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Welcome to the Year 6 class page!


Here are your various challenges for today!

In addition to our usual challenges, there is a special challenge that you can complete which is linked to The Week newspaper that we often read in class.  Click the link below and it will take you to the challenge.

Today is Maundy Thursday. Please read today's Holy Week reflection in the link above.

I hope you are all safe and well.

The Week Challenge!

The Week Challenge! 1

Click the link belowto see what the challnge is a special one to acknowledge all the heroes in our society.



Challenge for Today!

Make your own crossword with difficult clues.  Base it on all the books you have read this year in class.  Post pictures of it to the class blog.

Writing Challenge of the Day!

Based on the character you created yesterday....

The last liquid you drank has turned your main character into a superhero.

What do your character's new powers allow him or her to do?

Maths Challenges of the day!

Maths Challenges of the day! 1
Maths Challenges of the day! 2


Good morning Year 6! 

Please keep your responses and photos coming on the class blog and don't forget to read today's Holy Week refelction above.  There is also an information booklet below about Coronavirus which is designed to give children a better understanding of what is going on.

Writing Challenge of the Day!


I will be posting a writing task for you to do everyday.  They are only short and a they are a good excuse to keep your imagination and writing skills active!  You can post them on the class blog or collect them in  note book at home and I would love to see them when we are back!

The writing task for today is.....


Design a character for a story.


This is what you need to do....

Think of three people in your life. Give your character the hair and laugh of person 1, the face and bedroom of person 2, and the wardrobe and mannerisms of person 3. This is your new main character. Feel free to give him or her any other characteristics you'd like. Give us an idea of who your character is by describing only the first 60 seconds of the character's day.

Maths Challenge of the Day!

Maths Challenge of the Day! 1

Challenge of the Day!

Challenge of the Day! 1
Challenge of the Day! 2

Coronavirus Information


Here are your challenges and activities for today!

Don't forget to post all the pictures of you completing these challenges on the class blog!

Have a look our Holy Week reflection for Tuesday by clicking the link above.

Have a great day!

Maths Problem of the Day

Maths Problem of the Day 1

Reading Bingo Challenge!

Reading Bingo Challenge! 1

Challenge of the Day!

Challenge of the Day! 1
Challenge of the Day! 2


Happy Monday Year 6!

I hope you are staying well and staying inside!

Along with the daily challenges this week, I will also be posting daily reflections (see above) as we move through this very special Holy Week.  I do hope you take the time to read them. 

Mrs. Richardson

A Riddle

You can see me in water, but I never get wet.  What am I?

The Challenge of the Day!

The Challenge of the Day! 1
The Challenge of the Day! 2

Maths Challenge of the Day!

Maths Challenge of the Day! 1


Happy Friday Year 6!

There are plenty of things for you to be doing today.  Check out the posts below and post your responses on the class blog.  

PE at Home!


Click on the link to find some great activities to keep you fit and healthy while at home.

A lovely short story to read while we are in these strange times.

Challenge of the Day

Challenge of the Day 1

Maths Problem of the Day

Maths Problem of the Day 1


Thank you for all of your photos on the class blog! They have now been published! Well done guys!

Challenge of the Day!

Challenge of the Day! 1

Maths Problem of the Day

Maths Problem of the Day 1



Well done to Ryan for writing a beautiful poem yesterday!  Thank you Ryan.

The challenge for today is a really tricky one.....I am offering 100 green house points to anyone who can find all of the words.....


complete the wordsearch below...

Maths Problem of the Day

Maths Problem of the Day 1


This is a very strange time for all of us and I hope you are all keeping well and safe.  I found this poem and it made me think of you all.  Have a read.  What do you think?  The challenge for today is to...

write your own poem and start with the line…


When all of this is over…


Think about all the things you are looking forward to doing when life gets back to normal.  You can write it in any style that you want.  Post your poem on the class blog.  If you do not want me to publish it, I wont.  There will be a SPECIAL REWARD for all who give this a go!

Picture 1

Maths Problem of the Day

Maths Problem of the Day 1


Happy Monday Year 6!

Here is today's Challenge of the Day.  Don't forget to post your answers on the class blog.  Good luck!

Work out who the cartoon characters are!

Picture 1

Maths Problem of the Day!

Maths Problem of the Day! 1


Who tidied their bedroom yesterday?????


The challenge for today is...


Build a house out of playing cards!


Post your pictures on the class blog.

Maths Problem of the Day

Maths Problem of the Day 1


Hello Year 6!

