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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Autumn 2019



Our Class Wish is:

“Aspire not to have more, but to BE more”


We talked in Year 6 about all the amazing things we have in our lives and how lucky we are compared to many people in the UK and round the world.


One of the children reminded us that there are children in the world (and in the UK) that wake up each day to a very difficult life with little in the way of food, clothing, comfort or indeed - education.


We all agreed that we should be grateful for the many ways we have been blessed in our lives and generous in the way we share our possessions, our lives and our time…




QUIZ Top Ten... 24th October 2019


The results of today's Quiz has been given out to the children - ask them how they did!!

The Quiz tested the children's knowledge of RE, Science, History, Geography and Art and was out of 34...

The following children are the TOP TEN this week - I wonder who will be in the TOP TEN next time.


Denise 34
Alvyn 34
Ariana 33
Eogan 33
Ryan 33
Jamilla 33
Merveille 31
Finlay 30
Nicole 30
Sila 30

Homework Challenge: Autumn 2019

As always Year 6 will be getting regular homework.

As well as the daily and weekly tasks we set - we would like the children to take on the Homework Challenge.

This is an opportunity for the children to control of their own learning, developing what they have already learned and getting ready for topics to come.


PLEASE encourage your children to work on the challenges regularly so it is not a BIG stress towards the end of term.

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Spelling: Year 6 Autumn1 Overview

Objectives that are in pink are a Y5/Y6 statutory requirement and individual words highlighted pink are from the Y5/Y6 statutory spelling list.  The additional sets either: revise previously visited spelling rules from lower year groups; practise a spelling rule linked to a Y5/Y6 statutory spelling word or relate to a word, sentence or punctuation objective from the English Appendix 2 of the NC 2014.