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Year 5 Homework

Homework in Year 5

At St Rose, we believe a blended learning approach enhances the children's learning experience both within school and at home.  The homework that will be set for the children will be an extension of the skills they have learnt within the classroom, therefore helping to continue and consolidate their learning across the curriculum.  The children use BGFL daily within the classroom and have access to a many of the resources I provide in the lessons.  As a result, they also have access to this at home and can therefore use these to support their home learning. 


Weekly Homework Tasks

Homework will be set within BGFL and will consist of 2 elements - a forms quiz that they should complete online and a task that they should complete separately. 

  • The quiz will relate to learning that has been taught within the lessons so your child will be familiar with the work and can use the resources, particularly the knowledge organisers, within their files on BGFL to support them.
  • The separate task will be an extension of a topic we have been discussing in class or something we are preparing to learn about that half term.  


Homework will be assigned on J2Homework (within BGFL) each Friday and should be completed and handed in by the following Thursday.  ALL children MUST complete the weekly homework tasks.


Your child is aware of where to find the homework and the tasks will be explained in class prior to them being set.  Please support your child's independence by encouraging them to think about what has been said within the classroom and where they would normally find this information - I promise, this will not be new to them!



If you are unable to access the internet at home, please ensure your child tells me in advance so that I can make alternative arrangements however, where possible, online learning is preferred as it encourages your child to be more independent and develop their technology skills at thome.