!






Making Penguin Houses in Art


As part of our topic we are investigating Architecture and Sculpture this half term. As part of our lesson this afternoon we had to think about how we design buildings for different purposes and uses. We spoke about what kind of house a penguin would need- rocks to dive off, a pool to swim in, walls and a roof so they can't climb out etc. The children then worked in groups to make these houses using different materials such as paper, foil, cardboard boxes etc. They all made fantastic houses using their junk modelling and really got into the task! They were all able to make fantastic penguin houses and describe and explain what features they had used and why and for what purpose.



Just a quick reminder that the children need to come in comfy, warm and casual clothes every Thursday for this half term as they are taking part in gardening outside as part of their MAAD afternoon. Please ensure that the children wear clothes and wellies that they do not mind getting muddy! Please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately on Thursdays to take part in these sessions- they will be happening every Thursday during the term all the way up to Easter. Happy gardening Year One!





Year 1 Trip Visit to Aston Hall



 A letter was given out yesterday regarding our trip to Aston Hall- however the date was wrong on the letter that was given out and our trip is actually on Thursday 6th February 2020. Mrs Kavnagh has also sent a text from the office to confirm this. On the letter there is a reply slip which you need to bring back as well as paying  £9.00 for your child to go on the trip. The reply slips need to given to the class teacher and the money can either be paid for at the office or via the SQUID app and needs to be in by no later than Wednesday 5th February 2020. 


Just to confirm our trip is on Thursday 6th February 2020 to Aston Hall in Birmingham.


Thank you for your co-operation and if you have any questions please do not hestitate to contact me.


Classifying Animals in Science


Today the children looked at animals in Winter for Science . For their practical bit of the  lesson they did a classifying lesson. We looked at the three different labels migrate, hibernate and adapt and discussed what these definitions mean. We then looked at pictures of different animals such as birds, dolphins, dormice, hedgehogs, dogs, rabbits etc and grouped them under the definitions. This allowed the children to see how the animals were all linked together in adapting in different ways to survive the harsh conditions of Winter. The children then worked in pairs to explain on whiteboards what our three definitions mean.


They then did a deeper learning task in their books when they had to show their learning and write what different animals did in Winter and how they adapted and survived using our new terms.


God wants us to learn about the amazing and wonderful animals in his kingdom so that we can appreciate them and take good care of them. As humans we have been entreated with this enormous task and it is at school where we can learn about these precious animals and how to keep them safe. Well done Year One- you were excellent classifiers and Scientists and we are very proud of you!

Multiskills in Year 1 and Year 2


Yesterday 5 children from Year 1 and 5 children from Year 2 went to a multiskills task at The Factor in Longbridge, Birmingham. We went to play with a neighbouring school, St John Fisher and did lots of different activities with them.


We did balancing skills with a beanbag, and the the bean bags while weaving in and out of the cones and we tried our our skipping skills using the ropes. We did different exercises using mates such as star jumps, press ups and sit ups and tried to balance and bounce balls on a bat. We also tried dribbling a ball in and out of cones and shooting a ball at a goal.


The children all threw themselves into the activities and had such a lovely time- they really embraced the sport element and were lovely and welcoming to the other school. They all developed their skills in many different ways and it was wonderful to see them progress and excel during the short time we had. God wants us to learn new skills and to use our bodies for exercise and to keep them fit and healthy. Our bodies are a gift from God and we need to ensure we look after them. It was a lovely afternoon and a pleasure to take both classes and their behaviour was excellent- Well done Year One  and Two!

Being Weather Reporters in Seasonal Science


This week, we continued our unit in Science on Winter and the changing seasons and began to learn about the different weather that happens in this season. The children demonstrated that they understood what the weather was like by being special weather reporters using their maps of the UK and their special weather cards.  During the lesson they worked in pairs to determine what the weather was like using their knowledge of Winter and went looking  outside to observe the trees, weather and determine  what suitable clothes to wear. Looking at the seasons is  something we will continue to  observe over the rest of the year and through to Spring and Summer.  Ask your child about their seasons and which is their favourite and why?  


Don't forget, that writing an explanation or report of Winter  is one of your homework challenge asks so now is a good time to start! God has given us such a beautiful and wonderful world and we should take the time to appreciate the beauty and wonder of nature.  Our Science lessons  at St Rose help us experience this process and enjoy the many things that God has created for us.

Terrific Throwing and Captivating Catching 


Today the children had their first PE lesson where they started their new topic of Throwing and Catching. They began by rolling the ball to each other in partners, focusing on being acurate and controlled with their rolls. They then began learning a catching technique, ensuring they kept their eyes on the ball, kept their hands in the right place and didn't throw the ball too high. They were brilliant at this and even moved onto throwing and catching the ball while travelling from one place to the next which is amazing for a first lesson!


God likes us to by physical and active and to always improve and learn new skills. He wants us to use our bodies to the best of our potential and Year One were a true example of this today! Well done- you are all perfect PE stars!




Weekly Timetables for January Spring 1


As we approach a new busy and fun filled half term this Spring I just want to remind you all how important  every minute of your child's education is here at St Rose! We aim to have 100% attendance and punctuality so that no child misses out on any aspect of their learning. Each day really does matter in Year 1 and w have a lot to learn before we do our  assessments each term and the end of the year. We also have lots of Phonics preparation in readiness for the Phonics Screening in June. Every day counts and is so important so it is essential your child is in school and ready to learn at 8.45am. 


