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WELCOME TO YEAR 4! Miss McDonald and Mrs Ainsworth.

WELCOME TO YEAR 4!        Miss McDonald and Mrs Ainsworth. 1 World Book Day
WELCOME TO YEAR 4!        Miss McDonald and Mrs Ainsworth. 2 Comic Relief
Could you please make sure that your children take full responsibility for bringing in their homework books and signed spelling books into school every Monday. Thank you.

Homework Help!

After discussions at parent’s evening, you might find it useful to use these websites to revise, recap and work on the Year 4 objectives from home. All the objectives are covered and recapped throughout the year at school. These address directs you straight to the KS2 page and will support you as parents working towards the progress of your child.

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Minecraft villages using nets - 19.07.16

Fire! Fire! - 24.06.16

Update on the Wizard of Oz... - 09.06.16

This week in English, children have:

  • Learnt the story with a journey and boxed it up into sections.
  • Studied the setting description of the Emerald City and identified the language features.
  • Read a chapter from the book, used their reading skills and performed it in groups.
  • Independently written an extensive piece of writing about their character focusing on thoughts and feelings.

The Wizard of Oz - Quest around school using clues! - 06.06.16

Capacity in Maths - 26.05.16
To support children in understanding the principal of Capacity in Maths, children completed a range of activities. They read capacities from jugs of water, they solved capacity word problems and they made their own potions measuring different ingredients. Below are some pictures of the children working...

Making a potion in Maths! - 26.05.16

Mastermind Chair in Science - 19.05.16
Today in science we learnt about the misconceptions that we might have in our topic 'states of matter.' One of our pupils, 'Dajeska' sat on the Mastermind chair and answered the statement 'Oxygen is a liquid.' She replied saying "Oxygen isn't a type of liquid because the particles in a gas are lose which means they float and the energy between the particles causes this to happen." This is scientifically correct! We had to state whether it was true or not and give reasons or evidence.  - George Year 4.

Egyptian story sound circle in Music - 17.05.16

Still image for this video
This afternoon, year 4 were given a character or specific event in the Egyptian story we are studying in English called 'Hamut and Nekatu'. Each group had to devise an action, phrase or noise which would represent this. This is their class performance where we combined all the sounds together to represent the story...

Role play in English - 17.05.16

Today, the children questioned the menacing Pharaoh and the self centered Flax Collector from the Egyptian story we are studying. This lesson enabled the children to use their questioning skills and delve deeper into the characters lives and personalities. After the children had interviewed the Pharaoh and Flax Collector, the children had a go themselves - staying in character was very important! The children's faces when the Pharaoh and the Flax Collector came into the room were priceless!

Bible Skills - RE 10.05.16
Today, children were taught how to find particular Bible references. They were given a book name, chapter and verse. They then had to read the verse and identify the animal that was referenced. The children loved this lesson - by the end of the lesson all children could use the Bible correctly and skillfully! Well Done!

Science - Evaporation TV! 28.04.16

Today in Science, the children learnt about the process evaporation. To make things fun, children became presenters of a TV show called 'Evaporation TV!' Not only did the children have to make it engaging for the viewers, they also had to include the correct scientific facts about evaporation and  use the correct scientific vocabulary. Enjoy the show...

Show 1

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Laker, George and Regan

Show 2

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Adam, Talia, Ethan and Alana

Show 3

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James, Caitlin, Negar and Peter

Show 4

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Amelia, Rhys, Sebastian

Show 5

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Rudy, Dajeska and Leo

Show 6

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Show 7

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Tommy, Morgan and JB

Show 8

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Fran, Liliesha and Syde

Show 9

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Remel, Aizelle and Joel

Show 10

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Daniella, Ethan and Calum
Non-Chronoloical Reports in English - 25.04.16

This week, children will be creating and writing their own Non-Chronological report page about Egypt. In order to do this, children had to choose an Egyptian topic title. Here are a few examples:
Alana: Women in Egypt
Talia: Fashion in Egypt
Tommy: The River Nile
Peter: Men in Egypt.

