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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3


Ms. Coleman, Mrs Hawkins and Dr Gould are really looking forward to working with you all.

The children will have continue to have PE on Mondays for the Spring term. 

Dr Gould will be moving to Year 2 from Monday 20th January 2020. Ms Coleman returns from maternity leave from Thursday 16th. 


Class Wish for 2019-20

"To always be honest and loving; giving 100% in all that we do."



The sun is shining and it looks like it's going to be a beautiful day so I hope you manage to get outside to enjoy the sunshine.


I've now added information to each of the Creative Afternoon pages on your class page so please have a look and see if you can do any of the different ideas I've put up.  I'll update most of them each Monday so keep checking to see what's new.


If you look further down the page, you'll also notice that I've started J2Stars for you.  Now's the chance to start earning points for your online activity.  Year 2 have been using this for a couple of weeks now and some children are certainly making the most of the blogs.  My challenge to you Year 3 is to beat them.  Currently 14 children have uploaded something to the blog - can you beat that number?  Remember, every blog earns you points so get blogging Year 3 and help Amelia, Summer and Stacey out!


Today i'll be doing a spot of baking via Facetime with Millie, Jacob and Declan so i'll add something to the blog later with the ingredients and instructions.  We're baking Triple Chocolate Cookies so see if you can have a go yourself and then you'll earn more J2 Star points.


Miss Neville's Weekly Challenge

Each week, i'm going to set you a challenge to complete.  If you complete this and put your pictures on the blog then you'll receive 10 special J2Star Points. 


This week's challenge comes from my sister and is called 'THE MAZE CHALLENGE'.

Yesterday, she set the children the task of completing a maze that they had drawn out in the garden.  Millie and Jacob had to work together to complete the maze and then drew out their own maze for my sister and brother in law to complete.  It took a while, made them think and work as a team but was certainly a great activity to do out in the sun.  You can draw it out in chalk in your back garden.  Why not ask your parents if they'll do one for you and then you can have a go too!  Don't forget to take lots of pictures. 

Click here to visit the website that this idea was discovered on.  


Whatever you're doing today... keep safe and keep healthy!


Miss Neville blush



Introducing J2Stars!

Welcome to the world of J2Stars Year 3!


Today I have set up your J2Stars in BGFL and assigned the different reasons for you achieving points.  You'll be able to see your J2Star when you go into BGFL.  Here are your icons to look out for!


It's similar to housepoints but this time, you get awarded points for what you do online.  You get points each time you go on Times Table Rockstars, Numbots, Active Learn and Big Maths.  I'll check at the beginning of each day (Monday-Friday) and award your points based on what you do.  Don't worry, whatever you do at the weekend will count and i'll see that when I log on each Monday!


However, you'll get the most points when you upload anything to the blog.  So, for example, if you were to put a blog up which showed you had done some baking, completed a fitness task and did something creative then you would receive 8 points.  You'll need to put the pictures up to prove it though!


At the beginning of each new week, I'll tell the you the top 3.  The top 3 J2 Stars earners will, once we return to school, receive a reward for their hard work during our time away. 


So, the more you go online and do some work, the more points you get!


Good Luck Year 3!


Home Learning Tips


To stay healthy, keep skills ticking over, and hopefully learn new things, I would suggest organising your day or week in advance. Make sure you get up at a good time (before 9am!), get dressed, eat breakfast, complete any chores/jobs expected of you and SMILE!

Arrange your day carefully, making sure you read for 25 minutes a day (at least) , practise your cursive handwriting, times tables , spellings,  be active  (just dance , GoNoodle, kids’ HIIT workouts on YouTube, etc).

You all have  your logins for our range of fantastic learning opportunities along with your home learning pack to help you learn.

Try not to be anxious about everything going on in the world – maybe start a journal  where you can jot down or draw positive things from your days at home? Make sure you speak  to your family and friends every day and talk about anything that’s worrying you…a problem shared becomes less of a problem!
Take this time to do things you don’t often have time or energy for: cooking, playing board games  or card games, practising a musical instrument , gardening , learning a new craft , writing letters or postcards to family members , drawing pictures for people , learning to tell the time …the list is endless!

Mrs Hawkins and I will be thinking about you all every day and can’t wait for things to get back to normal, where we are reminding you to use a ruler or find the lid for the glue stick.

Best wishes , Miss Coleman

Year 3 Blog on BGFL 365

It has been lovely to see some interaction on our blog already, I really enjoy seeing so many of you working so hard. It would be great to see more children from our class on our blog!


Log in to BGFL 365 and click on the 'Year 3 Blog' app.


Click 'log in'.


Then, click on the small orange arrow down.


Click on Year-3.


Finally, click on the eye icon that says 'view' and you should come to the blog.


Don't forget you once you have clicked publish you wont see your post straight away. Your post will be on it's way to me so that I can ready it and approve it. This helps to keep us all safe online :)

How many of these can you give a try?

How many of these can you give a try? 1

Go noodle


Here at St Rose we promote children staying active to grow as healthy individuals. Below is a free website that provides hours of free and fun dances, routines and workouts for the whole family. 