I hope you are all keeping safe and well and following the social distancing advice. I know this is a very strange time for you all.  It is important that you keep in touch with each other as much as possible and the class blog is a great way of doing that!  I want to see pictures and posts of all the things you have been doing at home, not just school work but any other things you have been doing to have fun......although of course, I do hope you are working your way through the home learning packs slowly. :) 

I am going to set a daily challenge for you all and would love for you to post pictures of yourself completing this challenge....

Todays challenge is........

Tidy your bedroom!!

Off you go!!!

I miss you all.

Mrs Richardson

Class Blog Instructions

Class Blog Instructions 1

Maths Problem of the Day - Post your answers on the class blog.

Maths Problem of the Day - Post your answers on the class blog. 1

Great ideas for daily activites to keep you busy and healthy

Great ideas for daily activites to keep you busy and healthy 1


Children's log-ins can be found in their homework diaries.

World Book Day 2020

Year 6 had a nice relaxing day in their pajamas. They certainly made sure they were comfortable and cosy when it came to their story time in the library.  They enjoyed hot chocolate and marshmallows while listening to a few short stories.  They also put in a brilliant effort with their potatoes dressed up as book characters!  Well done to Denise for winning the prize for Year 6!

Key dates for events happening in Year 6

Thursday 27th February

Whole School Retreat Day in school

Friday 6th March

World Book Day

Monday 16th March

Parent Consultations

Thursday 26th March

Year 6 SATs Parent Workshop

Tuesday 31st March

KS2 Swimming Gala

Friday 3rd April

Break up for Easter Holidays at 1.15pm

Monday 20th April

School re-opens to all pupils

Friday 8th May

School Closed Bank Holiday

Week commencing 11th May


Wednesday 20th May – Friday 22nd

Year 6 Residential

Friday 22nd May

Break up for half term. 2pm

Lenten Retreat Day

The whole school enjoyed a wonderful day on Thursday as we welcomed the beginning of Lent with visitors Dan and Emily.  They led a beautiful retreat where we were reminded of the wonderful stories from the bible and how our God is a God who speaks to us.  Year 6 were engaged, respectful and thoughtful throughout the entire day. 

Lenten Retreat Day

ICT Workshop - Social Media & Cyber Bullying

Year 6 enjoyed a very important and serious workshop that dealt with issues regarding the use of social media and online bullying.  They responded really well to the activities and definitely showed an understanding of the dangers of having a presence online.  As a class, we will revisit these issues before the end of the year.  

Happy New Year!

Welcome to Year 6!

Spring Term 2020

I have returned from maternity leave this week and it has been great to spend the week with this wonderful class.  I am very excited for the next two terms ahead.  Please keep checking the page for updates, photos and information regarding SATs and residential.

-Mrs Richardson  

Picture 1

Important information for Spring Term

As we are now on the count down to SATs week, the following things will be happening:

  • Children will take home english and maths homework every Thursday to be completed by Monday.
  • Children will need to practise spellings from the National Curriculum spelling list (see below) and be tested every Friday.
  • Online homework will also be set including, and Times Table Rockstars.
  • PE will take place on Tuesday afternoons.  Please ensure full PE kit is in school.
  • SATs/Residential workshop for parents will take place (more information to follow).
  • After school boosters for some children will be available (more information to follow)

Please feel free to come and chat to me with any questions or concerns. 

Mrs Richardson


Residential Permission Letter


                   10.01.20 - Mervielle                       

                   17.01.20 - Brendan                        

                   24.01.20 - Harrison                       

                   31.01.20 - Finlay                          

                   07.02.20 - Megan                         

                   14.02.20 - Kalvin                          

                   28.02.20 - Nicole                          


Our Class Wish is:

“Aspire not to have more, but to BE more”


We talked in Year 6 about all the amazing things we have in our lives and how lucky we are compared to many people in the UK and round the world.


One of the children reminded us that there are children in the world (and in the UK) that wake up each day to a very difficult life with little in the way of food, clothing, comfort or indeed - education.


We all agreed that we should be grateful for the many ways we have been blessed in our lives and generous in the way we share our possessions, our lives and our time…




SPaG Knowledge Organiser

Spelling: Year 6 Autumn2 Overview

Objectives that are in pink are a Y5/Y6 statutory requirement and individual words highlighted pink are from the Y5/Y6 statutory spelling list.  The additional sets either: revise previously visited spelling rules from lower year groups; practise a spelling rule linked to a Y5/Y6 statutory spelling word or relate to a word, sentence or punctuation objective from the English Appendix 2 of the NC 2014.