Next, they had to choose 3 subheadings (which is a feature of a Non-Chronological report) that they can include in their writing.
Alana: Womens Clothes
          Womens Jobs
          Womens Status

Then, children used the subheadings to help them research information that fits nicely with each subheading. They used articles online and historical books to gather information for their Big Write on Friday! The children found out lots of interesting facts - a great lesson!

Gathering Information... 25.04.16

The Chicks from Nursery visited Year 4! 21.04.16

NAO Robots! 13.04.2016

Year 4 had the opportunity to program robots! They used a special software on the computer to move the lego cars in and out of a garage. They had to change the speed, rotate the robot and change the seconds in order to fit it exactly into the garage. It took a lot of trial and error but every child persevered! Below are some photos of the very exciting morning...
Easter Bonnet Contenders! 24.03.16
A huge well done to the children and parents. These bonnets were egg-cellent!!
Winner - Liliesha
Runners Up - Syde and JB
Spring Half Term Project - Settlements 22.03.16
Year 4's half term projects were phenomenal! It was very evident that the children spent hours of their holiday researching what should be included in a settlement and the reasons why. Not only did we have huge models, we had excellent detailed paper versions and lego versions! Year 4 never let Miss McDonald down!
A huge well done to everyone, there will be a prize for every child. However, these childrens' settlements blew Miss McDonald and Mrs Ainsworth away, along with the rest of the St Rose staff! How will you ever beat these?!

3rd place - Rhys
2nd place - Alana
1st place - Syde

Settlements Galore in Year 4!

Cooking with Douglas! 22.03.16
This half term, the children have been cooking different recipes on a low cost budget. This included: a pasta dish, fruit salad, bolognese sauce and sponge cake! Here are a few pictures of Douglas showing the children how to make the sponge cake and the children tasting it!

Get your taste on!

Rio dancing in PE! 22.03.16

Still image for this video
In addition to our PE lessons, this half term we have been dancing! Our dance topic was the carnival in Rio and the Olympics. Nicole, the dance teacher taught us once a week for 5 weeks. During those weeks we focused on movement, balancing, levels. We also sequenced performances as a whole class and in small groups. Nicole said 'you are a fantastic class to work with!' Miss McDonald and Mrs Ainsworth joined in but Year 4 were the real carnival stars! Above, is a snippet of our final performance! Enjoy.
Sports Relief 18.03.16
On Friday, the whole school participated in activities to raise money and compete for house points! Year 4 took part in the bleep test which tested their mental and physical ability. Miss Neville was impressed with their attitude towards pushing their fitness ability to the limit! 

Laker, George and Liliesha were the remaining children to finish the bleep test with scores as high as level 11!

A huge well done to Year 4! 

Sports Relief Pictures 18.03.16

Getting into role in English! 17.03.16
In English, over the past couple of weeks, Year 4 have been studying the features of a play script. In order for them to understand the use of stage directions, the children performed plays. These play scripts included many stage directions which allowed the children to follow them and express themselves through their designated character. All of the children were not afraid to have a go - we definitely have some West End stars in Year 4! Below are some pictures.

Following Stage Directions...

Cadbury World  03.03.16
This half term, we have studied the Mayans. The link between the Mayans and chocolate is very explicit as the Mayans were the first people to discover cocoa beans. From there, the Mayans adapted chocolate, mixing it with chillies and other ingredients to influence the texture and taste.

During the educational visit, we had a Mayan talk where the children were taught about Mayan life and had the opportunity to ask questions and delve deeper into Mayan civilization.  We also had a tour around the chocolate factory to learn about chocolate today and see the obvious differences between modern day chocolate and Mayan chocolate. 

The workers commented on the excellent behaviour of the children! A huge well done!


Cadbury World Pictures! 03.03.16