If your child is late and misses elements of their learning they may have to go to Late Club to catch up on the very important work they have missed- be at school at 8.45!


Just to give you an idea of how busy our timetable is please look at our timetable for Year 1 below by clicking on our link. I've attached  a copy  of our timetable  so you can understand how precious every moment really is. From this you can see what learning you would miss if you were to be late or miss a day- please try be in school every day where possible!

Year 1 Weekly Timetable

What are we learning in our Afternoon Topics this half term? 


As well as Maths and English, we will be studying all of the following throughout  Spring 1 . Your knowledge Organiser folder has lots of information and vocabulary for you to learn at home. Don't forget to read and study it regularly at home to support your learning in class!



RE History Geography PE ICT Art Science  MAD Sessions


& Sharing Jesus Life 

Kings and Queens The UK 

Throwing and Catching

Graphs and Charts

Architecture and Sculpture 

Seasons and Everyday Materials 

Spade to Fork and MFL  


Welcome Back and Happy New Year!


Welcome back to all children and families in Year 1- Ms Lynch and I hope you have had a truly restful, peaceful and relaxing Christmas holiday and we are so looking forward to what awaits for us in 2020!


In Year One, we recognise that a new year means a new start and we are excited about what will happen to this year with God guiding us and looking after us. We want to help each child succeed and we are sure that God will watch over our children and help them to work hard in school and to make the the right choices. 


Mrs Lynch and I are so looking forward to this wonderful year ahead and we wish you all the best for 2020. May God bless all of you and watch over you always.





Christmas wishes to you all


Thank you for all of the beautiful cards and gifts that have been given to myself and Mrs Lynch over the past few days.  It is very generous of you all and we are very grateful to you. 


This year, as a staff, we have decided to spend the money we would normally personally spend on small gifts to buy new books for the library as a gift to all of the children in the school.  We all have a passion for reading and we really want to share this with the children so we decided to  invest the money in brand new books for the library.  We really hope this will ignite an enjoyment for reading in all of the children. 


May we take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Christmas and all our love for a wonderful new year. We hope you have a peaceful and relaxing Christmas holiday and we look forward to welcoming you all back in January 2020!


Making our Bambinellis to be blessed


This year, all of the classes have created Baby Jesus figures as part of a project set by the Diocese.  Each of the children in Year 1 will bring home their Bambinelli today to place in your home.  These will be blessed by Father at the first mass of Christmas.  The mass times for St Rose are listed below and it would be wonderful to see some Year 1 Bambinelli's being blessed during the Christmas period.


Christmas Eve Masses:

Our Lady and St Rose of Lima Church - 5.15pm

St. Peter's Church - 8.00pm


Christmas Day Masses

St. Peter's Church - 9.30am

Our Lady and St Rose of Lima Church - 11.00am

Last week until Christmas


As we move into the final week before we break up for the Christmas holidays, please be reminded of the following important dates for Year 1.


Monday 16th December 

All costumes/outfits to be in school ready for our Nativity Performance at 2pm in the Hall.


Tuesday 17th December 

All costumes/outfits to be in school ready for our Nativity Performance at 9.30am in the Hall.



Friday 20th December

Wear your own clothes for CAFOD World Gifts.  Bring £1 if you wear your own clothes.

School finishes at 1pm.  Please ensure you make arrangements to collect your child at 1pm.


Homework Challenge


As we move into the last two weeks of the Autumn term, please be reminded that all of the homework tasks should be completed by Week 7.  This means the children have one full weekend and a full week to complete them.


I know that children have been working hard on their daily tasks, their enrichment tasks and some have even completed the 6 compulsory tasks that were set on the homework grid.


Please could everyone bring in their completed homework book on Monday 16th December for me to check that all pieces have been completed.  


Please also be reminded that the children should be going on Times Table Rockstars each night.


Year 1 Book Fair


Today the  Year Ones were able to take home four books of their choice from the old school library. We do not need these books anymore and we want them to be put to good use! They have all been given a variety of books in their book bags today- please take the books home and leave them at home where you can keep them and enjoy them with your children. We love you to read with them as much as possible so please enjoy!

Advent Friday Charitable Giving 


Please see below for  a little reminder about what is happening on the next few Friday’s in December  during Advent for our Advent Charities.Remember that if you wear your own clothes you are doing it for a charitable act and must bring in donations. If you do not want to donate to our charities please come in our uniform.



  • Friday 6th December (this Friday) – bring in any good quality books that you are happy to donate to our library.  Put them in a bag with your name on them and then we can let everyone know that you donated them.
  • Friday 13th December – wear your Christmas Jumper and bring in £1 to raise money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital.
  • Friday 20th December – bring in £1 and wear your own clothes for Cafod World Gifts.


Dashing Dance


Today the children finished their PE unit by making some creative dance tot he story of The Little Pigs from their English work. They mimed being the pigs and making their houses from straw, sticks and bricks which we realised was very hard work- we had to find and fetch our materials and then make our whole houses ourselves!


