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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2


In year 2, we are always busy bees and we love to learn new things and build on the skills and talents God has given us. 


Our class page is a way of showing you what we have been learning  in our lessons whilst also informing you about important things that might be coming up during the week.  Please visit our class page regularly to see who our star of the week is, what we'll be learning about in English and Maths  along with all of the other wonderful things that we do in Year 2!


Dr Gould & Mrs Finnegan

Outdoor Learning - Making a natural paintbrush (July 2020)

Thursday Baking Club - 9th July 2020




Well Year 2 this marks the end of your time in Key Stage 1 (in the past known as the Infants).  You started off the year having Miss Neville and then half way through I came back to supporting Year 2 after covering maternity leave in Year 3. We have had a great time together and you will forever be the class I was teaching when the pandemic came.


It has been a pleasure getting to know you and the past few weeks the two 'bubbles' have really gained confidence to ask questions when they are not sure of something. I hope this confidence continues when you are in Year 3. Those of you who have been at home have been keeping me up to date on their lives and working incredibly hard.


The final stars have been allocated  and the top five will receive a prize in September. I have the prizes ready but as most of the five are presently at home I will give them all out together when we return.  Thank you to the children who have sent in cards and presents. It really is most generous. The glass painting, in the picture above, was made by Ellysha and it's already been put to good use. Just getting a "thank you," is enough. 


There won't be any work put online during the summer holidays so please enjoy your time. I intend to watch all the Harry Potter films and Frozen 2! Eat lots of treats and have a good rest. It's my 21st wedding anniversary on 17th July so we're having a take away. Thank you very much for the beautiful card that Y2 made in school. I'm staying in Birmingham over the summer so if you see me walking the dogs or out and about please do say hello.


If you do want anything to just keep yourselves from getting bored then there will be ttRockstars, Numbots, Big Maths, Active Learn and all the work on the class page should you wish to do anything. I won't be adding work to the page but there are many 30 days challenges for the summer  and also the summer reading challenge is still going on until 5th September (see down the page).


Have a great summer holidays and keep safe. I will say a prayer for you every night and look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 2nd September.


God bless,

Dr Gould.


Final J2Stars - 17th July 2020


I will give the top 5 their prizes in September. Well done all of you for working so hard during lockdown. Ella, Ellysha and Nicole you are all super, superstars and all your effort has been worthwhile. 


Have a good rest everyone.


Summer Challenges



September News

 I am pleased to announce your Y3 teacher will be Miss Mapother with Mrs Hawkins in support. Any work that you put on the blog about yourself I will share with her a she has access to our class blog. I am staying in Year 2 so you will still see me a lot!


You should  have received a newsletter this week about the procedures for returning to school in September. It's an important letter as it tells you about staggered timings for the start and end of the day, lunchtime, water bottles, payments and uniform. Homework will all be on line from September.


Also you should have received your report. Have a good read and know we are proud of you!


Bastille Day - 14th July 2020

Yesterday was the day that France celebrate the start of the French Revolution, more than 200 years ago. It's France's independence day and it is celebrated every year on 14 July. The Bastille was a prison where people were put if they didn't agree with the King or his government. French troops stormed the Bastille (prison) and got rid of it brick by brick. explains about the revolution. In the 'additional learning packs' tab this week there is work on France for you to do and there are extra j2stars for completing it especially as one of our MAADD sessions this year was French.


Reading Tasks

Have you read a book by Roald Dahl yet?

The last BFG film came out in July 2012 and is one of the best books for 6-8 year olds according to BookTrust. I read all of the books by Roald Dahl when I was in primary school and I particularly enjoy the made up language. The Twits, Fantastic Mr Fox and Esio Trot are others that are brilliant for Year 2 and Year 3. How about looking up some of the characters in the books and drawing them with a character description?


I would really like to know what books you are reading at the moment. According to the information (12.7.20) there has only been six of you on Active Learn since last Sunday (5th) so a HUGE effort is required this week. Who is going to read the most?



New - The Wednesday Word has been added has been added for 15th July.

Remember it's 5 j2stars for completing the work and taking a photograph for the blog. It's under 'Wednesday Word' tab. Ella I is the only one who has been completing the activities. I'd love to see more of you. The Wednesday Word is for the whole of the summer holiday from 15/7 -2/9 so plenty to keep you busy each week of the holidays.


Mascot - have you completed your design yet?



Closes 5th August 2020.


How do you fancy having a go at a competition to design the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth games mascot? Schools have been asked to open the competition up to all children across the city and I'd love you to have a go. All the details are available on

Please look at the website as it explains how you send your design in directly to the organisers. 

If you do have a go please send a photo on the blog so we can all see.


       Third Week

Children’s Art Week is a UK-wide programme run by Engage, the National Association for Gallery Education.  

In 2020, Children’s Art Week will take place online, at home and in schools across three weeks in June and July. Each week will focus on a special theme.  

Our 2020 themes are…   

  • Week 1 (from 29 June): The Natural World  
  • Week 2 (from 6 July): Connecting across generations  
  • Week 3 (from 13 July): Literacy and creative writing


For Art activities linked to the weekly themes look under the July Art Tab (below). This final week's Dr Gould Art challenge is based on literacy and creative writing by the artist Frank Bowling. It's a fantastic lesson and I can't wait to see your blending pictures. I'd then like you to imagine that you can get inside the picture and where would it take you.


There are other ideas for the Children's Art Weeks in the tab below and the Oak's National Academy Friday sessions too.


Sun Safety

Hopefully it will come back again as July has been wet and windy so far. Here is Ella's poster... I'd love some more to add to the class page.

Boots the Chemist has created a great PowerPoint which explains why it's important to keep safe. I have put all the documents in a sun  awareness tab for you to have a look at in the creative afternoon section. You will see there's a safety poster for you to create based on what you have learnt. Please send me some on the blog and I can put them on the class page. I'm looking forward to seeing your posters for extra j2stars. There hasn't been any posters created just yet.



