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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!



Year 2 are always busy bees so Miss Neville will keep this page updated with all the wonderful work they are doing.  

Star of the week!

Our star for this week is... Eogan!   


We are very proud of Eogan's attitude in Year 2.  He consistently tries his hardest in all that he does and has a wonderful thirst for knowledge.  Eogan has really grown and matured during this year and he now tries to help other children with their work whilst also completing his work to a high standard.  Well done Eogan!


This half term both Aya and Anna have been stars of the week.

Last half term Denise,  Daniella, Joshua, Connor, Gracie and Lucas were stars of the week.



We're raising money for the Birmingham Children's Hospital!


Last week, we launched our summer charity event to raise money for the star appeal at the Birmingham Children's Hospital.  All the children in Year 2 thought about why it is important that we try our hardest to raise as much money as we can for the children's hospital.  They came up with some really inspiring reasons and wrote them on little cards to show why we are going to try to be the best class for fundraising!


Please help your child raise as much money as they can by supporting them with their sponsorship forms, visiting or texting OLSR80 and £5 to 70070.



Year 2 became Wild Things for the day!


On Tuesday, Year 2 were 'king of the castle' for the morning as KS2 went off to their sports day.  As we had been talking about the mischief that Max made in our story, we decided to make some mischief of our own.  We secretly went into each of the KS2 classrooms, Mrs O'Meally's office and the leadership room and pretended that we belonged to each of the rooms.  Then our pictures were hidden in their classrooms to see if they noticed what we had been up to!


Take a look at our mischievous photos below!

Wild things are happening in year 2!


The children returned from the half term holiday this week to find a bed had mysteriously appeared in the middle of the classroom.  This was no ordinary bed as the posts were trees and the children had no idea who it belonged to.  Want to find out whose bed it was?  Ask your child what they have been learning about in class and all will be revealed!



















Congratulations Year 2!

I would like to congratulate all the children in Year 2 for completing both their maths and reading SATs papers over the past couple of days.  For each subject, they answered two questions papers with some particularly tricky questions. Nobody moaned or complained but they all tried their best... and that is all I could hope for.


Well done Year 2... just the writing to go now and then we can really enjoy our final half term together!


Miss Neville

Homework - Thursday 12th May 2016


Dear Year 2,


You have worked really hard in class preparing for your SATs, particularly over these past two weeks.  I have been really pleased with the way you have tried your hardest to do well in all of your subjects and are now showing that you can use the skills I have taught you this year.


I don't want you to worry about your assessments.  We have done so many of these that your SATs will not look any different at all.  All I ask is that you try your hardest, you read the questions carefully and you think about how you could answer the questions using the skills you have learnt this year.  Please don't guess - you can do these questions, you just have to believe in yourself like I do.


This weekend, your homework is simply to relax.  We have a busy final two weeks before the Whitsun holiday and so I think you should take the time to relax, enjoy the sunshine (hopefully), do a little meditation and read a book.


Have a good weekend Year 2.


Kind Regards


Miss Neville


Bye, bye butterflies!


After a month of caring and watching our caterpillars change to become butterflies, we said a fond farewell to our beautiful butterflies.  As the sun shone, all the children wished them well and hoped they would stay safe and find a new home where they could start the process all over again.  Two of the butterflies were very eager to stretch their wings in the glorious sunshine however, we had one very reluctant butterfly who didn't seem to want to leave.  The children squealed with delighted as the butterfly flew around the playground and I think the butterfly took a real liking to both Lucas and Eogan as it seemed very happy to take a rest on their arms and hands.


Bye, bye butterflies!

Still image for this video
Year 2 wave goodbye to our beautiful butterflies!

Butterfly Day in Year 2!

Our butterflies have finally emerged from the safety of their chrysalises! To celebrate this special day, the children in Year 2 are spending the day learning and writing about butterflies.  


Come back and see some of their wonderful work next week!


The Not So Scary Snorklum!


This week we have started a new book in Year 2 to help get their creative juices flowing.  After learning about Captain Scott for 2 weeks, it is wonderful to jump back into a story.  


Ask your child what the story is about and get them to describe this wonderful character to you!

Caterpillars and chrysalises


On Monday, we returned to school to find one of caterpillars had changed into a chrysalis.  As the day passed, year 5 were lucky enough to watch another caterpillar transform into a chrysalis and, by the following morning, all 4 of our little caterpillars were carefully hanging from the top of the container.


We have now moved the chrysalises into the butterfly garden where we will wait, with baited breath, for the magical transformation to take place.  Fingers crossed it doesn't happen over the bank holiday weekend!



Maths homework help!


Please find below a couple of links to help you understand how to use the number line method for adding and subtracting.





Gym Festival


Tay'Veon, Kephie, Kalvin, Joshua and Gemma all took part in the Year 1 and 2 Gym Festival yesterday at St Thomas Aquinas School.  They learnt how to perform cartwheels, forward rolls and jump correctly whilst also having the chance to try some different jumps on the trampoline.  All of the children were very well behaved and were a real credit to Year 2.  Who knows, we might have some budding gymnasts in our midst!

Gym Festival Photos

Very hungry caterpillars!


Our caterpillars have grown tremendously since arriving with us last week.  They have been busy munching away on the food and are now huge in comparison to when they first joined Year 2.  The children come in each morning to check on their progress and are amazed at how quickly they change. Sadly, we appear to have had a casualty and so only 4 out of the 5 caterpillars are with us.  Fingers crossed the other ones will make it to the beautiful butterfly stage!


New additions to Year 2


Five new friends have arrived in Year 2 today.  They are only small but we are sure they will develop as they spend more time in the class.  The caterpillars will stay with us until they transform into beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies so we're going to keep a close eye on them to watch how they change.