We then became the wolf and danced very steathily on our tip toes and creeping to go and find the pig. The children then enjoyed eating the first two pigs and huffing and puffing to blow the houses down! We then finished with going to the brick house and falling in the pot and burning our bottoms! The children were very creative with their dances and we had lots of fun! Well done Year One!

Learning about Miro in Art- Our Group Pieces


This week the children have continued to learn about the artist Miro who uses lots of different types of line in his Art Work. He uses lots of curved, wavy and straight lines to create different shapes such as eyes, triangles and circles. He also uses lots of wiggles to create strange and funny shapes! After looking at Miro's work and creating their own pieces last week the children used these as inspiration to create a large class group piece. The children began by drawing and improving their shapes from last week and then using different coloured paints such as white, black, red green and purple to paint in their shapes like Miro. The children worked really hard together in their groups to create beautiful pictures and there were some wonderful teamwork to be seen! They were all brilliant artists and produced some truly fantastic art work- well done Year One!


 Year One Class Trip at The Think Tank Science Museum



Today the children had a fantastic trip at The Think Tank to hep enrich their Science curriculum and learning. We have been learning all about or amazing bodies and today we had a workshop all about our bodies and what they can do. We learnt all about our senses, the different parts of our bodies and which foods are healthy and non healthy.


We then explored the different floors of The Science museum, looking at our  wonderful bodies, at wildlife and animals and amazing things created in Birmingham. We even got to play in the Science garden and explore different forces and water pressure and got to spend some time in Mini Brum, roleplaying being Scientists, vets and doctors. 


We had a truly wonderful day and the children loved it so much they did not want to go home! Every child shone and was a real credit to the school both in their behaviour and their enthusiasm for learning. Well done Year One- I am so proud of you all!

Nativity Costumes and Parts


A letter has gone home this week giving details for the  Early Years Nativity for Nursery, Reception and Year One which  will take place on Monday 16th December and Tuesday 17th December 2019  in the school hall.


You can choose either 2 tickets for one performance, or 1 for Tuesday’s performance and 1 for Wednesday’s performance.


The performances are at the following times:


Monday 16th December – 2pm


Tuesday 17th December – 9.30am



For the nativity each class has been designated a specific role that they will focus on. Year One will be the narrators for the performance and we would like them to be dressed in Christmas clothes. This includes wearing Christmas or woolly jumpers, as well as woolly hats, scarves and warm boots. As a class, all pupils will need to dress in Christmas clothes for their costumes.



It would be greatly appreciated if costumes could be found and sourced from home for the performance. ALL costumes will need to be brought in on the Monday 9th December (a week before the first performance), so that we have all of them ready for the dress rehearsals and final shows. If you can start looking to see what you can find and source for your child to wear, this will really help to add to the performance.



All children have also been given their lines for the performance in their book bags this week. Please ensure that your child takes the line home and practises it at home ready for the performance.


If you have any questions or queries just come and ask and I will be more than happy to help. 




Programming in ICT -  Making the Perfect  Jam Sandwich


Today the Year Ones finished fully writing their instructions to make a jam sandwich. They programmed James the robot on how to make the sandwich first to review their knowledge. They had to use lots of detail such as pick up the knife and spread the butter on the bread carefully. They had to really think about the algorithms and instructions they were producing so that James the robot could follow them exactly.


After watching James they then wrote up all of the instruction of how to make a jam sandwich, They did this with a partner and had to make sure they included lots of detail in their instructions as well as time connectives and writing them in the right order!


They will then use their instructions next week when they begin to film themselves following their own instructions and creating the perfect jam sandwich.

Learning about Miro in Art


This week the children have been learning about the artist Miro who uses lots of different types of line in his Art Work. He uses lots of curved, wavy and straight lines to create different shapes such as eyes, triangles and circles. He also uses lots of wiggles to create strange and funny shapes! After looking at Miro's work the children then developed and created their own Miro picture using black felt tips to make their lines and then colouring in their different shapes using bright colours and crayons.They were all brilliant artists and produced some truly fantastic art work- well done Year One!



A Sensory Sound Walk in Science


This week the children had an observation and pattern seeking Science lesson. They were learning about the sense of sound and how our ears use sound waves to pick up noise. We did a sound walk around school where we walked around and drew and noted the different sounds we could hear. We talked about how close or far away sounds and observed different patterns we noticed. We noticed for example lots of noise by the classrooms where children were and that it was quieter out on the playground away from the school. We also discussed that we might hear more noise at certain times of the day such as lots of cars and traffic at the end of the school day or early in the morning. We also observed the volume and pitch of sounds, noticing that some sounds were loud or quiet or high or lowYear One were fantastic at noticing the sounds and really listened carefully- well done super scientists!

Meditations and Silent Prayer


This week the children learnt about Silent Prayer in RE and how we can pray in our heads to God on our own, not always out loud with others. We spoke about the importance of speaking to God in and from our hearts with love and listening to his voice carefully to see what he wants for us. We put candles on and reflective music and partook in a silent meditative prayer session where the children said their own silent prayers to God. We then shared some of our prayers at the end and they were truly wonderful- we had thank you prayers, sorry for wrongdoings and even some children who asked God for help! I am very proud of Year One for being so meditative and reflective- well done!