Year 2 return to school

School is only open Monday to Thursday for the children who have already returned on Monday 29th June.There are  two Year 2 'bubbles' with six children in each so it's been lovely seeing the following children yesterday: 

         Kiesse, Sophie, Kaison, Ellysha, Mathilda and Davina (bubble A with me)

         Bradley, Riley, Mollie, Charlotte L, Hattie and Dalia (bubble B with Miss Mapother)


If you have a set of headphones, please bring these in as you'll find them useful during the day. Make sure you have trainers as we will be doing exercise (including walking the mile) everyday.


Your time to get to school is between 8.50am and 8.55am.  Please make sure you're on time.If you are late then all the school gates will be closed as we have an allocated slot to go into school and other year groups have a different time. Your gate is the usual school gate and we'll be based in the Year 2 and Reception classrooms.  You'll finish at 2.50pm and will be collected from the same gate.


NB - Please be aware that if you are late to collect your child at 2.50pm then the school may ask for your child to remain at home until September. If you are running late then please telephone the school office. The school has to be cleaned from 3pm everyday which is why we are closing earlier than when all classes are in school.


Just remember all the work, that will be done in the classroom,  will also be on the class page. Whether you're at home or at school please keep up with all the hard work. 



Did you have a go at the media activities?

On Monday 22nd June I added two new resources that you can have a look at for the computer. The first is based on learning Computing at home and has a wide range of downloadable activities and games for  you to do. There are also resources that unpack computational thinking in a range of subjects. There are also Computing home learning projects which you can have a go at. Any that you do please upload the sheets onto the blog for extra j2stars.


Nicole has had a go at the shopping activity and has put it on the class blog.  Miss Murphy was really pleased when she saw the blog.


The second resource is from the STEM website which we have for our extra Science weekly topics.There is  a fantastic Computing section which has live tutorials, online e safety and digital literacy activities and resources and lots of programming projects and activities to try out. There are even resources and lessons about using mobile phones and about how much Computers are used in a normal school day. Please find details on the website below.



PE with Joe

Don't forget that PE with Joe changed to Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. From next week (20th July) Joe will be continuing on Monday 20th and Wednesday 22nd only as he will then finish his very long stint. Remember though all the previous sessions are on so you can still keep up the exercise. I will.

If you want to try something different why not go to Cosmic Kids site for yoga sessions?


Blue Peter Badges

Have you heard Blue Peter are giving you the chance to work towards and apply for 6 Blue Peter badges in June and July? There's a wall chart that you can download and then apply for each of the badges by completing different activities.  The badges are:

  • Green Badge

  • Sports Badge

  • Music Badge

  • Blue Badge

  • Purple Badge

  • Silver Badge       

Sign up through the website

Have any of you signed up yet? The blue badge has activities such as doing a NHS rainbow and baking some biscuits. I know Tara has already done the biscuits so some of you could be on the way to getting some of these badges. Please let me know if you have started.  I like the music badge as one activity is holding a disco at home. That sounds great fun!


Lockdown Awards


If you have been blogging and completing your work regularly on line (and I can see your name) then you may be getting a certificate from school before the end of term. Here are a few of the awards that have been received. Well done Ella, Ellysha and Nicole. I know I sent more out though... I also want to send out some more!


 Don't forget to try and do your mile. Year 2 have been doing it.



Activities for this week

There's an Art challenge based on the artist 'Frank Bowling', a Science challenge on eggs, an outdoor challenge on finding objects outdoors and printing using the national dyes, a  writing challenge based on 'Transition to Year 3', a History one on what the Romans have left us and a RE Challenge based on creating a prayer about Refugees.  With Maths I would like to see the Arithmetic 'fluent in five' challenge completed for week 5 and everyday's White Rose Maths lesson.


Don't forget that your daily challenges for English and Maths should include one of the Oak National Lessons or Bitesize as well as what is on the class page. There's also extra Maths  and English weekly challenges to push yourselves on further which includes daily arithmetic questions and the 5-a-day that you would do in class normally. The White Rose lessons link with the areas of Year 2 we were finishing off as the Virus came. The Bitesize Maths links directly with the White Rose Work for the day!


Remember extra stars are given for the challenges being completed. It doesn't matter what day you do them in but I'd love to see more of them on the blog.



PREVIOUS Writing Challenge from 8-12th June

I have had some fantastic newspaper reports based on the 'Bunny Surprise' story but I wanted to share this piece from Ellysha. It's so professional and beautifully written. Mollie has also created a newspaper piece on the computer too. Well done both!

If you haven't had a go at the activity then have a look at the English challenges tab for the weekly writing challenge. 


Ellysha                                                                                            Mollie



Sport Challenge - Have you signed up yet?


The Birmingham School Games Challenge is now up and running. It's a virtual portal where a new challenge will be set each week and you can upload your personal bests. There will be prizes for the children who finish in the top 5 for each challenge. Once a challenge has been completed, and if you they are in the top 5 you will receive a virtual School Games Value Badge that was assigned for that challenge. Once school is fully back you might receive a real badge!


Miss Arnold has now put up a document to help you to register your scores. Look at the physical activity part of the school website for details. I hope that more of you will get your scores up as Ella has struggled and this may get us back up the leader board.


The portal can be found here:

Our school area code is: shenley


All of this information and more is now under the Home Physical Activity/Physical Education for the children of St Rose tab of the website as well as a letter for your parents to read which explains it all.. 



In the Birmingham Schools Challenge, for the seated sock throw, our class was on the leader board. I'm so proud of you for taking part and for doing so well. We now need to do the next challenge so keep up the OUTSTANDING effort. Don't forget to let me know if you're taking part so I can give the j2stars out. Share the pictures on the blog...


30 days wild week -Did you complete the month?

The 30 days wild in June has now finished. If you have completed the month's calendar don't forget to put it on the blog. I have only received one... is there anymore?

Here's Ella's completed one and she got 50 j2stars as a reward.


We received this certificate today for doing the 30 days wild in June. Well done everybody.



On Line Learning

I am really pleased to see so many of you completing the daily on line Rockstars, Active Learn and Numbots. Even Big Maths challenges have been increasing and some of you have moved up. I have had a few of you ask for help with some of the questions and I'm here to help. So, if you're not sure then sent a message through the blog and I will respond.


Remember - If any of you are struggling to access the activities on line then let the school office know (via an email to but over the summer holidays answering the email system may not be so quick as Ms. Kavanagh is also away.


