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Year 2 Life

In our PSHE lesson (14.10.21) we looked at how we should never give up even when things are hard. This is changing our attitudes. We had 4 minutes to try to build card towers and cube diagrams. If at first you don't succeed...

The children have been looking at hidden sugars in drinks and did an experiment to see which drink had the most sugar. They were so surprised to find it was apple juice! We then had a food sampling lesson on dairy, protein, fruit and vegetables to see what foods would go together in a wrap. The children then made a wrap from their own design, tasted it and evaluated it. A fantastic week was had by all.

Macmillan Wear Green Day - 1.10.2021

Friday 1st October was the annual fundraiser for MacMillan. The class raised £30 and we enjoyed dressing up and showing one another our styles. Some lovely poses in the pictures. 

Year 2 have been using the new Entrust computer planning. We have made a simple animation, created a painting and then designing a new, original animation using the JiT program. Mr Ingram helped start the work off and then we have all learnt together. Even Dr Gould now can create animation! A fantastic computing week was had by all.

Dance Topic - Penguins (Autumn Term 1)

Music - We have been studying the different families of the Orchestra. Here we are playing percussion. (6-10th September 2021)