Meditations and Silent Prayer in RE

Meditations and Silent Prayer in RE 1
Meditations and Silent Prayer in RE 2



Tasty Taste buds in Science


This week  the children learned all about our mouths and the sense of taste We did an identifying and classifying experiment where we tasted lots of different foods using our mouths and described and sorted them. We had different describing words for food which we then had to sort different food objects into.  We tasted an array of different foods such as sweet foods like caramel and chocolate, sour foods like lemons and spicy foods like chilli. We also tasted marmite, vinegar, cheese and cucumber which we found were salty, acidic, cheesy and fresh or bland. We enjoyed using our sense of taste and thinking about the different describing words used for food. We then grouped our foods into certain word groups such as spicy, sour, sweet, bitter, fresh, juicy, cheesy and fresh.  The children were brilliant taste detective and learnt lots about how we use our sense of taste. They were able to identify certain foods and  then classify them into groups based on  how they tasted.


Super Smells in Science


Today the children learnt all about our noses and the sense of smell. We had an experiment where we tried and smelt lots of different potions such as marmite, chocolate powder, chilli, shower gel, vinegar, coffee etc. Working with our partners we then thought of different describing words and adjectives to do with smell using our word banks to help us. We had to ensure that we picked the correct describing words to match the smell and then we guessed what the smell might be. The children were excellent smell detectives and were brilliant and describing and classifying  different smells and identifying them.

Dashing Dance


This half term the Year Ones are learning all about Dance for their PE Lessons and they are learning about Goldilocks and The Three Bears. They have pretended to be The Three Bears and Goldilocks walking in the woods and being in the house. They have pretended to eat porridge, walk around the creepy forest and be different characters within the story,. They have been using body movement, and facial  expressions to show their different interpretations of Dance. They are getting to know the story really well and next week they will move onto Goldilocks being found in the story by The Three Bears! Well done Year One for your fantastic Dance and PE skills!

Spellings for Autumn 2 Term 1B 


Spellings for Autumn Term 2


You will receive a copy of the spelling list in your knowledge organiser folder but, to clarify, our spellings for this half term are:


Week commencing 12th November: We are learning the week 2 spellings which are words with the 'ay'  and 'oy' sound. Remember that some children are learning the Band 1 and Band 2 spellings every week now as part of their spellings homework- parents were notified at Parents Evening and were given these spellings to practice. If you need another copy of the Band 1 or 2 spellings just come and ask me.

Lovely Line in Art


For our new Art topic this half term we are learning all about different lines. We learnt about many different lines today such as straight, curved, wavy and zigzag. The children drew a penguin using these lines and then finished with making their own park picture using all the different lines they had learnt about. Their pictures were truly fantastic- please see marvelous pictures of them below!

Programming in ICT


This half term  the Year One children are carrying on with their programming skills. They are working towards making and writing instructions for making a jam sandwich. We started today by discussing how we would make the sandwich using different instructions and our algorithm. We remembered that instructions have to be in order and that we can-not miss any out! We then finished the lesson by sequencing and drawing pictures in order for making our jam instructions. These will then help us as a visual aid for next week when we begin writing our instructions. please ask your child at home how to make a jam sandwich and I am sure they will be able to tell you!

The Three Little Pigs


We have started our new book in English for this half term which is The Three Little Pigs. Over the next 4 weeks the children will be doing lots of reading about The Three Little Pigs story as well as using different grammar skills to better understand the story. It would really help if you could practice the story at home with your child so that they know it really well as they will also be writing it very soon!


Please ask your child at home about the story of The Little Pigs and see if they can retell you the story and say what happened!






Parent Evening Slips and Trip Letters


In the children's book bags today we have sent home a parent slip with your time allocation on for Parents Evening. Parents Evening will be this Thursday 7th November from 1.30pm- 5pm and you all have your allocated times. Please ensure you check when your meeting time is.


I have also given out a letter today for our Think Tank trip which will be on Thursday 28th November 2019. You need to bring the reply slip back and pay £12.00 for your child to go on the trip, The return slip and payment need to be given to the office no later than Friday 15th November 2019.


Thank you for your co-operation.

Daily Homework and Times Table Rockstars


Please be reminded that there are 6 daily activities that every child should do each night as part of their homework. Most children are not doing these 6 activities, mainly with not completing their times table rockstars!  I was a little disappointed to see that only a handful of children had gone on rock stars over the holidays as it is part of your daily homework and should be completed regularly! It is important that they do these not only because they will help with their Reading, Spelling and Maths fluency but also to make sure they take time for themselves to be mindful and calm.



Any child who does not go online to complete the Times Table Rockstars (daily)  will now be given paper copies to do at home. Times Table Rockstars only takes 2 minutes to do.


In addition, all children have weekly handwriting  which will help with their letter formation and cursive writing.

What are we learning next half term? 


As well as Maths and English, we will be studying all of the following throughout Autumn 2. Your knowledge Organiser folder has lots of information for you to learn at home. Don't forget to read and revise to support your learning in class and please bring them into school every day!


RE Geography PE ICT Art Science  MAD Sessions

Prayer and Advent 

Our Common Home


Progamming Using Line

The Human Body and Seasons ( Autumn to Winter)

Forest School and DT


New Knowledge Organisers and Spellings


The children have been given a new knowledge organiser for Maths ( Addition and Subtraction), Science ( The Human Body), Geography ( Our Common Home), Art ( Line)  and RE ( Prayer and Advent.)  They are the new topics that we will be learning about next half term so please make sure that you study these knowledge organisers over the half term holiday and try to learn as much information as you can.