Learning Packs

Remember - I have added some new activities for you to look at. I have added a 'Creative Week's' home learning  pack (in the additional home learning tab). It has lots of interesting things for you to look at. This week it's on the theme of 'Transitions' . Have a go at these exciting challenges for extra j2stars.


Other Packs

I have created a new 'ARK' tab below which has lots of Maths and English weekly activities. They are extra daily activities (15 minutes in length) to stretch you. Your parents may need to help you as there's a lot practical parts to the Maths. The English has whole books ready to be read and work based on them. The Maths has topics for you to look at first is number bonds up to 20 (revision) and then 100. These revision packs will help with getting ready for Y3.



 The Summer Reading Challenge is on until 5th September 2020! 


The Summer Reading Challenge, presented by The Reading Agency and funded by Arts Council England, is for all children aged 4 to 11 to set themselves a reading challenge to help prevent the summer reading ‘dip’. Each year the Challenge, delivered with the support of public libraries, tries to keep up our enthusiasm for reading! 


This year, Silly Squad, the Summer Reading Challenge 2020, will celebrate funny books, empathy, happiness and laughter. If you take part in the Challenge you will join the Silly Squad, an adventurous team of animals who love to have a laugh and get stuck in to all different kinds of funny books!


This Reading Challenge is running from 5th June until  5th September and I'd love you to get involved. More information is available on this webpage -


How are you getting on? Let me know with the blog, please.


Online Learning

Well done to the following children who completed their online learning for this last week. Lovely to see Leo and Seena. 


Big Maths: Kiesse, Hattie, Dalia, Bradley, Riley, Charlotte and Mollie.

Times Table Rockstars:  Dalia, Kaison, Mathilda, Ellysha, Ella I, Aaron, Leo, Davina and Seena.

Numbots: Ella I, Aaron and James

Active Learn:  Davina, Ella I, Ellysha, Mathilda and Aaron.

Blog:     Ella I, Ellysha, Hattie and Nicole.


We should be on Click 9 for the summer term, in Big Maths, so lets get going with trying to complete the weekly test and I can promote you if the computer tells me to do so. Many of you are still on Click 8 so try to challenge yourself.


If you have returned to school you will be doing the Big Maths test (for that week) on a Wednesday so you won't need to do it at home too!


Should you have any questions regarding any of the activities or logging in problems then please email and this will be forwarded to me to answer. 


If you've been doing other work other than online then go onto the blog and share what you've been doing as slowly more and more children have been accessing the on line activities. 






Caterpillar Watch

Have you seen how the caterpillar's changed in butterflies and then released? All the films are on the class blog. Have a look and write a paragraph about what you have learnt.

Friday Worship with Dan and Emily

The worship with Dan and Emily has been uploaded.  Click here to visit the page and take part in their weekly worship.



Meaingful May Calendar - even in June you can do some of these...

Oak National Academy


w/c 13th July 2020: Year 2 Schedule
There are no specific lessons for this week for Year 2 so how about trying their activity club activities?

Today the suggestions are 



Previous Suggestions...

Click on the picture above to take you to the page where you can see what the activities are. If you have a go please put on the blog for j2stars.


w/c 6th July 2020: Year 2 Schedule



May Half Term

If you want any extra things to do that are creative then look at these activities that were put on the Oak National Academy for the half term. There's some exciting things to do.


There is an English and Maths lesson each day which build upon the previous day's lesson, like we would do in the classroom.  They might teach things differently to us as we would teach Maths through Maths No Problem but don't panic, it should all be taught very clearly for you to follow.  If you do have any problems with it, simply email us and we'll have a look to see if we can help you.


There is also a foundation subject lesson for each day.  It is important to let you know that the foundation subjects DO NOT link to the Knowledge Based Curriculum that we teach at St Rose however, they are interesting subjects so why not give them a go and learn something new.


Each lesson consists of the following:

  • A quiz to see what you already know,
  • A video of the actual lesson, 
  • A main activity,
  • A final quiz to check what you have learnt


BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons

Click on the image to take you to the website.


w/c 13th July 2020



In a similar way to the Oak National Academy, they include daily Maths and English lessons and a foundation subject lesson. the foundation subjects are not linked to the Knowledge Based Curriculum taught at St Rose and you may find the Maths is taught in a different way to the way we teach at school.


Bbc Bitesize only release that day's activities so some of the activities are from the previous week.


Click here to visit the website.

Year 2 Stars


Well done to everyone who has completed some of their online work.


The Top 5 J2Stars for end of Week 15 (the end of term) are:


The Top 5 J2Stars for end of Week 14 are:

We now have some children over 200 stars - Rory (275), Mathilda (271), Dalia (265), Bradley (247), Mollie (241) and Davina (226)


Well done to the others who are over a 100 -  Charlotte L (168),Tara (159),  Kiesse (146), Aaron (143), Riley (139), James (122) and Kaison (118).


This is the last week for collecting stars... who will be in the top 5 on 17th July?


The Top 5 J2Stars for end of Week 13 are:

We now have some children over 200 stars - Sophie (245), Dalia (225) and Mathilda (200).


Well done to the others who are over a 100 - Bradley (190), Mollie (179), Davina (162), Tara (157), Aaron (126), James (112) and Charlotte L (102).


The Top 5 J2Stars for end of Week 12 are:

The other children who are above 100 are Sophie (178), Dalia (153), Tara (137), Bradley (137), Mathilda (126), Aaron (111), Mollie (109) and James (102)


Well done James for getting over the 100 stars. Davina is on 90 and will get there by next Friday.



The Top 5 J2Stars for end of Week 11 are:



 Ella... WOW! The first member of our class to reach 1000 j2stars. 


The other children who are above 100 are Sophie (178), Dalia (149), Bradley (133), Mathilda (123), Mollie (109),  Tara (107) Aaron (100)


Super effort from Ellysha who has got over 500 stars this week. Also, well done to Aaron and Mollie who have got above 100 too. So we got 12 over 100 with James and Davina very close (in the 80s) so maybe we will get half the class by next Friday.



The Top 5 J2Stars for end of Week 10 are:

The other children who are above 100 are Sophie (176), Dalia (143), Bradley (127), Mathilda (119) and Tara (105).

Fantastic effort from Tara this week who has really been showing her workbooks on the blog.

