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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


We have been working very hard on our English and Maths in preparation for our SATs, but it isn't all work and no play... take a look at what we have been up to!

Alton Castle

The trip started with the challenge of carrying the heavy, over-packed bags and suitcases up the narrow, spiral staircase up to the dorms. Once the children had got rid of their things and met the children from St Francis school, they had a lovely dinner of pasta bake and garlic bread. 
Then they began their first activities: contracts, bucket ball and the night line. They also had a chance to explore the grounds were they found the games room and the tuck shop! 
The first night ended with a reflection and drinks before bed. Once they were up in their dorms, the "fun" for Miss Jones, Mr Lahert and Miss Arnold... We think the children got to sleep about 12.30am (they were quiet enough for us to think so anyway).
Thinking that they would be so tired that we would have a lie in was a mistake! The children were clearly excited for their activities to begin as they were awake from 6am! Breakfast of cereal, toast and tea was served at 8.30am so they were well fed for the first activities. 
During their stay, the children took part in three activities. There was biking, trekking (Miss Jones' favourite), adventure course, survival and rock climbing. Unfortunately, they didn't have time to do all five activities as we weren't there long enough. 
Lunch on the first day was baguettes. The children got to select their own fillings and create their own
culinary delights. The Alton Castle team was selling bubblegum ice lollies to help raise money, so we all had blue tongues and lips for a while!  
After some free time, the children had their second activity of the day. Miss Jones, Mr Lahert and Miss Arnold were encouraging the children to bike a little harder, climb a bit higher, walk a little faster, run around.... All in the hope that they'd wear themselves out and sleep. This plan might have worked but then the children had a delicious dinner of chicken casserole, potatoes and carrots which seemed to give them their energy back enough to dance their socks off in the disco later! 
Before the disco, the children celebrated mass with the children of St Francis. They sang and read beautifully. 
The disco was too loud for Mr Lahert so he and some of the boys played football on the grass. The rest of us threw some shapes and had a giggle. Miss Jones has some very interesting videos of dancing ready for our leavers' assembly!
Then bedtime began again... This time the boys were asleep before the girls and Mr Lahert got to sleep around 11.30pm. Miss Jones and Miss Arnold weren't so lucky; the girls were quiet enough for them to get to sleep around 12.30am again. 
Miss Jones got her revenge the next morning by having the pleasure of waking the girls up to pack and get ready for the day. They were so tired that they asked her for a lie in but unfortunately we had a lot to do! 
Packing is always one of the biggest challenges on retreat - getting sleeping bags into their tiny bags and putting the muddy clothes in their suitcases is nearly impossible! But St Rose were brilliant and were packed and ready for breakfast on time! 
After breakfast, the children had their last activity and seemed to have a brilliant time! Miss Jones, Mr Lahert and Miss Arnold did too! 
Lunch was served (chicken wings, pasta salad, potato salad and salad) before we said our huge thank-you to the the Alton Castle team. Then it was suitcases on the coach on our way home! 

Miss Jones would like to thank the children for their amazing behaviour on their trip. They got on well, their manners and respect to the Alton Team and the staff from both schools was exceptional and they helped each other when they needed it. 

To the parents, thank you for letting the children come. We hope they tell you how much they enjoyed it and not just how tired they are. They really challenged themselves to do new things and with people that they didn't know. We hope that you didn't miss them too much and we are sorry about the muddy clothes; It certainly was nothing to do with Miss Jones... She's blaming the Alton Castle team! 

noExtra Effortno


We would like to thank all the children that came in when the rest of the school was closed for elections! It isn't long now until we start our SATs and your extra commitment and hard work will serve you well. It was lovely to see that most of the children came along and were here to work hard!

It wasn't all work and no play though - have a look at our photos to see how we spent our break times on the grass after our picnic and enjoying our ice lollies in the afternoon!

As Year 6, we are Ambassadors for our school.

As Year 6, we are Ambassadors for our school. 1



Thank you to all who came to support our cafe afternoon to raise money for

Cafod's Big Splash!


The children worked hard baking in preparation but they also worked hard to sell all their goods!

They have now raised....




Thank you to all those who came to the main playground to buy up the remaining stock! We are very grateful!


Cooking with Douglas - Week 3:

Sports Relief Activities


As well as Miss Neville's Sports Relief Bleep Test Challenge, Year 6 took part in team activities all day!


Benchball was won by St Sebastian

Rounders was won by St Mary

Scattergories was won by St Mary

Taboo was won by St Thomas Aquinas


All the children worked well in their house teams but Miss Jones and Mr Lahert were very impressed by their team work as a class throughout the day. 


Well done Year 6!

Parent's Consultations


Thank you to all those parents and guardians who came to our parent's consultation meetings on Monday. 

We hope that you found them useful!


If you missed your meeting, please see Miss Jones to re-book. There are essential resources for you to collect for your child in preparation for their SATs.



Not long now until our residential trip to Alton Castle. 

Please ensure that final payments are handed into the office by 24th March. 

Thank you. 

smileysmileysmileyCAFOD CAFE - Tuesday 22nd Marchsmileysmileysmiley


Please drop in to our Cafod Cafe afternoon next Tuesday!

Where? In the Y6 Hub

When? 2.00pm-3.30pm

There will be biscuits, bread rolls and other Easter treats for sale! We will be serving tea, coffee, hot chocolate and squash to quench your thirst too!

We hope to raise as much money as we can to support Cafod's 'Make a Splash!' 

Cooking with Douglas: Week 2 - Fruit Salad!

Coming soon... By Brandon


Soon, Year 6 will be leaving St Rose and saying goodbye. But before all of this, we will have our leaver's performance! This is a play where all the Y6 pupils take part and perform in. It is a chance to work as a team one last time as a class. We hope to see you there!

Our Digital leaders have been inspiring us about internet safety! Keeley and Megan got in on the action!

Our Digital leaders have been inspiring us about internet safety! Keeley and Megan got in on the action! 1

Exploring circuits in Science!

Finding out how to solve ratio problems in Maths by using the iPads!

Boys Vs Girls Algebra loop card challenge

Take a look at some of our World Book Day costumes...

Take a look at some of our World Book Day costumes... 1

Cooking with Douglas - Week 1 : Pasta Salad

Some of our work that made it on display...

The Beano Man... By Sharon


As a Year 6 class, we have had the Beano Man in. He helped us to write and draw our own comic. As a class, we created a comic called 'The Banana That Got A Life'. It was inspiring!

Kev. F came into school to teach us all about drawing comics like he does for the Beano! Here are some pictures of what we got up to with our visitor!

St Phillip's Cathedral... By Ella


Last Tuesday, Y6 went on a trip to St Phillip's Cathedral in town. We explored the glass pane windows that told stories about Jesus. Lillie got to try on a Pentecostal stole and Breno got to try on a Lenten stole worn by vicars. We got to hear different bells that the Church of England use in their worship. 


We split into two groups to explore the cathedral. One group found out about the quiet reflection section while the other learnt about the Easter candle and how that is used. 

Our trip to St Phillip's Cathedral to learn about the Church of England

Spring 2 Catholic Virtues

Spring 2 Catholic Virtues 1
Spring 2 Catholic Virtues 2

SATs Preparation....By Brandon


In May, Year 6 will be sitting their SATs tests. This will mean a lot of hard work. We have been working very hard and staying for extra time after school! Our teachers have bought us Buster Books with questions similar to the ones that we will have on the tests so that we are as prepared as possible. We will need to work hard and concentrate for the next few's not long now!

Exploring British Values

More of our display work...