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I have to say, Y5 is like a diary. It starts from the beginning, all of the joyous memories, the students of Y5, being scrawled onto the pages. And my last few words are the last few words and letters to this book. I have enjoyed all of the class.



My final day in Y5 has been good so far. I have had a great time living my very last day as a Y5 student. I am writing this just before the street dance performance. So I have to be quick. I have to wish a goodbye to Y5 and start my new diary, and blog, in the final class of primary school (Y6).


Well done to St Mary for winning the house points and to the 100% attendance people.


So, it has been a great experience in Y5. I wish everybody a happy and safe summer holiday. And I bid a farewell to you all! Good luck to everybody in Year 5.


Finally, see you in Y6!!frown


-Erol M., writing the final words of the blog of Y5.surprise



Erol's Blog 


Hello, my name is Erol. I'm ten...


I seriously don't need to introduce myself. You know me well enough. To my left, the class are staring to death at their screens, doing what they are doing. I'm going on holiday to the Philippines, so there's a chance I won't be able to write the blog next week.


We've watched a bit more of Harry Potter, watching a bit of the movie and reading the book (not at the same time). Note to parents: our end of year reports are coming out today. Uh oh... 

Just in case, have a goooooood summer holiday! Take a lot of selfies and let the heat of the sun make you enjoy the 6 weeks away. Byeeeee!


-Erol M.- on the chair of the pregnant Y5 teacher, Mrs R., who is going to have a boy. Good luck and hope you don't stop relaxing.surprise

Erol's Blog

1st July 2016

Yesterday was moving up day, and it was great. First, whilst Y5 'pretended' to be Y6, we played  some class bingo. Next, we did 'Who am I?' I tried to make mine as hard as possible, but Geoffrey guessed me. Also, well done to Izzy for making hers 'unguessable'. After break, we played 'When I went to the shop.' I chose banana. Then we did a talent show, a 'For my New Teacher booklet' and a lovely cup of tea for all of us. I don't know what Miss was talking about just a few moments ago. At the end of the day, my cup of tea was pretty good. Also, Y5 did their writing assessments. And we still need to do more assessments next week. And then we can relax. Also Miss Jones was called 'Mrs' a few times. Erol signing out.

-Erol M. very confused at what Miss is talking about, finishing this blog and being alive.

P.S. We did a quiz on the news on moving up day and Miss is talking about attendance. Most importantly, we all  really missed Mrs Richardson yesterday! :( 

21.06.16 - Check out Geoffrey's writing about Harry Potter.  He changed the view point from the original text to that of Hermione and used very mature descriptive devices!

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Erol's Blog!


These past weeks have been amazing! The whole class have been contributing to our Harry Potter theme. We even have our tables set out like the Great Hall. Our projects look really good on the table. Everyone has been looking for trolls around school. I have managed to spot some myself! Soon, Y5 will have another bout of assessments in about three weeks. Also, don't forget to get some sponsors to sponsor you for the challenges we will have to raise money for Birmingham's Children Hospital! Hopefully I will do well in the blindfolded challenges, and also the rest of you. Now, while Miss is going to start reading some more Harry Potter, I'm going to sign out. Bye!


-Erol M., Year 5, On the chair of Mrs Richardson, writing the blog.

Anybody spotted any trolls around school...?????
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Hogwarts has come to St Rose!!

Over the half term, our Year 5 classroom was transformed into a scene from Harry Potter!

We are following the 'Talk 4 Writing' approach across the school to really help the children get stuck into a good book and get writing about it!

We even had a message from Dumbledore!

Check out the photographs and listen to the message below...

Erol's Blog


Due to a technical difficulty with the class computer today, Erol was unable to complete his end of half term blog.  He was most frustrated about this!  He will continue his blog after half term, so look out for his delightful updates on the day to day goings on in Year 5!

Check out who has been chosen for Star of the Week in Year 5...



Geoffrey! For fantastic descriptive writing about Harry Potter.  Geoffrey used brilliant punctuation and sentence structures along with some very mature descriptive devices. Well done.