We have 10 children above 100 (with Ella nearly on 1000!)... can we get it to half the class next Friday?


The Top 5 J2Stars for end of Week 9 are:


I have changed to the top 5 for this half term. I will have a prize for the top 5 in six weeks time for how we finish the list in Year 2.

The other children who are above 100 are Bradley (118), Mathilda (115), Dalia (140) and Hattie (144). Mollie and Aaron are very close to being in the 100 club too... a big push this week and you will be.


The Top 3 J2Stars for end of Week 8 are:

HUGE shout out to the over 100 club who are...

Rory (148), Sophie (145), Dalia (132), Mathilda (110), Bradley (107) and Hattie (100).

The more you add to the blog, the more points you get. 



The Top 3 J2Stars for the end of Week 7 are:

A special mention goes out to Rory and Sophie who have worked really hard this week and are over the 100 mark. I wonder if the order will change next week...



The Top 3 J2Stars for the end of Week 6 are:


The Top 3 J2Stars for the end of Week 5 are:


The Top 3 J2Stars for the end of Week 4 are:


The Top 3 J2Stars for the end of Week 3 are:



The Top 3 J2stars for the end of Week 2 are:


  Remember, you will be awarded star points for the following things:



As always, points mean prizes so there will be a reward for the top 3 star children and these will be given once everything gets back to normal.


9.00-9.30 9.30-10.30 11.00 11.30-12.00


Joe Wicks Live Workout


Maths or English

Choose from: 

- Home Learning Pack

- Daily Maths Challenge

- Daily Creative Writing Prompt.


David Walliams

daily book reading.


Times Table Rockstars


Big Maths

Active Learng.




Outdoor Activity








Tell us about your day on the Y2 blog and see what everyone else has been doing.


Read a book, read online or listen to a book on Audible


Take the time to say a prayer and ask for God's guidance or use one of the guided meditations to reflect on the day.


Happy Easter


Hello Year 2.  I just wanted to wish you all a happy and holy Easter.

I hope you are all keeping safe.

I am loving seeing all the blogs showing Miss Neville and myself all the hard work you are doing. 

Looking forward to seeing you all and keep healthy!

God bless,

Dr Gould.

PE at Home


Today marks the launch of a new initiative called 'PE at Home' led by our very own Mrs Lay.  Each week, they will upload a new PE resource card that you can use at home.  This is very exciting and provides you all with another way of keeping active. I will save these in the 'PE at Home' folder of the class page in the 'Creative Afternoon' section. 

Week 2 has been added so take a look (14.4.20)! Week 3 is also there too so have a go (21.4.20).

Week 4 (Tennis) has been added 24.4.20

Week 5 (Gymnastics) has been added 4.5.20

Week 6 (Cricket) has been added 11.5.20

Week 7 (Dance) has been added 15.5.20

Week 8 (Half Term Ideas) 22.5.20

Week 9 (Sitting Volleyball) 1.6.20

Week 10 (Ultimate Frisbee) 5.6.20

Week 11 (Football) 12.6.20

Week 12 (Handball) 22.6.20

Week 13 (Rounders) 29.6.20

Week 14 (Tchoukball) 7.7.20

Week 15 (Challenge Week) 13.7.20


If your parents use Twitter, get them to follow @PEatHome1 and share photos of you doing the activities so that Mrs Lay can see what you've been up to.  I know she'd love to see you using the resources that they are providing for you.  


Let's get active Year 2!

Let's blog Year 2!


As promised, Mr Ingram has now set us up with a Year 2 blog which we can start using straight away.  This will be a great way of communicating between each other and seeing what we're doing whilst we're away from school.  The blog is very easy to use and I've uploaded the instructions to help you access the blog and upload new posts.  




Our blog is accessed via the BGFL365 website so, in order for you to be able to use it, you'll need your BGFL login which was given in your red folder packs either at parents evening or last week in school.  Simply follow the instructions below and start blogging.


Myself and Dr Gould will check the blog for any new posts so that these can be published and are very much looking forward to keeping in touch with you all.


Happy Blogging!


Note to parents: If you did not attend parent's evening on Monday 16th March and therefore did not receive your child's home learning pack with all of their login details, please email and we will endeavour to deal with your request within an appropriate timeframe.  Thank you!


Instructions on how to blog

Summer Term 2020

Summer Term 2020


Here is what is planned for Year 2 for the summer term. With the Corona Virus situation some of the subject topics will not be covered but you may wish to research the subjects to help you when we do restart.


Below is also the word of the day that we look at each morning. Why don't you have a go at the finding the meaning and using the word in some sentence work?



Summer Word of the Day

Rockstars 29th June-3rd July

This week's winners are Aaron (5), James (5), Rory (5), Hattie (5) and Aaron (5). The other children who have been on this week are Ella I, Mathilda, Seena, Kiesse, Cean, Davina, Nicole, Mollie, Kaison, Sophie, Dalia, Ellysha and Riley.

This is the best week of them all with 18 children going on!!!yessmiley


Rockstars 22-26th June

This week's winners are Bradley (5), Aaron (5), Kiesse (5), Kiesse (5) and Cean (5)

 The other children who have been on this week are Mathilda, Nicole, Tara, Ellysha, Dalia, Ella I, Rory and Davina

This is 12 children again we are the same as last week. The difference is there's new childrenon this week.


Rockstars 15-19th June

This week's winners are Ellysha (5), Bradley (5), Aaron (5), Ella I (5) and Bradley (5). The other children who have been on this week are Dalia, Jaya, Mathilda, Charlotte M, Rory, Nicole and Davina.

 This is 12 children so we had more on than last week. Keep it up!smiley


Rockstars 8-12th June

This week's winners are Aaron (5), Aaron (5), Ella I (5), Aaron (5) and Ella I (5). The other children who have been on this week are Ellysha, Bradley, Rory, Dalia, Mathilda, Davina, Mollie, Sophie and Tara 

 This is 11 children for the second week in a row.

Will we be better next week?


Rockstars 1-5th June

This week's winners are Bradley (5), Ella K (5), Ella I (5), Bradley (5) and Jaya (5). The other children who have been on this week are Rory, Seena, Mathilda,Ellysha, Sophie, Aaron, Hattie

 This is 11 children so a little quieter than before half term.

