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Good morning Year 4 – that will be the last time I get to address you as that! I cannot believe you have all finished your time in Year 4 and are ready to move up to 5. It has been an absolute pleasure to teach you. You have honestly been the perfect first class and I will always remember you as such. I have watched some of you grow in confidence, some of you grow in resilience and some of you grow in height. I have enjoyed every aspect of teaching you and it has an honour to be a part of your lives.



As I won’t see you on your last day and therefore won’t be able to give you a goodbye gift, I have put together a little keepsake that you can download and print out at home to remember Year 4. I have printed mine out and laminated so that I can keep it on my desk to look back on.


Click on the document below to access.

As it's the last day of term, I have not uploaded any tasks for you to do. Instead, I have added lots of fun and creative activities for you to have a go at on the 'Summer Holidays Activities' page below. These will be available for the whole of the six weeks so use them at your leisure.

After 4pm today, I won’t be updating the class page or monitoring the blog now until September, so any posts you do make won’t be published until then. I hope you all have an amazing six weeks holiday and continue to make many memories at home before you come back to school in September as the new Year 5’s. I will miss you all tremendous amounts, but please remember I am only next door to your new classroom. You are welcome any time for a chat or even just a ‘hello’.


Best wishes,

Miss Elliott blush


Unfortunately, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we haven’t been able to complete the year altogether in the usual way that we would. We missed out on our trip to Dudley Zoo; our multiplication test that you had all worked so hard towards; and we haven’t been able to enjoy the final two weeks of the school year together. However, we have managed to communicate from different buildings using the class page and the blog; we’ve been able to spend time with our families that we will never have the chance to do again; and we have lived through history in which people will look back over for many years. For a group of 8 and 9 year olds, you have coped incredibly well with the change and have been so enthusiastic and positive. I don’t think I would have been able to get out of bed every morning and set you work to do if it hadn’t of been for your amazing attitudes.


As a way of remembering this very surreal time of home learning, I have put together some photos of what we have been up to and how we have been coping throughout lockdown. It really is amazing to look back on and see all the things that we have achieved.

J2Star Winners of the Week

Friday 10th July 2020

Well done to Valentina, Ryan and Mahdiyah for being this week's winners! You have worked so hard this week, as always. I am very proud of what you have achieved throughout lockdown. Keep working hard.


Miss Elliott

J2Star Winners of the Week!


Congratulations to Yna, Jake and Valentina for being this week's J2Star winners. You have all worked so very hard and completely and utterly deserve this. Keep up the hard work. You will receive your prizes when you return to school. 


Best wishes, 


Miss Elliott

J2Star Winners of the Week!


Congratulations to Jake, Ryan and Mahdiyah on being this week's J2Stars! You have all put 110% effort into your work this week and you have nearly done ALL of the online learning everyday, which is impressive! You are some of the very few children that email me to thank me, ask me how I am and let me know how you are getting on at home. Ryan has been telling me what he has had for his birthday, Jake has been sending me a riddle to solve everyday (because he knows how much I love them!) and Mahdiyah has been educating me on all of the smart thinking books that she has been reading. I am so proud of the three of you. WELL DONE!


Miss Elliott blush

Blue Peter Badges!


You may already know about this but Blue Peter are giving you the chance to work towards and apply for 6 Blue Peter badges in June & July. There's a wall chart that you can download and then apply for each of the badges by completing different activities.


The badges are:

  • Sports badge - Get active 
  • Music badge - Play in their music festival
  • Blue badge - Say, 'thank you'
  • Purple badge - Join the superfan celebration
  • Silver badge - Try something new
  • Green badge - Show how you are saving the planet


This is a great way to achieve something really special during lockdown and your home schooling! Please visit the website to find out more:

'30 Days of Wild' - The Big Weekend


Miss Neville has shared with us a recent email from The Wildlife Trusts. Please read below:


The email included lots of activities that you can get up to at home:


All About Pigeons!

"The feral pigeon is one of our most common birds – and are descendants of rock doves, which still live wild on some of our coastlines. In wartime, they were used to carry messages back and forth, often at the risk of being shot down or even hunted by specially trained hawks."


Name That Wildflower!

"Encourage your class or group to notice more on their next walk, or in your school grounds. Take a closer look at the flowers growing through cracks, on verges and in meadows and see if you can identify them. The UK's native wildflowers are often some of the most beautiful and best for wild creatures!"


The Big Wild Weekend!

"The Big Wild Weekend is here! Join us on 19th - 21st June... 

We've a bumper line-up for the first virtual Big Wild Weekend this year. On Friday, DJ Cel Spellman hosts an evening of music with artists such as Sophie Ellis-Bextor. On Saturday, join in on a summer solstice camp-out, and test your knowledge with a live quiz hosted by Sophie Pavelle and David Oakes on Sunday."


Visit the website to find out more information: 

The Daily Mile


Miss Neville has introduced 'The Daily Mile' to some of the Year 6's already but would like the whole school to encouraged to do this. This is something that can be done both at home and school, and doesn't take too much time or effort! 


The idea of 'The Daily Mile' is to run, jog or walk 1 mile each day. This will help to keep you active and well energised for all of your home learning. The children at school have been doing 19 laps of the school playground to achieve this each afternoon. Some of them have walked, some have jogged and some have even done it whilst bouncing a ball!


This is a really great and easy way of doing your daily exercise and is lovely to do this time of year when the signs of Summer are starting to appear. 