Online Learning


The children have a variety of different online tools that can help them with their learning at home. The children all have their online logins in their reading diaries so will be able to access their own pages on each of the following websites.



Big Maths helps them to recall number facts quickly in their learn its test and practise their skills for their CLIC test on Friday.  



Times Table Rockstars helps them to become more fluent with their times tables.  By the end of year 2, the children should be able to recall the 2, 5, 10 and 3 times table off by heart so daily practise will help them with this.



Active Learn is a tool for reading and the children have been allocated stage appropriate books that they can read online and then answer questions.  




BGFL 365 is a website that the children use in school.  It is great for creating projects, editing pictures, generating codes and much more.  Each of the children have accessed this website in school so they simply need to scan in their QR code to login.  We will also be able to add work for them, should this be required.


Please click on the links below to access the pages:

Cyberbullying Internet Safety Workshops


This week, we were very fortunate to have a lady come in to do some Cyber Bullying and Internet Safety workshops with us.She worked with the whole school and showed us how we can be safe online. She also showed us the importance of being kind to others online and not being a bully ourselves.


In Year Three we learnt about been KIND

K- Kind

I - Inappropriate not playing or looking at inappropriate content)

N - Not over sharing (never give out personal information, or information that will identify who you are)

D - Don't hide away (if something isn't right share with an adult or older sibling)


In this current climate it is so important to be safe online and to use the internet safely and responsibly. The internet is a wonderful thing but God wants us to use it sensibly and for the good of others and not do harm. We can learn a lot of information from the internet when we use it safely and properly

Spade 2 Fork

Spade 2 Fork 1
Spade 2 Fork 2
Spade 2 Fork 3
Spade 2 Fork 4
Spade 2 Fork 5
Spade 2 Fork 6
Spade 2 Fork 7
Spade 2 Fork 8
Spade 2 Fork 9

Year three have taken part in Spade to fork this half term. We have planted lots of seasonal vegetables in our garden area. Year 3 have also helped with the  maintenance of the garden to ensure that the plants have a good space to grown in. We love watching God's wonderful creations, and thank him for the gift of food.


We have practiced our kitchen skills and have made carrot chips, pear crumple, spring onion fried rice and vegetable soup. All of the dishes were very tasty!


Science  1
Science  2
Science  3
Science  4
Science  5
Science  6
Science  7
Science  8
Science  9
This week in Science we have enjoyed finding out the names of the bones within our bodies. We ensured that we learnt the correct scientific names in order to make and label our own skeletons. 

Miss Hand organised a fantastic trip for us to attend the Music for Youth Primary Proms at the Symphony Hall. It was a brilliant opportunity for us to be inspired by the range of groups that performed and to see if we would like to take up and develop our own musical talents. 


We saw four groups perform: 

  • Summerhill School Steel Band
  • Robert Smyth Academy Jazz Band
  • Warwickshire Choristers
  • Birmingham Schools' Concert Band



Star of the Week - Spring Two


The star of the week for Friday 28th February is Gabriel for his increased participation in class. Gabriel is a lovely boy who helps out his class mates and ensures to work hard. 



The star of the week for Friday 6th March is Noah. Noah is a delightful boy to have in year 3. He is always makes us smile with his curiosity. Noah asks and answers lot's of questions especially in our RE and KBC lessons. 


The star of the week for Friday 13th March is Sienna. Sienna is a great role model for year 3. She always puts 100% effort into her work and will help others. 

Attendance Winners


Well done to the whole of Year 3 for being the best class for attendance across the whole of KS2 for the whole of autumn term. We got 96.7% as a class. It shows how dedicated you all are to your learning. We also won the award for autumn half term (October 2019). Keep it up in 2020!

 Welcome back to school from Tuesday 7th January.The children will be doing 'Folk to Spade' this half term every Thursday afternoon (9.1.20-13.2.20). The children are able to come in their own clothes, on Thursday, as they will be outside during these sessions. Please send wellies in a separate bag for them to change into for the afternoon activity. 


 The children  made wooden Bambinelli's (figures of the baby Jesus) which are keepsakes for their Christmas present from Mrs Barnett and Dr Gould. We hope you have put them away for next Christmas.

Bambinelli Figures

Bambinelli Figures 1

Housepoint Winners

Housepoint Winners 1
Well done to the group of pupils in Year 3 who belong to St Thomas Aquinas house. They won the housepoints treat with animals for autumn 2019. They had a great morning and they loved the snakes, hamsters, guinnea pigs and a bird eating spider the best.

Catholic Virtues Spring Term 1 2020

Catholic Virtues Spring Term 1 2020 1

Catholic Virtues for Autumn 2



 We will then return reading books, homework and spellings on 7/1/20.


Please send in PE kits this week so we can start Gymnastics on Monday 13th.


Please put your child's name in any coat, hat, gloves and scarf as this will help when things go missing especially as this term can often be very cold.



Advent 2019


During the season of Advent, the four Friday's leading up to the Christmas holidays will be non-uniform days where we will be supporting different charities.


Friday 29th November - Bags for Brummies (Homeless appeal) where a donation of toiletries, sweet treats, warm woolies, sleeping bags or supermarket gift vouchers would be greatly appreciated.