Will we be better next week?


Rockstars 18th to 22nd May

This week's winners are Ellysha (5), Aaron (5), Aaron (5), Bradley (5) and Davina (5). The other children who have been on this week are Sophie, Rory, Ella I, Mathilda, Dalia, Nicole, Bradley, Seena, Mollie, Cean, Hattie and Charlotte L.

Well done Year 2. This is 16 children and many of you are going on everyday.

Let's try to make it 20 in June as we haven't reached this target yet.



Rockstars - 11th to 15th May

This weeks winners are Eli (5), Aaron (5), Rory (5), Aaron (5) and Aaron (5). The other children who have been on this week are Ella I, Dalia, Cean, Mathilda, Ellysha, Mollie, Nicole, Davina, Seena, Rory, Charlotte L and James.

This is half the class. I know there have been a few issues with Rockstars and Numbots so if you have tried but not get on... have a go this week. 


Rockstars - 4th to 7th May

This weeks winners are Aaron (5), Mathilda (5), Dalia (5) and Aaron (5). The other children who have been on this week are Bradley, James, Ella I, Seena, Ellysha, Jaya. Charlotte L, Kiesse, Davina, Nicole and Hattie.


Ella has remained 7th in the leaderboard. How many more will be Rock Hero before July?


Rockstars -  27thApril to 1st May

Ella I has achieved Rock Hero Status! Congratulations!

She is now 7th in the school leader board with 536 256 points. I am hoping to see more of you move up especially as more of the class is going on now.


This weeks winners are Dalia (5), Davina (5), Dalia (5), Aaron (5) and Ella I (5). The other children who have been on this week are Ellysha, Charlotte M, Rory, Mollie, Hattie, James, Bradley, Mathilda, Nicole, Charlotte L, Tara and Seena. This is 17 children which is up from last week. Will we make 20 next week? If you are in contact with others from the class who haven't gone on then ask them to have a go.




Rockstars - 20th to 24th April

A MASSIVE WELL DONE to Ella I who is now 8th on the overall school leader board. FANTASTIC!! She is one position away from being a Rock Hero. Let's see if one of Year 2 can get that award before you move to Year 3.It would be great if more of you achieve it... James is moving up quickly too.


This week the daily Rockstars winners have been Aaron (5), Riley (5), Rory (5), James (5) and Mathilda (5). The other children who also get housepoints for going on Rockstars are Davina, Nicole, Ellysha, Ella I, Hattie, Sophie HS, Dalia, Charlotte M, Charlotte L and Seena. This is 15 children so like Miss Neville said the best week so far for going on Rockstars. We now need to get to at least 20...  




Rockstars - 13th to 17th April


Firstly a huge WELL DONE to Ella I who is now 9th on the overall school leader board. FANTASTIC!!

If you all keep doing daily games it'll all add up and may be more of Year 2 will be in the top 10 before we go back to school.  Ella in the Class housepoints system has received an extra 10 extra housepoints for doing such a great job. I am keeping the daily Rockstar housepoints up to date and they are carrying over until we have our next celebration assembly.


This week the daily Rockstars winners have been Ellysha (5), Bradley (5), Mathilda (5), Ella I (5) and Bradley (5). The other children who also get housepoints for going on Rockstars are Rory, Nicole, Davina, Dalia and Jaya. This week 10 children went on. We still need to beat 14 in one week.


Rockstars - 6-10th April

The children who have been on this week are Bradley (5), Ella I, Charlotte M, Mathilda (5), Rory, Davina (5), Dalia (5)and Ellysha. That's 8 this week but I haven't counted Good Friday as it's a Bank Holiday. Let's see if we can beat this total next week. 



Rockstars -  30th March to 3rd April


The children who have been on rockstars this week are Bradley (5 points), Hattie, Seena, Ella I (5 points), Rory, Leo, Jaya, Mathilda, Dalia, Mollie, Tara (5 points)and Davina (5 points).

That's 12 this week. Well done everyone!

 I've added the housepoints to Classdojo and Miss Neville is doing the stars in BGFL.

So now the challenge is to get at least 15 (half the class) next week. 


Remember - the five points are awarded to the winner for that day who has played the most games.


Rockstars - 23rd to 27th March


The children who have been on rockstars this week are Ella, Ella, Jaya, Davina, Dalia, Mathilda and Tara. Well done to you all and the housepoints are being kept up to date. Come on Year 2 we know you can get on so we want to see more of you on it. Lets beat 7 next week.

World Book Day - Friday 6th March


We had our annual World Book Day on 6/3/20. This year the children came to school dressed in their pajamas. We had a reading session snuggled down with blankets and hot chocolate.We listened to a traditional tale about Baba Yaga.


There was also a competition for the best book character-created out of a potato. We had an amazing twenty-one characters in Y2. 


Have a look at our photos from the fantastic day...


World Book Day - March 2020

Star of the Week


'God wants to fill you with his grace and courage so that you can go out into the world and let your light shine!'


Each week, myself and Mrs Finnegan will choose a member of the class who has shone the brightest to be our 'Star of the Week'.  Please come back each Friday to see who our new star is!


Our Star of the Week for Friday 13th March 2020 is... Rory


This week, our star of the week has been chosen for his excellent instruction writing for using the Beard-tastic from the 'Izzy Gizmo' book. Rory has used imperative verbs and time connectives confidently. Really well done, Rory!


These children have been stars of the week so far this year: Ellysha (6.3.20) Jaya (28.2.20), Eli (14.2.20), Mikey (7.2.20) Mathilda (31.1.120) Charlotte L (24.1.20) Tara (17.1.2020), Ella I (10.1.2020), Nicole (6.12.2019), Skipping Superstars (29.11.2019), Sophia (22.11.2019), Davina (15.11.2019), Ella K (8.11.2019), James (25.10.2019), Dalia (18.10.2019), Year 2 (11.10.2019), Hattie (4.10.2019), Mollie (27.9.2019), Seena (20.9.2019)

What are we doing next week?


Week commencing: 13 March 2020



In English we will  be starting to work on  Izzy Gizmo by Pip Jones.

In Maths, we will work on Temperature and Volume.


