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Year 2

Prayer for a New School Year 

Lord Jesus,

I ask for Your help as I begin this new school year.

Allow me to experience Your presence in the many blessings You put before me.

Open my eyes to the new challenges and exciting opportunities that this new school year brings.

Open my heart and mind to new friends and new teachers.

Open my heart so I will be enthusiastic in my lessons 

Give me courage to accept new opportunities.

Help me to listen to my teachers.

Jesus, inspire me to do my best this year!



Welcome to Year 2

In year 2, we love to learn new things and build on the skills and talents God has given us. Our class page is a way of showing you what we have been learning  in our lessons whilst also informing you about important things that might be coming up during the weeks and months ahead. 


Please visit our class page regularly to see who our star of the week is, what we'll be learning about in English and Maths along with all of the other wonderful things that we do in Year 2!


Mrs Woodley and I are really excited to be your teachers. We have some catching up to do but we will get there! 


Change from Monday 19th October -

Just a reminder that the children's Y2 bubble are to come into school at 8.55am and finish school at 3.20pm  (12.55pm on a Friday) until further notice. The entrance to/from school is still the gate for our playground. If you need to give any messages to either of us please telephone the office and these will be passed onto us (in line with the COVID 19 school guidance).


October half term


After almost 8 weeks, the October half term is here and it will give us all a wonderful opportunity to relax before the second Autumn half term. The half term dates as follows:


Break up:  Friday 23rd October at 12.55pm

Return:    Tuesday 3rd November at 8.55am.


If you want to see the brilliant video of what the school got up to this half term then click on the link below. Year 2 are shown doing their Maths and some Art work.


As the nights are longer remember to wear bright colours so you can be seen and keep safe.

We break up for Christmas on Friday 18th December.

God Bless,


Dr Gould & Mrs Woodley


Phonics Check

We will be doing the Phonics Check during the week 30th November-4th December 2020 so keep practising! 


In year 2, we will be taking the phonics check to replace the original date in June that was cancelled due to the Coronavirus.


We will be having lots of catch up phonic sessions building up to the check but please practice your sounds everyday. If you want to find the resources then click on the link below.


We have also been using in class 

which is the 'Letters and Sounds for Home and School' for the Y2 autumn term phonics screen check revision sessions. If you wish to support your child then this is great for revising what we are doing in class.


Year 2 Class Wish 

In Class, on 4th September, we created our class wish for this academic year. The children came up with the wording and I think it reflects exactly what a beautiful class of children they are. 




What are we doing next week in Year 2?

Week commencing: 2nd November 2020


In English lesson time we will  be  working  on The Jampires by Sarah McIntyre and David O'Connor.

In Maths we will work on Dividing and Sharing using the 2,5 and 10 Times Tables.


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday



Training Day


VIPER Skills:

Unseen text using VIPER  skills on Bonfire        Night.




The children will be given a piece of text and

with their green pen will edit for spelling and basic punctuation mistakes.

Editing and Drafting:

The children will edit and redraft their Jampires story from before half term.



The children will write up their alternative ending story to the Jampires story.

Maths Training Day 


Grouping and Sharing:

Looking at the division sign and what it means.

Completing basic division equations.

Dividing by 2:

Put into groups of two the various objects. What do you notice about even numbers?

Dividing by 5:

Put into groups of five the various objects. Do you notice any pattern?

Dividing by 10:

Put into groups of ten the various objects. Can you do the switcher for the answers?



There are  homework activities and home learning ideas on the Maths and English sections for supporting your learning. There are daily lessons so there's always something to do.

Self Isolating?

There are lots of resources for Maths and English if you are at home due to either illness or self isolating. Just look under the tabs below for the latest activities and put the work on the class blog so we can all see what work you've been doing...


There are daily lessons for both Maths and English so you can keep up with what we are doing in class.

Study Plan - Autumn 2020

Timetable for Autumn