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Collective Worship and Catholic Life

Learning our Daily Prayers






This half term we are focusing on learning the daily prayers needed for Year One. We are focusing on learning the Our Father and the Hail Mary and are practising these daily as part of our collective worship. We are reflecting on what the words of these prayers mean and how they can be used in our daily lives. God wants us to take time to speak to him and listen to his words and praying using the words he taught us is a great way of doing this and showing our devotion to him. These are such beautiful prayers and it would be wonderful if you could also practise saying these with your child at home and seeing if they can remember them. Thank you for your co-operation. 

Meditations and Silent Prayer


The children have been learning bout Silent Prayer in our collective worship sessions and how we can pray in our heads to God on our own, not always out loud with others. We spoke about the importance of speaking to God in and from our hearts with love and listening to his voice carefully to see what he wants for us. We put candles on and reflective music and partook in a silent meditative prayer session where the children said their own silent prayers to God. We then shared some of our prayers at the end and they were truly wonderful- we had thank you prayers, sorry for wrongdoings and even some children who asked God for help! I am very proud of Year One for being so meditative and reflective- well done!

Learning about the story of Creation


This term we are learning all about how God made the world in the wonderful story of Creation. Today we learnt the story and acted it out using various props and visuals to help us. The children loved  learning about how God made the world and what he made on each day and they are so excited to write about in their books later this week!


God wants us to be curious about the world that he created for us to live in, and when we learnt about it we appreciate it and take responsibility for the planet. It is up to us to care for the planet and look after the wonderful world that we have for future generations.