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


Read the Great Fire of London text and then answer VIPER questions on the text.

Writing: Brainstorm ideas for a new machine using Izzy Gozmo book and the 'Shirt Machine' video clip for ideas. Writing: Using a planning frame plan and draw how to use the new machine.

Class Trip to the farm.

Writing: Draft a piece of writing on explaining what the machine is and how it works.

Temperature: Reading


Temperature: Estimating temperature using a thermometer. Volume: Comparing the volume of three jugs. Class Trip to the farm. Volume: litres.



Word of the Day


God wants us to be able to choose our words wisely and think about how we speak to others. 
We can only do this if we have a wide range of vocabulary to choose from and this year, we are focusing on extending our children's vocabulary through all of their lessons.  In addition to this, we will be learning a new word every day.  Have a chat with your child about today's word and see if they can remember what it means!


w/c Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  Noun Day Adjective Day Adverb Day Verb Day Multi-syllabic word 
24th February - synagogue spiritual - reliably
2nd March existence courage heroic certainly admire
9th March committed cellar peculiar eerily sneak
16th March petrifying jealously envious urgently evaluate
23rd March intimidating colonel competent punctually praise
30th March admiration truffle delectable hungrily devour


Lent 2020


The events this Lent have been sent home in a letter (2.3.20) but as a reminder this is what we have got planned during this special season.


Friday 13th March - for £1 children can come in their own clothes and the money donated to Sports Relief.

Friday 20th March - Family Fast Day. If you wish your child to participate in the school soup lunch then complete the letter (sent 2.3.20) by 9th March.

Friday 27th March -  for £1 the children can come into school in their own clothes and the money donated to the Birmingham Children's Hospital.

Friday 3rd April - for £1 the children can come into school in their own clothes and the money donated to Father Hudsons.



Spellings for Spring Term 1


You will receive a copy of the spelling list in your knowledge organiser folder but, to clarify, our spellings for this half term are:


Week commencing 10hth February: We are learning the week 6 spellings which are words with 'ing' at the end.


Spellings for Spring 2


Here is the list for the next half term until April 2020

Spring topics


This half term, we will be studying the following topics in our afternoon lessons.  Knowledge organisers have been created for all of them so please use them to support your homework.


Science RE History Art PE
Living things and their habitats


Holy Week

Roman Britain Ancient Egyptian Art Ball Skills


Groovy Gymnastics.

The children have been working on creating a range of gymnastic moves, particularly balancing. They have been travelling across equipment, balancing on various parts of the body, creating joint shapes and rolling. They have produced some great examples.

Groovy Gymnastics

Year 2 Self Portrait Gallery


Over the Spring term we have been looking at facial features and how to use our knowledge to draw ourselves. Can you tell who each of the children are from their self portrait?

Animal Babies 


This half term, we have started our unit on 'Animals including Humans' in Science.  God has created many wonderful creatures on our planet that we can learn about and think about how we can care for them. 

To begin with, we looked at different animal babies, how animals are born and the names of the young and their adults.  The children were very enthusiastic about this lesson and we all found it very interesting learning about the different ways animals are born.  They all worked really hard on their written piece where they had to discuss whether 'All living things come from eggs', particularly as we discovered that this is most definitely not the case.

New Year, New Start


Happy New Year to all of the children and their families in Year 2.  We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to what is ahead of us in 2020.  


A new year is often a time for a new start and this year is certainly no different.  With God watching over us, we hope that this year is successful for each and every one of the children in Year 2.  We hope he guides them to work hard, think about their actions and help them make the right choices both at school and at home. 


It is also a new start for the staff in Year 2.  In week 3, Dr Gould will become the Year 2 teacher and I will move into a targeting role.  I will still be working with the children to help prepare them for their SATs so they sadly won't get rid of me that easily.


Best Wishes for the New Year.


Kind Regards


Miss Neville



Spring Term Homework 



As we move into a new term, our new homework grid also begins.  This homework grid is for the FIRST half term ONLY - not the whole term as previously given. In line with the Autumn homework, the children have a range of different tasks that are either compulsory (MUST be done) or optional.


Items in red boxes are compulsory.  

  • All children MUST complete the daily tasks of practising spellings, reading and going on Times Table Rockstars.
  • Each child MUST complete one of the compulsory Home Learning Tasks each week and their homework book should be brought into school each Monday to have it signed off.


Please note: The children in Year 2 should take care over their homework, just as I would expect in their lessons.  Any work that is illegible or has been rushed for the sake of doing it will not be checked off and they will need to do it again.  Too many children are handing in work that is messy and does not show they have tried and this is not acceptable.


If your child is reading daily, they should be ready to change their reading book weekly on their designated reading day.





Christmas wishes


Thank you for all of the beautiful cards and gifts that have been given to myself and Mrs Finnegan over the past few days.  It is very generous of you all and we are very grateful to you.  




This year, as a staff, we have decided to spend the money we would normally personally spend on small gifts to buy new books for the library as a gift to all of the children in the school.  We all have a passion for reading and we really want to share this with the children so we couldn't think of anything better than investing the money in brand new books for the library.  We really hope this will ignite an enjoyment for reading in all of the children and the gift of reading is priceless.


May we take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Christmas and all our love for a wonderful new year.


Miss Neville and Mrs Finnegan

Bethlehem: The Musical


A huge congratulations to each and every one of the children in Year 2.  We are so proud of each and every one of you.  You were bright, shining stars and all deserve to have a very happy Christmas.


Well done Year 2!

Bambinelli blessings


This year, all of the classes have created Baby Jesus figures as part of a project set by the Diocese.  Each of the children in Year 2 will bring home their Bambinelli tomorrow to place in your home.  These will be blessed by Father at the first mass of Christmas.  The mass times for St Rose are listed below and it would be wonderful to see some Year 2 Bambinelli's being blessed during the Christmas period.


Christmas Eve Masses:

Our Lady and St Rose of Lima Church - 5.15pm

St. Peter's Church - 8.00pm


Christmas Day Masses

St. Peter's Church - 9.30am

Our Lady and St Rose of Lima Church - 11.00am

We need your help!


We’re always busy in Year 2 but the next few weeks are especially busy and we need your help with a few projects that we’ll be working on.