Unfortunately, the caterpillars don't have any names yet so, if you have read this article and would like to suggest a name, then please come and see me with your name suggestion!


Keep watching out for more updates on our 5 wriggly classmates!

Visit to the Hindu Temple


Today we visited the Shree Geeta Bhawan Hindu temple in Handsworth as part our RE lessons about other faiths and cultures.  Having learnt about the history and beliefs of the Hindu religion, it was wonderful to see it first hand and we felt very honoured to be part of the prayer service that took place during the morning.  


During our lessons this week we have also focused on some of the Gods and Goddesses relating to Hinduism which we have all found fascinating.  Seeing the shrines dedicated to them was a sight to behold and we were all amazed at how beautiful and colourful they are.


The children were all very well behaved and respectful of the other people who had come to worship and we are very thankful to them for allowing us to visit their Holy place of worship.


Please take a look below at some of the pictures taken during the trip!

Rangoli patterns


In preparation for our trip to the Hindu temple, the children have been learning about all different aspects of the Hindu religion.  It has been wonderful to see the children enthusiastic about this religion and appreciate the values that it stands for.  


As part of their learning, we taught them about Rangoli patterns which are colourful patterns drawn on the floor near the entrance to a house to welcome guests. During the festival of Diwali, people often draw these patterns to encourage their goddess to enter their homes.  The patterns come in various different shapes and sizes and are often created using chalk or coloured rice.  We couldn't resist the opportunity to create some Rangoli patterns of our own and, as the weather had been kind to us, were even able to create some patterns outside.


Take a look at our Rangoli patterns below.



Learning how to program.


The children started their technology journey today by being introduced to Scratch programming.  The program allowed the children to create their own sprite which they had to move around in space.  Being able to create a code to make something move on a computer can be quite tricky but the children showed great enthusiasm and were determined to do it correctly.  We will continue to learn about programming during the rest of this term so I very much look forward to how the children develop their computing skills as we continue through the term.


For more information about what the children will be learning this term, please visit the Year 2 study guide in the curriculum section of the website.

We met Nao!


Today, the children were introduced to Nao, the humanoid robot.  They had great fun watching it talk, wave and even kick a ball. It was wonderful to see the delight in their eyes as the Nao told us who it was and where it came from.  Ariana was especially lucky as she took Nao by the hand and helped it walk across the hall.


"When I was walking with Nao, the robot, I had to put his hand in a certain direction to make him move.  But, when I put his hand behind his head he said 'Ow!' and walked backwards.  He is a talking robot.  You need to take care of him otherwise he could get damaged."  Ariana

Easter in Year 2


Well done to all of the year children 2 who made Easter bonnets for the parade today.  The time and effort that was put into each of the bonnets was amazing and it was lovely to see so many taking part. Our school council had a difficult job choosing the winner but, after much deliberation, the results are as follows:


Winner:  Sila

1st Runner up: Ryan

2nd Runner up:  Harrison


Wishing you all a wonderful Easter!


Miss Neville, Mrs Woodley and Miss Arnold

Easter Bonnets in Year 2!

Sports Relief in Year 2


Well done to all the children who brought in their £1 for Sports Relief on Friday.  The children in Year 2 had to wait until the end of the afternoon to complete their fitness challenge... but it was worth the wait! 


Each child competed in their house teams to complete as many shuttle runs as they could within 5 minutes.  Sadly, I chose to demonstrate against Jacob who, in turn, was victorious.  In my defense, he does have age on his side so I didn't feel too defeated.


The races were very close so I will simply say that everyone was a winner this afternoon and tried their hardest for a very worthwhile cause.


Well done Year 2!

Mount Pleasant Farm


What a beautiful spring day it was! The perfect kind of day to spend walking around the farm.  


Year 2 had a truly fabulous day at the farm learning about all of the animals and the different processes of a dairy farm.  They were delighted to be able to touch the animals (except the pigs) and even feed some of them.  We all especially loved the beautiful cows, even if it was a bit smelly around the cow barn.

Let's hope Year 2 remember all of the information they have been taught ready for their English lessons next week!


Take a look at the photos below to see what the children got up to!

The cow barn!

Still image for this video
Jacob and Hector feed the cows.

A different type of feeding time!

In the classroom.

World Book Day


The class was alive with characters from a range of books today.  Princesses floated in with their beautiful dresses, Little Red Riding Hood's hid from the big, bad wolf, Superheroes from far and wide flew in to our rescue, Harry Potter cast a few spells and even Jessie came to spend the day in the Year 2 classroom.  It was lovely to see so many children making the effort to dress up as their favourite characters - we even got involved by dressing as Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland and Where's Wally!


A big congratulations to Gracie who was chosen as the winner of the best costume for Year 2 by the school council.  She made the perfect Mary Poppins and was able to use her umbrella to shelter her from the rain and her bag to carry her winning £5 book voucher.


Well done Year 2!

World Book Day in Year 2

Super Scientists


The Year 2 children have been busy learning about how climate change is affecting the planet through their Science lessons.  They have investigated how we can reduce our waste by reusing and recycling and sorted rubbish according to the different recycling groups.  Their ideas for reusing the waste were amazing and thankfully, Miss Neville's classroom wasn't messy for too long!


The children also learnt about how important water is and why we shouldn't waste it.  During the afternoon, they heard a story about a little girl in Africa who had to walk for miles to collect water from a well.  The little girl was much younger than any children in our class but she still walked with a full bucket of water on her head.  The children were keen to understand what this would feel like so took to the playground and held their chairs in the air to act like the bucket the little girl held.  Suffice to say, some of the children would not have had any water left it had been a real bucket.  We might need to work on our arm muscles if we had to do this every day!


Take a look at the photos below to see how the children have been super scientists this year!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Water, Water!