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Find out who has been selected for our star of the week award and why...


Friday 11th March - Jedd Vegara - for fantastic learning behaviour and helping other people with their understanding!


Friday 18th March - Jay Rollins - for improved learning attitude and independence in his learning.


Friday 15th April - George Bunn - for excellent effort with his home reading.


Friday 22nd April - Maria Rea Dionicio - for wonderful effort and behaviour in all lessons!


Friday 29th April - Fergus Bent - for improved enthusiasm to his learning! 


Friday 6th May - Millie McTavish - for excellent learning behaviour and resilience in Maths!


Friday 13th May - Ben Richards - for an amazing effort and improvement with his cursive handwriting!


Friday 20th May - Whole class Holy Communion effort


Friday 27th May - Cody Anderson - for excellent effort with his fractions!


Friday 3rd June - Ben - for much improved cursive handwriting


Friday 10th June - Noah - improved participation in lessons 


Friday 17th June - Keavy for excellent and reflective skills in her big writing!


Friday 24th June - Panashe for taking on feedback and editing skills in big writing!


Friday 1st July - Whole class for excellent behaviour and enthusiasm on our class trip to Severn Valley Railway!

Star of the week

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Monday 27th June - Severn Valley Railway Trip!




We had an amazing time being evacuated for our trip to Severn Valley Railway today!

We arrived to school in our 1940's clothes and with our packed Lunches.


We then arrived to Severn Valley Railway and were shown all around the re-enacted areas. There was a 1940's house with real residents inside, an ARP warden station, an Anderson and Morrison Shelter. There was also RAF and Home guard soldiers to speak too. We even had a ride on a bus made in 1939!


We then took our seats on the train to be evacuated in Arley! We sang 1940's songs and even experienced a blackout in the tunnel! We then had our lunch in the country side and watched how the fire fighters would putn out incendary bombs! (we got a bit wet!)


Our train home was delayed but that did not dampen our spirits! We loved every minute of it!







We had to work out what had happened by looking at forensic evidence envelopes.

We then wrote police reports and then finally found the mugshot of the suspect

- it was all the doing of a killer cat!


We are now reading the Killer Cat by Anne Fine as our Talk 4 Writing book.

So watch this space for developments!



We have enjoyed our topic keep calm and carry on and have been completing lots of interesting work in all subjects linked to this!


Have a look at some of our work - including world war 2 imagery poems and WW2 style dancing.

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Out of small seeds grow mighty sunflowers…


You may have noticed very peculiar homework being sent home last week. The children have each been given 3 sunflower seeds. It is their job to plant and look after them (with a little help) to see if they can create their own sunflower plant.

We have studied plants throughout the year in science, so we know what they need to in order to grow and each stage of the life cycle.

We have planted our own class ones to monitor and record changes, please keep us updated with any photos or details of your own…we look forward to hearing all about them!


Good Luck year 3!

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Holy Communion day - Sunday 15th May 2016

We celebrated First Holy Communion after months of hard work and preparation. The children all looked so grown up and smart but said they felt nervous and excited on entering the hall and had our photographs taken. The entire mass was beautifully celebrated with the children playing a huge role, including within the Pentecost Homily! It was so special to see everyone celebrating with their loved ones and myself and the whole staff could not be more proud of year 3, a huge well done!


We then celebrated with a delicious Holy Communion breakfast, thanks to all the generous contributions from our families! 


The next day, we celebrated all over again with the rest of our classmates and relived the special memories from the day... and ate all the leftovers.


Thanks to everyone for their support and generosity, it could not have happened without all of you!

If anyone has any photos they would like to share, they would be gratefully received.






Pattern making!


We have explored lots of different patterns in Art and created our own using ICT and stenciling. This week we looked at printing with paints, creating the mold with cardboard and string. They looked very effective and we worked well in our groups!



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As we are learning about our topic of Rocks and soils, we looked at how Volcanoes produce Igenous rocks. As part of this lesson we created our own volcanic eruptions and discussed what this represented in a real eruption! We were all very excited and learnt a lot about volcanoes.


Holy Communion preparation


Today year 3 had a very special Holy Communion Lesson, where we focused on the Eucharist. We remembered the words spoken by Jesus at the Last Supper, we then re-enacted this event in groups and discussed the importance as we prepare to receive this blessed sacrament. 


Sports Relief 2016


Year 3 did extremely well raising money for sports relief! We all came ready for action in our house colours and completed the bleep test to test our fitness in the playground!


Thank you for all contributions!



Sports Relief 2016

News report for Geography topic ‘Earning a living’


We worked in small groups to report on a job they had researched around the world. In groups we wrote a script and reported as a news team with interviews. Year 3 did extremely well and were very professional! The whole class learned about jobs around the world and what fair trade means.


Top news reporting year 3!

News Flash!

News Flash! 1
News Flash! 2
News Flash! 3
News Flash! 4
News Flash! 5
News Flash! 6

Cooking with Douglas 


Year 3 have been having special lessons in the kitchen with our school chef Douglas. He has taught us how to prepare and safely cook lots of healthy meals and snacks. The children have enjoyed learning how to make these dishes and of course tasting them! 

Robots are coming...


Today year 3 met a real robot called Nao, we watched Mr Rowley perform commands and then had a go ourselves programming robots. We used special software on the laptops to programme Lego robots to enable them to move. All of year 3 did fantastically well and learnt so much about computer programming. 

Robots are coming

Robots are coming  1
Robots are coming  2
Robots are coming  3
Robots are coming  4

World book day 


Today year 3 came dressed as their favourite book characters to celebrate world book day. They all looked fantastic! We completed world book day activities and even a quiz to test our book knowledge.

Charlotte was chosen by the school council as the best costume as Hermione Granger. Well done Charlotte! 

Anglo Saxon visitor 

Today an Anglo Saxon expert visited us in year 3! He was so interesting and we all learnt so much from him to finish our topic on rule Britannia. Some of the activities we completed were; looking at artefacts including shields and helmets, playing Anglo Saxon games and practising Anglo Saxon army drills.  

We all had so much fun and had a taste of what it was like being an Anglo Saxon!

Practise those 4 times tables!