Tomorrow - Recycling
Tomorrow, we’ll be learning about recycling in our Science lesson so we need some items to sort into different categories.  Please could you send in your child with any items that would normally be sitting in your recycling bin so that we can sort them in class.  We don’t need huge quantities but a range of glass, plastic, card and tin items (that have been cleaned) would be really helpful.


Bambinelli - Baby Jesus Project
This year, we will all be making baby Jesus figures in class that will be blessed in Week 6.  In order for us to do this, we need each child to bring in a pair of white socks that we can use to make our little baby figurines.  These need to be new as we will need to fill them to make the figure. 
Please could these be brought into school by this Friday, 6th December.


Christmas Lanterns
Each year we make gifts for the elderly residents at Castlecroft and we would like to make them Christmas lanterns this year.  The children will also make one each as part of their Christmas project.  In order for us to do this, please could you send in a clean, glass jar that the children can use.  These should be brought into school as soon as possible so that we have them ready to start working on them next week.

Christmas Carol Performance
Year 2 will be singing with KS2 for the annual Christmas Carol Performance and this will take place in the Church on Thursday 19th December at 2.30pm. 


Advent Friday Charitable Giving
Just a little reminder about what is happening on the next few Friday’s during Advent.

  • Friday 6th December (this Friday) – bring in any good quality books that you are happy to donate to our library.  Put them in a bag with your name on them and then we can let everyone know that you donated them.
  • Friday 13th December – wear your Christmas Jumper and bring in £1 to raise money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital.
  • Friday 20th December – bring in £1 and wear your own clothes for Cafod World Gifts.


Many thanks for your continued support.


Art in Advent


This half term we have been looking at the work of Matisse in our Art lessons and how he produced artwork by 'painting with scissors'.  We learnt that he was the first artist to use this technique of cutting out and then composing a piece.  The children loved painting sheets and then cutting out organic sheets to produce their own compositions in the style of Matisse.  Well done Year 2!

Spade to Fork


Please be aware that all Year 2 children should come in suitable outdoor clothing and footwear each Thursday for their spade to fork session in the afternoon.  This is applicable for the rest of this half term only.

Miss Neville's Secret Homework Challenge


Each week, I will put a secret homework challenge on my class page relating to one of our knowledge organisers.  I won't tell you about it in class so you must keep checking the class page to see when it appears!


If you complete it and bring it in, your challenge could appear on the class page and you will automatically become in the 'safe zone' and will earn yourself a house point.


Tuesday 19th November 2019

We have started our Geography topic on the British Isles and I need your help to make our Geography display beautiful!  Your secret homework is to draw me a beautiful poster for one of the countries in the British Isles or draw their flag.  To remind you of what we learnt in our lesson:

The  countries are:

  • England
  • Wales
  • Scotland
  • Ireland
  • Northern Ireland


Use your knowledge organisers to help with the flags but make the name of the country you have chosen big, bold and beautiful so it can be clearly seen on our display.  The best ones will be mounted and put on our working wall for everyone to admire!


Materials in Science


This half term, we have been looking at different materials in our Science lesson and exploring how and why they are used to make certain objects.  We have learnt which materials are natural and come from the wonderful gifts that God has given us.  We have also begun to learn to why materials are man made and what properties they have that make them suitable for different purposes.  The children have really embraced this topic and there were some wonderful pieces of writing in their investigation task this week. 


Have a chat with your children about the materials they can see around them and discuss what they are and why they have been used!

Times Table Rock Stars - The Battles


This week there was a battle on Times Table Rock Stars for Boys vs. Girls.  The children were challenged to go on the website and play at least one game each night to help their team win.  The winning team would be given a reward at the end of the battle.

The results were as follows:


Winners: Girls

Top Boy: Kiesse

Top Girl: Seena


Remember, if you don't play at all or don't play each night, you won't be eligible for the reward!


Next week's battle starts Monday 11th November at 8.00am and finishes on Friday 15th November at 8.30am.

St Mary vs St Gregory

St Thomas Aquinas vs St Sebastian

Daily Homework


Please be reminded that there are 6 daily activities that every child should do each night as part of their homework.  It is important that they do these not only because they will help with their Reading, Spelling and Maths fluency but also to make sure they take time for themselves to be mindful and calm.



Any child who does not go online to complete the Times Table Rockstars (daily) or Big Maths (at least once a week), will be given paper copies to do at home.  Times Table Rockstars only takes 2 minutes to do.


In addition, some children will have daily handwriting which will help with their letter formation and cursive writing.

Times Table Rockstars


As part of their daily homework tasks, the children should be going on to Times Table Rockstars to improve their times table fluency.  At the moment, only a handful of children access this on a daily basis which means most children aren't completing this daily task.  Please could you ensure your child spends a few minutes EACH day on this website.


Click here to login.  Your username and password is in your reading diary.

Select the Garage area and play the games in there to show me you have been playing on times table rockstars.


I will be monitoring this so anybody who doesn't access this over the half term will be given hard copies to complete each week.


Well done to the following children who have joined Ella I, Ella K, Ellysha and Dalia in becoming members of the Big 10 club this week:


  • Charlotte L
  • Nicole
  • Charlotte M
  • James
  • Davina


These children go on the Big Maths website regularly and this has helped them continue to score well in the tests.  Try going on once a week to help improve your scores so that you can become a BIG 10 member next half term!

Super Scientists


We have had a lot of fun this half term looking at plants, observing our seeds and bulbs and learning about the types of plants we eat to keep healthy.  Seeing God's creation grow in front of your very eyes has been very rewarding for the children and it has helped them to understand the best conditions for plants to grow.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that our daffodil bulbs survive the Winter so we will be able to see the flowers bloom in Spring.


We have now moved on to looking at materials and this week the children were able to identify the materials that have been used for everyday objects.  They learnt about the words transparent and opaque, natural and man made.  Have a chat with them about what they remember about these terms or have a look at their new knowledge organiser and quiz them about it later!

Learning about Jesus' history


We've moved onto our next unit of work in RE and this focuses on Jesus' family and his life.  In our first lesson, the children completed a time line of Jesus' life right from the Annunciation through to him rising from the dead on Easter Sunday.  The children used their investigative skills to use the information in the pictures and the text to help them order the key life events in chronological order.  We then learnt about the story of the 'Flight to Egypt' and how this shows us that Joseph cared for both Mary and Jesus.