I have also included the new spellings for next half term ( Autumn 2.) They are labelled as Term 1B Spellings in the children's knowledge organisers. We will have our first spelling test on Week 1 spellings the first  Friday back ( Friday 8th November 2019) so please start learning them. Also ensure that you learn the correct week's spellings!


Times Table Rockstars


As part of their daily homework tasks, the children should be going on to Times Table Rockstars to improve their times table fluency.  At the moment, only a handful of children access this on a daily basis which means most children aren't completing this daily task.  Please could you ensure your child spends a few minutes EACH day on this website.


The website login is included below.  Your username and password is in your reading diary.

Select the Garage area and play the games in there to show me you have been playing on times table rockstars.


I will be monitoring this so anybody who doesn't access this over the half term will be given hard copies to complete each week.



Super Science- Our Bodies


Today the children took part in an identifying and classifying experiment as part of their Science unit on The Human Body. They were learning all about the sense of touch and has to touch different objects on the table and identify and describe them using different words associated with touch. We used words banks with words such as fluffy, soft, hard, rough, smooth, and squishy. We discussed the meaning of those words and thought about what objects might feel like this. After our experiment we shared our results and the words we had come up with- the children then named some of their favourite items and described how they felt. The Year Ones were truly super scientists and I was very impressed at the fantastic words they were using in their descriptions- well done Year One!


Have a chat with them about what they remember about these terms and please have a  look at their new knowledge organiser about the Body so you can quiz them about it later!

 Phonics Workshop and Resources


I would like to say a huge thank you to all the workshops who attended the Phonics Workshop on Friday 18th October. Many parents attended and the workshop was a huge sucess. I hope you all found it useful with learning a bit more about Phonics, The Phonics Screening Check and how you can further support your child at home with Phonics.


Phonics is a huge part of the academic year in Year 1 and it is essential that you pratise Phonics with your child regularly. Each child has been given a Phonics pack to take home and keep, where they can practice reading different words, look at many resources and play different Phonics game.The pack has been given to help you practise phonics at home and if you have any questions or queries please do not hestitate to contact me.



Learning about Monet in Art

Today in Art we learnt about the fantastic artist Claude Monet who does lots of fantastic paintings of nature and the world, particularly the sea and oceans. We looked at some of his famous art work of a calm and story sea and discussed what colours we could see and his use of tinting/ shading. We then discussed how he had made the sea calm and rough using different brush strokes.


The children then moved onto painting their own Monet picture of the sea using blue, whites and blacks. They used different tinting and shading techniques, making their colour lighter and darker and made either a calm sea by using long brushstrokes or a choppy sea by using short, sharp brush strokes. The children all made fantastic sea pictures and we are so proud of them- their Art is truly improving week by week!

Telling the Time in Maths


In Maths for the next 2 weeks we are looking at telling the time using o'clock and half past times. The children are  learning these key definitions and having lots of practice at telling and showing different times on their clocks! They are practicing saying the times out loud and even drawing times onto a clock. Please try and test your children at home using a clock with o'clock and half past times as I am sure they will impress you and it will be fantastic practice for them and aid them in their lessons.


Healthy Lunchboxes


Please ensure that if your child has a packed lunch they are bringing in mainly healthy snacks to eat at dinner time. We have seen a number of children who have had nothing healthy in their lunch box whatsoever and who have only eaten crisps, chocolate or sweets for dinner! We encourage all children at our school to lead a varied, healthy and balanced diet so that they can grow up to be the best that they can be! Please support us with this and motivate your children to eat a healthy lunchbox where possible. Thank you for your co-operation.

Learning about Instructions- Making Turnip Soup


For the next 2 weeks Year One will be learning about the features of instructions and will be writing their own for how to make turnip soup for the farmer from our story. We are learning about sequencing instructions in the right order and using number ordering,  and using time connectives and bossy verbs to maker our instructions really clear. We have made some actions to help with our instructions which include, peeling, chopping and cooking our turnip before finally eating it! Please see some pictures below of our fantastic English lesson today acting our instructions for our yummy  turnip soup!

Computing- Programming Unit


Today the children started their programming unit on BGFL by looking at how beebots work. We looked at different instructions that a bebot uses to program it such as forwards, backwards, right and left. We began experimenting with programming the beebots with instructions to get to different places on the map. We had to think about what instructions and directions we would need to get the beebot to the correct position. We also started the beebot app on the ipad where we worked on some of the loqwer levels to try and consolidate our knowledge. 


Science- Identifying and Classifying our Body Parts 


Today the children had an identifying and classifying lesson where they had to look at different body parts and identify what activities we did with those parts.  They  started with classifying different body parts and activities and sort and match an activity to the different parts of our bodies we use They then moved onto thinking  of some of their own activities for each body part, working in teams to sort and match activities to the correct body part.  The children also thought about how we can use more than one part of our body for one activity and discovered how hard the human body has to work

Tints and Shades in Art


In our Art lesson this week, we began looking at how to create tints and shades of a colour.  The children were excellent at recapping primary and secondary colours before they learnt what a tint and a shade was.  In the lesson, they used the time to change the colour blue into different tints and shades.  They learnt that a tint is when we make a colour lighter using white and a shade is when we make a colour darker using black. They learnt that you only need to add a little bit of the colour at a time and not too much!   God's world is filled with beautiful colours in every tint and shade.  We are very lucky to live in a world that is so colourful and vibrant! He wants us to take time to appreciate the different colours that are present in our world, and to be curious and find out more about how our wonderful world works.