If you want to find out more about this, you can visit the website by clicking here. It's free to sign up to and if you post a picture on the blog of you doing it, you will receive 60 J2Stars! Let me know what your best time is and I'll let you know mine!


Happy running (or walking!)

Miss Elliott 

Summer Reading Challenge


This website is a great way of keeping your minds active over the Summer. Children from ages 4-11 can sign up to take part for FREE. Discover lots of books and games to get stuck into! 


Each time you do something on the website and post a photo of you doing it on the blog, you will receive 25 J2Stars! So, let's get our reading game on and have some fun! Click here to sign up.



Empathy Day 

Tuesday 9th June 

Empathy Day is all about the power of empathy to change lives. You would usually be taking part in school or in libraries. Due to this very different year, there are a set of family activities so you can join in at home. 

Being able to understand how other people think and feel is a vital skill. Research shows that reading teaches children to talk about emotions and see the world from new perspectives. This pack is full of great activities to develop those skills and put them into practice.


The activities are divided into Empathy Day’s three themes - Read, Connect, Act - but you can do them in any order. 

World Oceans Day


The 8th June 2020 marks World Oceans Day, a global celebration of the world’s oceans. Since 2008, World Oceans Day has grown into a worldwide event taking place across 140 countries. Each year, people come together to celebrate and learn about the one global ocean that connects us all.


In keeping with the theme of looking after our planet, I would love to see more posts on the blog/work sent through email of what you are doing to help. I know that in Year 4 we like to do little things to help stop pollution, like up cycling, researching, informing others, etc. So keep up the hard work and will be uploading related activities for you to do as and when I find them.


Wild Days is a fantastic website full of informative resources and facts regarding our oceans and planet in general. Find out how you can make a difference by signing up for FREE. To find out more, click here.

The Puffin Festival of Big Dreams

 Puffin are putting on a seven-day online festival in partnership with Waterstones from 8th - 14th June for families to celebrate the power of imagination and Puffin's 80th birthday. Twice a day, at 10:30am and 3:30pm, there will be a 20-minute video to watch on the Puffin website which will include a creative activity that you can try at home. 


Click here to find out more. Find the activity pack below to print.

Mr Carroll has very kindly set up a temporary email address for you (Year 4) to email me directly. This email address is only for you, not for your parents/carers and Mr Carroll will be monitoring what is sent. Email me on to earn 100 J2Stars!

Birmingham School Games Challenge 


The Birmingham School Games Challenge is now up and running. It's a virtual portal where a new challenge will be set each week and the children can upload their personal bests. There will be prizes for individuals who finish in the top 5 for each challenge. Once a challenge has been completed, and if you they are in the top 5, you will receive a virtual School Games Value Badge that was assigned for that challenge. Once school has resumed, and it is safe to do so, you can receive a real badge!

This is a really great way to get you to represent our school, even if you can't compete face to face.


The portal can be found here:


Our school area code is: Shenley


All of this information and more is now under the Home Physical Activity/Physical Education for the children of St Rose tab of the website.

30 Days of Wild

 The Wildlife Trust want us to take part in their annual nature challenge throughout June. They are asking us to do one wild thing a day for our health, wellbeing and for the planet. That's 30 simple, fun and exciting RANDOM ACTS OF WILDNESS. To find out how to take part and useful resources and activities, click on the '30 Days of Wild' tab at the top of this page.


Just to say that Miss Hand has very kindly shared some Ukulele resources with me to pass onto you. You can find more about this on the Ukulele page by clicking here. Services for Education have uploaded lots of online resources to help you learn a new instrument (including ukulele) whilst at home and all of them are available to YOU! I have uploaded a guide on how to access this and the log in details you will need. I hope that you find this easy to do but if you do encounter any issues please email and we will endeavour to sort the problem in an appropriate time frame.

Year 4 want to STOP pollution!

This week, Year 4 were set the challenge of finding out about pollution and ways of preventing it! Here are some images of the lovely work they have been doing at home.

I am very impressed, as I am sure you will be too.


Yna has up-cycled a plastic container and turned it into a pen pot!


Valentina has made a prototype of a safe habitat for fish in the ocean!


Mahdiyah has made a start on her hedgehog house, giving them a safe place to live!

How to Access our Class Blog


I know that some of you were struggling to get onto our class blog, so I have put a step-by-step guide below to help you.


Log in to BGFL 365 and click on the 'Year 4 Blog' app.





When you've done that, it may come up with a screen like this. 

Click 'log in'.




Then, click on the small orange arrow down.





Click on Year-4.





Finally, click on the eye icon that says 'view' and you should come to the blog.





What we did today!

In year 4, we are always trying our hardest to become the very best versions of ourselves that we can be. We have every opportunity to express ourselves through our best suited styles. We are proud of everything we do daily and therefore, want to share some of what we have achieved on our class page. This section does just that. We hope you enjoy! laugh

Art Lesson - Painting Mosaics

RE - Jesus Light of the World

Symphony Hall Trip - Music for Youth



This week, we welcomed Christ into our classroom for the new year. Father Gary asked us to use epiphany chalk to write 20+C+M+B+20 above our doors as a way of blessing our classroom.



We wish everyone to be blessed by Christ when they enter Year 4, as we feel blessed ourselves.

Children in Need Day 2019

Our Class Wish 

As we embark on a new school year and new opportunities in Year 4, we will...

 'be curious in our learning and never give up.'

This is our class wish for this new academic year. We will work exceptionally hard to achieve this wish everyday, by trying new things and encouraging each other.