Elyse! For great resilience at Sport's Day! After running her socks off, Elyse became poorly but refused to let it stop her running in TWO more events!


Zeenat! For showing what you can really achieve when you put your mind to it! Fabulous running and well deserved win at Sport's Day!


Andre! For an amazing improvement in his writing! He wrote a wonderful and funny CV about himself using good vocabulary, great sentence structures and accurate punctuation.


Claudia! For her beautiful cursive handwriting! Once you already have a handwriting style, it is difficult to change, but Claudia has made a massive effort and her handwriting is fabulous!


Erol! For being a superstar writer and writing with real sophistication.  Not mention the fantastic effort made in every single lesson!


AJ! For going that extra mile to improve on his handwriting targets by completing additional homework without having to be asked! Great work ethic!


Daniella! For amazing progress in her maths work! She has really impressed us with her maths skills, solving problems that are really tricky! A mathematician for the future! 

Erol's Blog!       06.05.2016

This week and last week have been great! In English, we have finished our genre of fantasy and next week, we will be doing flashbacks, focusing on Harry Potter. Today we have completed our writing assessments. Having two days off a school week was awesome! Y6 have been doing very good with the house banners they made yesterday. 


We had better brace ourselves next week as we are going to be doing our assessments. See you soon.

- Erol, Y5


Monday 25th April 2016


Year 5 have had a very REAL science lesson this week.  We have been studying life cycles and looking at how different species grow, adapt to their environment and reproduce.  This week, we were able to see first hand the stages a caterpillar goes through before changing into a butterfly!


We also looked at the life cycle of chickens.  As we currently have some chicks in school, who hatched last week in Early Years, we were able to see what chicks look like when they first hatch and the process that they go through.  The children loved having the chance to carefully hold the chicks and see them close up!  laugh



Hello. I'm Erol from Year 5. I'm going to try and write weekly. Hopefully, someone else will join me writing something. Watch out for me every week. See you soon!

-Erol, Yr5


Friday 15th April

Star of the Week!

Well done to Shayne! He has worked so hard this week and showed brilliant subject knowledge in our geography lesson about the UK!  Shayne always demonstrates a fabulous attitude to his work and deserved this very much this week.

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Welcome to Year 5!



Thursday 24th March 2016

Easter Bonnet Parade

Wow! Year 5 went all out with their bonnets!  They looked amazing in their hats and a massive well done to them all and their parents for the effort that was put in!

Friday 18th March 2016

Star Of The week!

Well done to Remi for being chosen as Star of the Week this week! Fantastic effort with his cursive handwriting and beautiful presentation in his books! Well done Remi!

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Friday 18th March 2016

Sports Relief

Year 5 worked hard completing the bleep test in order to earn points for their houses.  A big well done to Tatenda and AJ for their success at reaching a high level! They must be very fit!

Well done and thank you to all those who brought in their pound for charity.  A fun day was had.

Tuesday 15th March 2016

Gurudwara Trip

Year 5 enjoyed another trip this week to The Sikhism place of worship.  They explored the religion of Sikhism and spent some time in the Darbar meeting Guru Granth Sahib.  It was a very spiritual day and the children's behaviour was exceptional. 

Friday 11th March 2016

Think Tank Trip 

Year 5 had a fantastic Science filled day at the Think Tank on the 11th March.  They explored inventions from the past, robots from the future and the human body.  They also enjoyed an exciting workshop called 'Cauldron Chemistry' where they found out how different materials react to one another and they observed some terrifying bangs and explosions!

Tuesday 23rd February 2016

Half Term Project

Year 5 worked really hard over half term completing their projects.  They were asked to create a 3D design of a Victorian classroom!  The children had to do some research at home first and then they used a variety of materials from around the house to create their models.  A wonderful variety of models were made and we were all very impressed!

World Book Day!

Year 5 had a great time celebrating World Book Day.  The classroom was full of interesting characters from well known books. A big well done to Lauren for winning best costume in Year 5!  We look forward to finding our what interesting book she has decided to spend her £5 book voucher on!

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