Have a look at the new knowledge organiser to see what else we will be learning about in this RE unit.

Science Secret Homework - w/c 23rd September

Planting seeds and bulbs in Science


God has given us such a beautiful world and it is wonderful to take the time to appreciate the wonder and beauty of nature and the process that takes place for living things to grow.  Our Science lessons help us experience this process and enjoy the many things that God has created for us.


This week, we continued our unit in Science on plants and began to learn the difference between seeds and bulbs.  The children demonstrated that they understood when it was best to plant seeds and why bulbs could be planted in the winter.  During the lesson, each table planted a daffodil bulb ready for the winter and this is something we will observe over the rest of the half term and through to Spring.  We also set up a test to see the best conditions for growing sunflower seeds and the children made their predictions.  Ask your child what they predicted and why they decided this?  


Don't forget, planting something and watching it grow is one of your enrichment homework tasks so now is a good time to plant a bulb ready for it to flower in Spring!

Tints and Shades in Art


God's world is filled with beautiful colours in every tint and shade.  We see different shades of green in the trees that surround us, different tints of colour in the fragrant flowers and the warming sun lightens even the darkest places.  We are very lucky to live in a world that is so colourful and vibrant!


In our Art lesson this week, we began looking at how to create tints and shades of a colour.  The children were excellent at recapping primary and secondary colours before they learnt what a tint and a shade was.  In the lesson, they used the time to change the colour blue into different tints and shades.  


Ask your child how they made a tint and shade in the lesson and see how much they can remember!

Wonder and awe in God's Creation


God saw all that he had made and it was very good. Genesis 1:31


We began our first Science topic this week and were able to go outside and enjoy observing the plants and trees that God has created for us.  The children wowed me with their knowledge of the different parts of the plants and trees and were very curious about the different plants and trees we have around our school environment.  They took great care to draw and label their findings and then produced some really detailed writing back in the classroom.

Learning about colours in Art


God has given us many talents and we should use these to paint the world a better place.

Our first Art lesson looked at primary and secondary colours, something we had touched on in our MMADDD sessions last year.  The children were excellent at remembering the ways in which we make secondary colours and were inspired by the work of Kandinksy when they made their cool or warm circle paintings.  

Our class wish


God wants us to think about how we treat others and follow in his footsteps by making the right choices and spreading love in all that we do.


Today, we talked about what our class wish for this year should be.  We always try to think about how a wish could make our time in school even better and the children were really insightful with their responses.  They wanted to make sure we always showed love and kindness to each other, never hurt or said or kind things and did things that would help other people. The photographs are their way of showing how they will fulfill this wish.


I'm sure you'll agree, the class wish they created is a really lovely one and i'm sure it will be really hard to pick just one child each half term who has fulfilled this.

Attendance and Punctuality


Each day really does matter in Year 2.  We have a lot to learn before we take our SATs in May so it is important your child is in school and ready to learn at 8.45am.  


I've attached copies of our timetable below so you can understand how precious every moment really is.  

Timetable A


Timetable B


Timetable A is for the odd weeks in the term (1, 3, 5, 7) where we have a reflection on the Monday.  

Timetable B is for the even weeks in the term (2, 4, 6, 8) where we have mass on a Wednesday.



Our homework takes a new format this year as it links in with our knowledge based curriculum.  Instead of giving out weekly homework sheets, one sheet is given out for the whole term.  The homework challenge sheet will be included in the knowledge organiser and your child's homework book.  Included in this are:

  • Daily tasks that need to be completed that should be done each day.  This includes reading, practising spellings, completing a daily maths challenge to remember some of the maths fact fluency addition facts (at the beginning of their homework book) or practising their times tables.
  • Super tasks which provide an opportunity for enrichment at home.
  • Home Learning Tasks which relate to the different subjects we study in our lessons.
  • Extension tasks for those children who want to challenge themselves further.


The homework book is for the children to complete their work in and, once they have completed one of the home learning or extension tasks, they should bring it in to us so we can stamp it to show they have done it.


I will also be giving out handwriting as additional homework and this will come home weekly for them to practise their cursive letters which is a requirement for the end of KS1.


Daily Essentials


In order for your child to be able to fully access the curriculum and to enable us to read with them, please could you ensure your child has the following with them each day:


  • Book bag
  • Reading book and diary
  • Pencil case with essential items
  • Knowledge Organiser Folder


Please be reminded that a £5 deposit is required for the pencil case and Knowledge Organiser folder and this should be paid into the office.  Thank you.

Striving to be the best that we can be!


God wants us to be the best person that we can possibly be and this comes from trying our hardest in everything we do. 
Year 2 is a busy year and there is no escaping that we have to work hard to be ready for our SATs in May but I like to create an environment where children are excited and enthusiastic about their learning.  We have lots of reward systems in place to help this and this has always created a real buzz around the classroom.


  • House Reading Book Challenge

Daily reading is essential for your child to be fluent with their reading and we need to see this recorded in their reading diaries every night.  We also need to have their reading books and diaries in every day so the house reading book challenge is designed to help with this.


Each morning, the children self register when they have brought in their reading book and diary and placed it in the box.  If the whole house team brings in their reading books and diaries, each child receives 5 housepoints - a great way to earn lots of housepoints each week!


  • The BIG 10 club

Each week, the children will be tested on their 10 spellings and 10 questions in their Big Maths CLIC test. If they get 10 out of 10 in each of these tests, they will become part of the BIG 10 club.  It is their job to stay in the club until the end of the half term to receive their BIG 10 certificate and reward.  

Make sure you're practising those spellings at home and going onto Big Maths to help you with your CLIC.


  • Octopus 8 Club

By the end of Year 2, all children need to be writing using the cursive style with some children joining these letters.  Handwriting is therefore a crucial part of their curriculum and will help them as they move through the school.  The Octopus 8 club looks for 8 children who are trying really hard with the presentation of their work in all of the lessons.  Each week, we look for 8 new members who will wear their Octopus 8 badge with pride.  The top 3 children at the end of the half term will receive some special golden time!


Please note: online logins will be given out in their reading diaries next week!