Ask your child how they made a tint and shade in the lesson and see how much they can remember!

Year 1 PE- Super Skippers


This half term the Year One children have been working on their skipping skills as part of their PE and activity unit. They have been trying different skipping techniques such as hopping, jumping, running and even some children are jumping backwards. We have been using the technique of arms out to the side, coming over and jumping and all the children are trying and practicing so hard! I can see the huge improvement of their skipping skills and technique from the first week already and they are constantly improving.  Please help our child to practice their skipping at home if possible and see their amazing skipping photos below! 




Year 1 End of Year Expectations


A number of parents have been asking about the child's learning and what they do in Year One on a daily basis. I would like to remind you that our daily timetable and our lessons for English and Maths are on this website page and are updated regularly. You can find all the information you need on here to ask your child about their learning for the day or what they have achieved. There is also evidence and pictures to show you the the fantastic learning and achievements we are doing so please ensure you check this page regularly  for updates.


I have also added a file below which has the Year 1 End of Year Expectations so that you can see all the objectives that we learn  so that you can  practice them with your child at home if you wish . If you want to challenge or push your child any further at home you can use these learning objectives to go from and set learning activities for your child.


I thank you for your co-operation and if you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact me. 




End of Year 1 Expectations

Autumn Term Homework 

Updated 27.9.2019


So far,  I have seen some fantastic homework from children who n have already completed some of the home learning tasks and have brought in their homework books for me to check and this has been wonderful to see.  A few  children have yet to do a task and I would urge them to try to do one every couple of week to ensure they do not leave it until the last minute.  This should be alongside learning facts from their knowledge organisers. Please note that I will mark the homework books and the handwriting on a Monday.



There are a number of tasks that need to be completed on a daily basis with reading, spellings and times table being essential daily tasks.


Please read with your child each night, even if it is just a couple of pages, and sign their reading diary to say you have read with them.  It is also good to get them reading books for pleasure rather than simply their reading book as this will help with their vocabulary.  


The spelling in Year 1 needs a lot of work and so daily practise of their weekly spellings, along with some of the common exception words and high frequency words in  their knowledge organiser, is essential. They can practise these in their homework books. 

Times Tables/ 

Each child now has their times table rockstars login so I do expect them to practise this on a daily basis as this is the only way they will truly know the key facts off by heart.  The more they practise, the more fluent they will be and the quicker they will get.  We will monitor every child's activity on this so if you have any problems accessing these on line, please let me know and I will send a daily practise sheet home with your child.  





Big Maths and Active Learn Fixed


I know there have been some technical issues with logins for Big Maths and Active Learn with people not being able to log on and access learning. I have spoken to Mr Carroll and the issue is now fixed and has been sorted. We have stuck new logins for each child for Big Maths and Active Learn into their homework diaries so that they are now ready to use. and can access the websites at home. Their is also the login for their time tables rock stars. Year One are mainly focusing on the 10, 2 and 5x tables as part of their curriculum. 


  All three websites are an essential part of your child's daily homework as they will help with their overall number fluency. 


Big Maths helps them to recall number facts quickly in their learn its test and practise their skills for their CLIC test on Friday.  


Times Table Rockstars helps them to become more fluent with their times tables.  By the end of year 2, the children should be able to recall the 2, 5, 10 and 3 times table off by heart so daily practise will help them with this.


Active Learn  has access to thousands of online reading books to help the children practice their Phonic sounds and become fluent readers. The more books they read the quicker they will progress in their reading so you need to be using and accessing this website regularly.


The links to all pages are below.



Big Maths, Times Table  Rockstars and Active Learn 


We have put your child's online login details for both Big Maths ,Times Table Rockstars and Active Learn  in their reading diaries so that they can access all websites at home.  All three websites are an essential part of your child's daily homework as they will help with their overall number fluency. 


Big Maths helps them to recall number facts quickly in their learn its test and practise their skills for their CLIC test on Friday.  



Times Table Rockstars helps them to become more fluent with their times tables.  By the end of year 2, the children should be able to recall the 2, 5, 10 and 3 times table off by heart so daily practise will help them with this.


Active Learn  has access to thousands of online reading books to help the children practice their Phonic sounds and become fluent readers. The more books they read the quicker they will progress in their reading so you need to be using and accessing this website regularly.


The links to all pages are below.



Our Autumnal Walk


Today in Science we had a wonderful observation lesson. We are learning about the seasons and we need to observe change and growth over time. We went to the duck pond today and saw how Summer has now changed into Autumn. We saw how the leaves haven fallen off the trees and have all changed colour to beautiful reds, browns and oranges. We also observed that there were lots of acorns, pine cones, conkers and even blackberries on the ground, all tell tale signs that Autumn is truly here!


God wants us to observe his Creation and to learn how his world changes over the year, as the seasons develop and adjust. It is one of the most wonderful parts of his making and we love enjoying and learning about it!

