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Homework Notice Year 1

Spring 2 1.3.2022



Today the children have been sent home with the Year 1 Homework Challenge for Spring 2 Term along with the new homework grid. You can also find the Spring 2 homework grid by scrolling down below.


I would like to remind you that the children’s homework books are only for homework given by school from the homework challenge and that your child should only be doing one activity from the homework challenge every week.


Whilst it is lovely that some of you do additional homework with your child, could I politely ask that you refrain from including this in the school homework book. The homework book we supply should only document evidence from the homework challenge we set from the grid.  This could be through pictures, photos, writing etc. This work will then be marked and returned to you.


If you do any extra work at home, please feel free to do it in your own separate book and bring it in to show us but sadly, this work will not be marked.


I hope this makes sense and thank you for all your hard work and support.


Homework Y1 2020-2021


We are at the start of a brand new year and have begun a new homework format, which we think will give more  benefit to the children and help them to enrich their home learning. Instead of  giving out weekly homework sheets, one sheet is given out for the whole term.  The homework challenge sheet has been stuck in your child's homework book and sent home.

Included in this are:


  • Daily tasks that need to be completed that should be done each day.  This includes reading, practising spellings and completing a daily maths challenge to remember some of the maths fact fluency.
  • Super tasks which provide an opportunity for enrichment at home.
  • Home Learning Tasks which relate to the different subjects we study in our lessons.
  • Extension tasks for those children who want to challenge themselves further.


Please complete a piece of homework every week from the Enrichment or Home Learning Tasks. There are also daily tasks for you to complete every day such as spellings and reading your reading book. The homework book is for the children to complete their work in and, once they have completed one of the home learning or extension tasks, they should evidence it in their homework book to show they have done it. Children can also complete their homework on the blog, using j2blog from BGFL, if they would prefer. Instructions and video tutorials of how to do this can be found below.


Homework is expected in on a Monday morning- I will then mark it that day and give it back to you so you can complete your next tasks from the sheet for the following week. I look forward to seeing all your amazing homework and enjoy!


Please find a PDF of our homework challenge sheets for the year below.


Summer 2

Homework Challenge Year 1 Summer 2 2022

Summer 1

Homework Challenge Year 1 Summer 1 2022

Spring 2

Homework Challenge Year 1 Spring 2 2022

Spring 1

Homework Year 1 Spring 1 2022

Autumn 2



Autumn 1

Homework Year 1 Autumn 1 2021

Completing Homework Online- Using The Blog


Each child in Year One has been given a plastic wallet with all of the children’s logins that they will need for the upcoming year. One of the logins was a BGFL QR code which allows the children to go onto the BGFL launchpad and blog about their homework. With the BGFL website I encourage you to go onto j2blog and use it to upload photos or any writing/work for  any homework you do off the home learning grid. You can find a copy of this above or in your child’s homework book. On this page below I have attached a set of instructions with how to go online and blog which you can use to help you and your child. This online resource is a great way to aid your child's learning and homework he children’s learning and we encourage you to use them regularly.  You can upload photos of the children completing their homework, attachments of their work or they can write about it and what they did. The link to get to the  BGFL blog is below.


Try and look after your BGFL login but if you lose it just come and let me know as I have then all saved and can easily print  off new ones .Any questions or queries just come and find myself  (Miss Murphy) or email the school office.

Video Help with Accessing Website and Blogs


With using any technology, logins or online devices I am aware that there will be some problems and some parents and children may struggle to access the school website or class blogs. That is why we have handed out the homework books so that everyone can complete and access homework at home, if technology or computer devices are not available at home. However, if you want to use the blog to upload your homework, I have made a loom step by step video showing you how to access the blog. It shows a split screen and step by step instructions so you can see exactly what you need to do at home to get to them, including how to log on to the blog, find the website etc.  It is mainly aimed at parents of Year One but is useful for all year groups. Please find the link below which will take you straight to the video. If you have any questions please just email me and ask.


Loom Video Link for Blog Help