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YEAR 4 CLASS 2020/21


In Year 4 we are always striving to be the best versions of ourselves possible. This page is a way of us sharing our learning with those of you at home, whilst also providing useful information and reminders of up-coming events. 

We hope that everything you need can be found on our class page, however if there is something that you cannot find please do not hesitate to email and we will endeavour to respond in an appropriate time frame. 

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Elliott & Mrs Ainsworth


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Please check this section of the class page regularly to keep updated with forthcoming events and important information.


Christmas Cards...

Just a quick reminder, following the flyer your child was sent home with on Friday, your child has until this coming Friday (4th December) to bring in any Christmas cards that they wish to give to their classmates. Cards should be posted in the class letterbox of the pupil they wish to give the card to - these are all lined up in the library. Once they have been quarantined over the weekend, they can be handed out.


Thank you for your understanding.


Make a Christmas Wish!

This year - for obvious reasons - is a little different and because we are not all able to gather in the hall, we are putting up our Christmas outside the office. To make it extra special, we are asking you to pay £1 for your child to put their Christmas wish in a bauble to place on the tree.


The money we raise will be going to the Neonatal Unit at Birmingham Women's Hospital. Not only will this provide an amazing charity with some more money to continue the honourable work that they do, but it will make our Christmas tree extra special this year and give the children a chance to make a Christmas wish.


All donations need to be in by Friday 4th December, so that we can make our baubles and put them on the tree next Monday. 


Thank you for your continued support during the season of Advent. Our mission, as well as your own, is to try and help those in need at this very important time of the year.


Second Friday of Advent 

This Friday, we will be asking the children for a small donation of £1 towards CAFOD World Gifts. As a class, we are trying to raise enough money for a goat and an emergency water supply for a family. This means that we need to raise £33 (every child in our class and the two adults). 


If you can bring in £1, you are able to wear your own clothes! blush


First Friday of Advent 

As usual, every Friday during advent we will be raising money for charity and wearing our own clothes as a reward for our generosity. This Friday (27th Nov), we will be asking you to bring in food items to donate to our local food bank.


Here is a list of items that the food bank needs:

  • Dry food items: cereal, pasta, lentils, beans, pulses, biscuits.
  • Tinned food items: soup, pasta sauce, tomatoes, vegetables, fruit, meat.
  • Drinks: tea, coffee, UHT milk, longlife fruit juice


If you are able to bring something in, then you may come into school in your own clothes! blush


Children in Need 

In normal circumstances, we'd all be building up to a big 'Children in Need' day but sadly, things are a little different this year.  Whilst we might not be able to get together as a whole school for the day, it is still important that we try to do our bit as the charities need our support, now more than ever!


In light of this, we will have an 'Own Clothes Day' on Friday (13th November) to raise some much-needed funds for Children in Need.  It will be a £1 donation for the children to come in their own clothes.


Thank you in advance for your support.


Poppy Appeal - Remembrance Day 2020

Just a quick reminder that the Poppy Appeal will be taking place in school from this week, with a range of items available to purchase. If your child would like to buy something and donate to a great cause then please send them with change this week.

  • zip ties and reflective key rings £0.50 each
  • wrist bands £1.00 each
  • snap bands £1.50 each
  • metal badges (choice of two designs available) £2.00 each