Changes to Forest School


As you are all aware, Forest School for Year One takes place on a Thursday. For the last few weeks the children have been bringing in their clothes but we would now like them to come in on a Thursday already changed into their forest school things. They do not need to wear their uniform on a Thursday but instead wear their forest school clothes into to school. We are doing Forest School for the whole of Autumn 1 so please ensure your child comes into school on a Thursday prepared with their forest school clothes on.

Our Stone Age Workshop


Today ( 18/9/2019) we had our Stone Age Workshop. The children came dressed up crazy cave people and  a man came in to school to teach us all about what happened in the Iron Age and Stone Age which links with our Prehistoric History topic. We learnt about humans developed as they made fire and spoke different languages, how they developed in making different tools and clothing to help them hunt and keep them warm, and how they adapted to survive. 


We learnt about how humans adapted from ape like creatures to homosapians and that as they developed they moved across the world to survive and thrive. We had such fun being prehistoric people, creating our own languages and looking at different tools and artefacts.


God wants us to learn about the past, and what history has come before us in the world so that we can learn from this and know how we can live better lives in our Creation.


Please ask your child about what happened in the workshop- they had a fantastic time and I am sure they would love to tell you! I would also like to say thank you to all the parents for bringing their child in such amazing costumes- all the children looked absolutely fantastic and embraced the theme so well. They truly rocked out as cave people from the Stone Age!

Learning about Special Objects in Church


Today the Year Ones went to the Church with Mrs Lynch and myself to learn all about the special objects that are there. We saw pews, the altar, crosses, candles, stained glass windows and an organ. We stood in the pulpit, reading the bible from the lectern and  even put holy water on our forehead from the font. The children learnt about the names of the special objects and what they are used for in Church.  God wants us to be curious about his house and to marvel and wonder at the amazing things in it and to find out more about what they do! It helps us to feel closer to him.This will also help the children as they now move onto their Celebration topic where they learn about different masses, celebrations and services in Church and what different objects and symbols are used.



Being Weather Reporters in Seasonal Science



This week, we continued our unit in Science on Autumn  and the changing seasons and began to learn about the different weather that happens in this season. The children demonstrated that they understood what the weather was like be being special weather reporters using their maps of the UK and their special weather cards.  During the lesson they worked in pairs to determine what the weather was like using their knowledge of Autumnal weather as well as other seasonal weather such as Summer and Winter. Looking at the seasons is  something we will continue observe over the rest of the year and through to Spring and Summer.  Ask your child about their seasons and which is their favourite and why?  


Don't forget, going on an Autumnal walk and making a collection of different Autumn objects  is one of your enrichment homework tasks so now is a good time to start! God has given us such a beautiful and wonderful world and we should take the time to appreciate the beauty and wonder of nature. .  Our Science lessons  at St Rose help us experience this process and enjoy the many things that God has created for us.

Being Weather Reporters

Wednesday 18th September (18/09/19)  Stone Age Workshop DATE CHANGE


I have spoke to most parents about this at home time and a text has been sent out by the office to say that the Stone Age/ Cavemen Workshop will now take place on Wednesday (18/09/19) NOT Thursday (19/09/19). The children only in Year 1 will need to come in to school on Wednesday  dressing up as people from The Stone Age ( think cave men costumes!) . If you have any queries do not hesitate to ask me.





Daily Essentials for School and Learning


In order for your child to be able to fully access the curriculum and to enable us to read with them, please could you ensure your child has the following with them each day:


  • Book bag
  • Reading book and diary
  • Pencil case with essential items
  • Knowledge Organiser Folder


Please be reminded that a £5 deposit is required for the pencil case and Knowledge Organiser folder and this should be paid into the office.  Thank you.


13/09/19 Knowledge Organiser Folders


Today, the children were sent home with their Knowledge Organiser folders and pencil cases. The folders hold their home learning tasks ( homework for the whole of Autumn Term), weekly spellings  and their subject organisers. the files and pencil cases have only been given to the children that have paid the £5 deposit. As you are aware, the five pound deposit is to ensure that the children look after their folders and bring them in everyday as they will support their lessons. It is imperative that the files and the pencil cases are to be brought into school everyday and taken home every night as the children need them both in school and at home daily to aid and support their learning. Any children who have not paid their deposit, will be provided with photocopies of the home learning tasks and subject organisers. 


Thank you for your continued support,


Miss Murphy 


Learn your tables and Maths Fluency!


In Year One we have to learn our 2,5 and 10x tables as part of our national curriculum and learning. Practice makes perfect so please ensure that you practice times tables daily with your child. In Year One they also need to count fluently in 2's, 5's and 10's and it really helps them with their daily Maths work if they can do this. I will be also be sending home weekly Maths fluency tasks with different sums to 5, 10 and 20 for your child to practice. The more they practice these tests the quicker they will become at sums and Maths fluency!I have uploaded all the fact fluency sheets I will be sending home in various links below  so you can also download them from here and practice them at home as much as you like! I have also uploaded  a picture below of the times tables Year One need to know and learn.