Friday 6th December - School Library where we would love you to donate a book in return for wearing own clothes.


Friday 13th December - Christmas Jumper day for the Birmingham Children's hospital. £1 donation.


Friday 20th December - CAFOD World Gifts where we would love you to donate £1 for wearing your own clothes.

In RE the children have been looking at the Jesse Tree. The children have studied the twenty symbols from various key stories in the Bible and collectively we have made our own Jesse Tree (Advent Calendar) on our Y3 Tree.

Making our Jesse Tree

Still Life Art

In this half term we have been looking at the work of Cezanne. We have reproduced his still life pictures about pears and created a class gallery.

Swimming - Well Done


Well done to all the class with their two weeks swimming sessions. Many of them were able to overcome their initial fears of water to some even having armbands taken off. It has been great to see the improvement.

Children in Need - Friday 15th November

Here are some pictures from our annual Children in Need day. This year we were asked to dress up in 'wacky clothes' for the day. A great time was had by all. Well done to Tareek as he was awarded the 'best' worst dressed member of Year 3.

Children in Need 2019

Forest School

Every Thursday, until 12th December, Year 3 will be taking part in forest school.

Wear to school  old, warm clothing on a Thursday morning instead of school uniform.

Please send in wellington boots in a bag.

The sessions start from Thursday 14th November.



Just a reminder that homework should be being completed and the book sent into school whenever a piece needs marking. Well done to you all as I can see a lot of hard work is being completed.

Lines Art Topic

Lines Art Topic 1

Over the past seven weeks the children have been looking at lines in their Art topic. We have been printing our flower designs and using them to create our calendars for 2020.

Star of the Week - Autumn Term


There wasn't any star for Friday 13th December as it was house point winners celebration. The assembly on Friday 20th December was a celebration of Music.


Well done to Diba for being our Star of the Week for Friday 6th December. Diba has really applied herself in all subjects this term and it is really showing in her work which is of an excellent quality.She is thriving in Y3.


Well done to Tareek for being Star of the Week for Friday 29th November. Tareek is really trying hard in his work and his behaviour. He is a delight to have in the classroom with his great manners.


Well done to Stacey for joining our class in October and really trying hard in all her work. She produced an excellent letter as Zacchaeus this week on the theme of forgiveness of sins.She deserves to be our star on 22nd November, 


Well done to Summer for her perseverance and dedication in all her school work. Her hard work is paying off as she is making excellent progress in everything she does. She is our star on 15th November. 


Congratulations to Amelia for being Star of the Week for Friday 8th November. Her enthusiasm for work is exceptional. Well done for all the hard work in Maths too; especially in your super challenges. 


Congratulations to Jakub for being Star of the Week for Friday 25th October. We are so pleased with how he has progressed in his reading and especially with how he read his phonics book aloud to Mrs Barnett. 


Congratulations to David for being Star of the Week for Friday 18th October. David has come into Y3 with a determination to succeed and it is showing. He is working so hard in all areas and his behaviour has been excellent so far. Well done, David and keep it up!



Congratulations to Kenaz for being Star of the Week for Friday 4th October. He is such a hardworking member of the class who always achieves all the learning objectives and is a polite, kind individual. We're proud to have you in our class.


Congratulations to Grace for being Star of the Week for Friday 27th September. She has been really trying hard in all her lessons and her story on 'Goldilocks and the Three Lions' was really imaginative. Keep up the good work.


Congratulations to Joseph for being Star of the Week for Friday 20th September.In our class we have been looking at different still life paintings and Joseph produced a super interpretation of the Andy Walhol 'Marmite' picture. Well done Joseph!

Year 3 were visited by some inspectors (8th and 9th October). Our class was watched when we had reading, playing, eating our lunch and during our Maths lessons. The children were been stars with their good behaviour and so a big WELL DONE goes to them all! Thank you for being such a lovely class to teach. 

Wednesday 25th September

On Wednesday 25th September we had a visit to Our Rose and Lima Church to look at the beautiful building and all the religious symbols.


Afterwards we had a great role play session on what democracy is as part of our topic on Ancient Greece.



Year 3 Class Trip


On Thursday 12th September, Year 3 went to Rydon Organic Gardens in Coventry. The children  spent the day doing a creature trail, work on photosynthesis, soil investigations, looking at the effects of light on plants, seed dispersal and using the vegetable garden to design a seasonal meal. The weather was sunny and the gardens were stunning. The staff all commented on the excellent behaviour of the children. A great day was had by all.

Head Teacher Award for Homework

Head Teacher Award for Homework 1
Head Teacher Award for Homework 2
Well done to Harley for her award from Mrs O'Meally for her fantastic homework interpretation of 'The Great Wave' by Katsushika Hokusai. 

Holy Communion Meeting with Father Gary for Parents and Children.

Date - This Wednesday,  23rd October 9am (school hall)


Father Gary held a meeting, for the children and parents who are preparing for the sacraments. The meeting took place on Wednesday (23/10/19) at 9am in the school hall. Father is expecting full attendance of any child who is intending to make their First Holy Communion in 2020 at Mass every Sunday. A booklet to be signed is available from Father.