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Every week we will celebrate a member of the class who has truly shone and deserves special recognition for doing so.


Autumn stars have been:

Max, Mikaela, Michael, Mollie, Aldin, Giacomo, Lucie, Baran, Megan,



Spring stars:

Lily-Mae, Nathan, Harvey, Jacob, Gabby, Louie. 


Summer stars:

Riley A - excellent engagement and manners in the classroom



Our class wish...


Be the best version of yourself.


We have talked about how important a fresh start can be and that we must always look to the future.

We created some artwork by looking at ourselves in a mirror and imagining all the amazing things we can achieve by striving to be the best version of ourselves. Stay tunes to see which children have proven to be showing the best version of themselves and their true capabilities.

Autumn 1  - Freddie

Since the start of this year, Freddie's teachers have all commented on how well he is applying himself in all lessons, he is engaged in his learning, avoiding distractions and doing really well because of this. Freddie has also grown in confidence and is keen to share his outside interests and talk politely with his peers and adults. It is wonderful to see Freddie being the best version of himself and such a good example of this to others. Well done Freddie!


Autumn 2 - Riley

Riley has been chosen as our class wish as we have seen a huge improvement in his capability to be the best person he can be since September. He shows that he wants to work as hard as possible in lessons and because of that his assessment levels have improved massively. He has shown a big change in manners and making the correct choices with our class rules, which is very pleasing to see. We hope that Riley continues to strive to be the best he can be, as it will result in a fantastic 2019 for him. Well done again Riley




We have chosen Nathan as our class wish - Be the best version of yourself. Nathan is extremely well-mannered in all situations - he knows they cost nothing but make such a difference, this makes him an excellent role model to others. He has worked so hard this year in all areas of his learning and therefore made very good progress in all subjects. His confidence has grown so much since September and he makes useful observations during class discussions. This year, he has joined after school clubs including choir  which shows his active role in the school community. We are very proud of Nathan and his desire to be the best version of himself. Well done!


Holy Week and Easter

We have been focusing on the season of Holy Week in preparation for Easter. We have been looking at the gospel accounts leading up to Good Friday. We have reflected on what this meant for Jesus' disciples and ourselves, as followers of Christ today. Year 4 have been very reflective and creative in our Holy Week study. 

Cadbury world 


Year 4 enjoyed their much anticipated trip to Cadbury world this week.

We have been enjoying Charlie and the chocolate factory so much and have learnt so much about the Mayans in History. This trip gave us the chance to experience the production of Chocolate, the History of Cadbury and have a special educational talk from a Mayan expert - who was very impressed with our knowledge. Year 4 represented the school very well and all got so much from this visit - thank you for supporting them in this.

Shakespeare week 


We have all enjoyed Shakespeare week, with particular focus on the famous play, the Tempest. We have also explored facts about the famous playwright and his famous sonnets! We all enjoyed visiting his birthplace and got so much from this wonderful experience. Special mention to Sofia, Giacomo and Aldin for being such confident and knowledgeable tour guides in Stratford! 

Jesus is the light of the world - R.E.

Within our R.E topic - Jesus is the light of the world, we have explored the event of Jesus' presentation in the Temple as a baby and the links to Candlemas in the Church. In our reflection lesson, we meditated how Jesus is a light in our lives and created a lantern each. This has now become our prayer focus to remind us that Jesus' guides us every day. 

Science - Sound Topic - Higher and Lower Pitch


There were some strange sounds heard around the school as Year 4 investigated Pitch in Science. We demonstrated our own pitch abilities and then worked with music instruments to explore the different ways we get high and low pitch. We then turned our hands to making Pan Pipes from straw to get the desired pitch and all learned a lot!

Ukulele Lessons with Mr Matthews 


After the success of our first term learning Ukulele, we are so fortunate to continue our lessons with him every Friday. We have learnt the basics such as tuning, strumming and plucking and now learning longer songs. 


We thank God for the fantastic gift of music and the talents he helps us develop.


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Science - Sound Topic.


We are always amazed by God's world and his awesome creation. In Science, we are exploring the concept of sound. We explored vibrations and how it is those that make a sound for us to hear. We did this through several investigations so that we were able to see the vibration, making the noise.

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2019 - Happy New Year!



I hope you all had a wonderful break! We are back, ready for a fantastic 2019 in Year 4. 

May God bless all of our endeavours and guide us throughout this academic year to success. 

KS2 Christmas performance!

After two weeks of rehearsals and learning lines KS2 and Year 2 performed our Christmas performance in the Church. It was the perfect setting to retell the nativity story and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas through Carols, readings and reenactment. The children did themselves proud and I know everyone who saw enjoyed it!

Christmas Enterprise

As we prepare for Christmas during Advent, we think about those less fortunate than ourselves. Our Christmas enterprise is all about making something from scratch and selling it within our School community to raise funds - this time it went to the Church and we made extra to gift to our friends at Castle Croft Retirement home. We all enjoyed making, marketing, selling and buying.

All for an excellent cause, close to our hearts.

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One Life  Retreat day with
Dan and Emily

We welcomed Dan and Emily back into our school for a special Advent retreat day. It was so wonderful to help us prepare our hearts for Advent and understand the meaning for this season in the Churches Liturgical Calendar. 

We learned through prayer, hymns, discussions, reflection and a liturgical service to end. 



Y4 Advent Reflection


Year 4 are busy practising their advent reflection for the whole school on Monday 10th December.

Your child will be sent home with some lines to practise - please ensure they are confident saying this aloud.

You are most welcome to join us in the hall at 9am to share in this special reflection with us. 


Swimming Success!

Year 4 have been having lessons at Linden road Baths every day for the past two weeks.

They have been learning key stokes and survival skills. They have improved beyond all recognition and are much more confident swimmers.


They were able to demonstrate their skills and swim for badges with Many children receiving 25m, 10m and 5m badges including some children who began the block with armbands. They will be celebrated in celebration assembly this friday and be able to bring their certificate home. 


Should you wish to have the badge that they are able to sew onto their swimming costumes, they will need to be purchased directly from Linden Road. 

New class book:

The Iron Man by Ted Hughes 


We were off to a very exciting start this half term with an introduction to our new Novel - The Iron Man. The children were set a QR code hunt around the playground. They found them all extremely quickly and then came back to class and scanned them into a QR code reader. Each one revealed a photo which was a clue. The children offered their own inference and prediction until number 11 revealed a video re-telling of chapter 1. The children are all really curious already to read this book and discover the plot! 


Science - Classifying British Plants

We took to the outdoors to explore the local environment and determine which British plants are growing around us. We sketched them and classified them using knowledge we had learned in the lesson. We were pleased to see such beautiful plants in our own school grounds and talked about the importance of looking after God's world around us. 

Oral storytelling -

The Mammoth Hunt

Image result for the mammoth hunt


We have very much enjoyed learning our Oral Story - the Mammoth hunt.

We are learning it by heart and doing lots of activities to help us with this.

Our teamwork, oral language skills and confidence will all improve because of this!

Maths No Problem


In Year 4 we work very hard on our problem solving skills during our Maths No Problem lessons. 

Using our virtues of being Curious, active and attentive we have worked together in groups to solve our problems practically!

Den Building Hook for Stig of the Dump


Today we were introduced to our new class novel - Stig of the Dump by Clive King. As an introduction, we set about designing and then building our own Dens using limited materials. It helped our understanding of the story, by reusing items that we could find but also our team work skills. Miss Purcell tested they were sturdy and waterproof with a watering can and only a few drops made their way in!

Well done Year 4.