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Welcome to Year 5's Class Page!


A warm welcome to the children, parents and friends of Year 5 for 2019-20! 



Home reading books and diaries should come into school EVERY day.

Sadly, we have seen a decline in reading occurring at home and diaries being brought in each day.

This will really affect the children's progress in reading. 


In Year 5, homework should be handed in every FRIDAY. 


Many of the children are not bringing in homework, or have even handed in homework books without having done anything in them. If your child has their books at home, or if they have been given it back today unmarked, please speak with them. I will expect them in on Monday to be marked. 


Please could we kindly remind you that, when we work together as a team, your child does better, achieves more and can be proud of the progress they have made. 


Weekly Timetables


As we are sure that you are aware, every minute of your child's education counts and that is certainly true at St Rose! We aim to have 100% attendance and punctuality so that no child misses out on any aspect of their learning. 

Below are the timetables that Year 5 follow so that you can see what learning you would miss if you were to be late or miss a day...


What are we doing next week?


Week commencing: 18th November


Everyday is important and it is why we aim to have 100% attendance and punctuality at St Rose!

Here is a look at the week ahead so that you know which skills will be covered and that you will miss if you're absent...

  Monday  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Reading skills:


Reading skills:


Reading skills:


Reading skills:



Fronted Adverbials

Maths Multiplying 4 digit numbers by 1 digit Multiplying 4 digit numbers by 1 digit Multiplying 2 digit numbers by 2 digits Multiplying 3 digit numbers by 2 digits Multiplying 3 digit numbers by 2 digits


What else are we learning this half term? 

As well as Maths and English, we will be studying all of the following throughout Autumn 2. Your knowledge Organiser folder has lots of information for you to learn at home. Don't forget to read and revise to support your learning in class!

RE History Geography PE ICT Art Science  MAD Sessions

The Work of the Apostles



The Birth of the British Empire Mountains of the World

High Five       

Persuasive Power points Islamic Art Properties of Materials

Action for Poverty in the UK





To be a member of the Big Ten Club, you need to score 10/10 of your Spellings AND in your Big Maths CLIC test!


The children, who are in the club at the end of the half term, will receive a prize!

So, once you're in... you need to keep your place! 



What a great week we've had for Big Ten Club!


Well done to...

Riley A, Aldin, Given, Mikaela, Kiera and Nathan! 




    Star of the Week    


Each week, myself and Mrs Woodley are looking for the child that has stood out!

It may be because you have learnt a new skill, given extra effort to your work, made lots of progress, been especially kind to others or have been spotted acting out God's wishes.

It isn't easy to select just one of you, so to if you are selected, you should feel immensely proud!


This week, our star is Franklin!


This week, we have selected Franklin for his great improvement in attitude to writing.

Previously, he has struggled to complete tasks or add the same level of care that he shows in other subjects, but this week he has really shone! 

His diary entry in role as Macbeth showed real care and attention. He worked hard to edit and improve it so that it was even better each time. You should be very proud of your effort and final piece of work, Franklin. We can't wait to see you keep up your new enthusiasm for this area of learning!



Previous Stars:

Kiera, Harvey, Mikaela, Freddie, Nathan, Emily

Class wish!

"To remember the importance of teamwork and show our love of God through the way we contribute to our team."


This year, Year 5 decided that teamwork will be their key goal! We have looked at how teams are successful and how, when we work together, we can be more successful, work more efficiently, get more done and achieve more in less time!


Catholic Virtues 


This half term, our Catholic Virtues are Attentive and Discerning.

We spent time thinking about how we can show and share these as members of Year 5. These are shared in our whole school reflection, but they are on our class prayer table in our classroom as a daily reminder of the promises we have made to God. 


We pray that we remember the importance of following God's teaching at all times and ask for His forgiveness when we make mistakes. 

Bambinelli Sunday



Mr Carroll has challenged each class to make figures of the Baby Jesus.

But why? 


Complete research about 'Bambinelli Sunday' and record it in your homework books to receive your house points. 



Thank you to ALL of Year 5 who sent in their money so that they didn't have to wear their uniform!

It was great to see  your 'CRAZY CLOTHES' combinations!

If you would like to see all the crazy ideas from our class, take a look below...

Keeping Cool!

In this week's Science experiment, we had to investigate which material would keep the ice cool the longest and find out which materials were insulators and conductors. We tested tin foil, cotton wool and cups without anything. Have a look at our photos and ask the children which material worked best to stop the ice from melting.

Making parachutes


We have been exploring how air resistance effects moving objects. We learnt that is can be unhelpful (when in when riding a bike) but that is can also be useful at other times (when skydivers use parachutes). The children were surprised by some of the examples that we explored. Why not ask them about the feather and the hammer? Or the ball of stone and the beach ball?


We made two different sized parachutes to test whether their size made a difference to how quickly they fell. The children had a great time making and testing them. Take a look at the photos below to see how we got on...

A Welcome Visit


We had some very important visitors this week from St Thomas Aquinas Secondary School who came to share how they use Knowledge Organisers in their school. Here at St Rose, we have adapted these excellent resources to support the learning of the children in all subjects and we want the children to know exactly how they can use them to support their independent learning outside of the classroom. 


St Thomas Aquinas helpfully stepped up and sent four Year 9 students and one of their members of staff to come and share some of their ideas and how they have changed the way they learn. We even got to hear how they had successfully impacted on their grades. 


We are so very fortunate to work with our Catholic secondary school and we are very grateful for their support. We hope that our Knowledge Organisers had the great impact that they have witnessed too!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


We began our year by re-visiting the British Values! The children were reminded about what they are and why we, as a nation, are so fortunate to grow up and live in a place where we receive them! The children were able to talk about how we use and see them around our own school. 


The Values...

Individual Liberty


Rule of Law

Mutual Respect



Through prayer and meditation, we took the time to thank God for the privilege of these wonderful values that make our community so happy and safe!



Picture 1 Olive's Poster
Picture 2 Ryley W's Poster



With the change in the way that we are delivering the curriculum at St Rose, we have also updated the way we give out homework and expect it completed. Below is the Homework Challenge Grid that Year 5 will find in their Knowledge Organiser folders. 

There are daily activities that we expect to be done, Enrichment and Super Learning tasks, Home Learning tasks (one of your choice to be completed each week) and Extension tasks that will help you dig a little deeper into your learning. 

You will also find useful and important information at the bottom as helpful reminders!

I hope that you enjoy completing your homework as much as I enjoyed planning it!



This list, along with the Year 5 & 6 Statutory spelling list, will be in your Knowledge Organisers. 

But, if you happen to leave it at school, please find the lists for this half term below...


Autumn 2