Autumn Term Homework


Our homework takes a new format this year as it links in with our knowledge based curriculum.  Instead of giving out weekly homework sheets, one sheet is given out for the whole term.  The homework challenge sheet will be included in the knowledge organiser and your child's homework book.  Included in this are:

  • Daily tasks that need to be completed that should be done each day.  This includes reading, practising spellings and completing a daily maths challenge to remember some of the maths fact fluency.
  • Super tasks which provide an opportunity for enrichment at home.
  • Home Learning Tasks which relate to the different subjects we study in our lessons.
  • Extension tasks for those children who want to challenge themselves further.


The homework book is for the children to complete their work in and, once they have completed one of the home learning or extension tasks, they should evidence it in their homework book  to show they have done it.


I will also be giving out handwriting as additional homework and this will come home weekly for them to practise their cursive letters which is a requirement for the end of KS1.




Learning about Primary colours in Art


God has given us many talents and we should use these to paint the world a better place and to use our artistic flair.


Our first Art lesson this week looked at primary colours, where we learnt about using red, blue and yellow. The children were excellent at remembering the ways in which we make primary colours and were inspired by the work of Mondrian when they made their paintings.


They used black lines to crisscross their paper and make squares and then painted the squares in different primary colours. We had to make sure we left some squares white so that it fitted the style of Mondrian's work. You can see an example of his work below but I think the children's own art work paints are even better!



Mondrian's Work 


Super Seasonal Science


In Science we are learning about Seasons for the first part of the half term, mainly focusing on Autumn and what changes and observations we see throughout  this season. Today Year One learnt about all 4 seasons and had a categorizing activity where they had to sort different pictures into each of the different seasons.


The children were fantastic at it and worked really well as a team on their tables to match and stick all the pictures to the correct season. They then showed their fantastic learning through drawing pictures for each season in their book and labeling them. Well done Year One- you have been truly super scientists today!


Learning about the story of Creation


This term we are learning all about how God made the world in the wonderful story of Creation. Today we learnt the story and acted it out using various props and visuals to help us. The children loved  learning about how God made the world and what he made on each day and they are so excited to write about in their books later this week!


God wants us to be curious about the world that he created for us to live in, and when we learnt about it we appreciate it and take responsibility for the planet. It is up to us to care for the planet and look after the wonderful world that we have for future generations.

Doing our very best in Year One and aiming to acheive


God wants us to be the best person that we can possibly be and this comes from trying our hardest in everything we do.  Year 1  is an extremely busy  busy year and there is no escaping that we have to work hard to be ready for our Phonics test in June but I am hoping we can create a classroom environment where children are excited and enthusiastic about their learning.  We have lots of reward systems in place to help this and the children have always enjoyed this in school and been very excited by it! 


  • House Reading Book Challenge

Daily reading is essential for your child to be fluent with their reading and we need to see this recorded in their reading diaries every night.  We also need to have their reading books and diaries in every day so the house reading book challenge is designed to help with this.


Each morning, the children self register when they have brought in their reading book and diary and placed it in the box.  If the whole house team brings in their reading books and diaries, each child receives 5 housepoints - a great way to earn lots of housepoints each week!



  • Big Maths CLIC and Learn It Tests

Each week, the children will be tested on their  CLIC and their Learn It's  in their Big Maths  tests. If they get  full marks  in each of these tests, they will receive special Big Maths stickers and move up their chart!.  It is their job to stay in the club until the end of the half term to receive their BIG 10 certificate and reward.  Make sure you're practising by going onto Big Maths to help you with your CLIC and Learn It's.


  • Octopus 8 Club

In Year 1 all children need to be writing using the cursive style with some children joining these letters.  Handwriting is therefore a crucial part of their curriculum and will help them as they move through the school.  The Octopus 8 club looks for 8 children who are trying really hard with the presentation of their work in all of the lessons.  Each week, we look for 8 new members who will wear their Octopus 8 badge with pride.  The top 3 children at the end of the half term will receive some special golden time!


Please note: online logins for Active Learn, Big Maths and Time Table Rock Stars will be given out in their reading diaries next week!

Spellings for Autumn Term 1


You will receive a copy of the spelling list in your knowledge organiser folder but, to clarify, our spellings for this half term are in the file below. Week 1 starts from next week ( week commencing Monday 9th September 2019) and our spelling tests will be every Friday morning.


Please learn your spellings for the appropriate week  and keep practicing!




Being  Grateful and Generous in our Class Virtues


This half term we are  looking at the virtues of generous and grateful. These are the catholic virtues we will be focusing on in our school and class throughout this term.


We are grateful  when we notice the daily blessing in our lives and are thankful for all that we have in the world. We are also  grateful when we bring enjoyment and meaning to our lives through following out the word of God.


We are generous when we give freely without thinking of the cost, to have the impulse to serve without reward without counting the cost to us. We are generous when we have big hearts full of love.


Please ask the children about the virtues they have been learning in class and ask them, how they will fulfill and carry out these virtues in their daily life. We would love to hear what they tell you!



Our class wish in Year One



Today, we talked about what our class wish for this year should be.  We always try to think about how a wish could make our time in school even better and the children were really insightful with their responses.  They wanted to make sure that we tried our best this year in their learning as they were so excited about joining Year One so we decided that our wish would be " to always be the best learners that we can be and try our best in everything we do to help us excel in our learning."


I hope you  agree that they have created a brilliant class wish and I am very much looking forward to picking one child each half term who has fulfilled this.