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Year One Remote Learning at Home


School is currently closed and so learning will need to be done remotely online from home. For each day, during the school closure your lessons will be posted here on the class page. You should record your work either in your homework or home learning book, or upload it to the blog. You could also complete it on jit5 on the BGFL app launch pad and then save it to J2Files so I can see it. For guidance on how to do these things, please click on the 'help and information' page blow.


Below I have put a timetable where you can see what learning activities and lessons we will be doing each day. It is expected, that if you learning remotely at home, that you complete each of these tasks every day from Monday- Friday. You can find the daily lessons for this week at the top of this page and previous weeks lessons are at the bottom if you have missed anything or want to revisit any learning. Please bear in mind there will also be a list of spellings to learn for each week.


At the top of this page you can find the lessons we are doing in class  this week and the order of our learning. However, if you are learning from home, you can do the lessons in whichever order you wish, as long as you try and complete all of them every day, where possible. Make sure that you post your online work onto the blog or save it as a file on the jit5 app write!



For each remote task you do from the timetable you will get 5 house points each- this means you can earn more than 50 house points or class dojos every day! We are using the class dojo house point system instead of j2stars and I will be announcing the three winners with the most house points every week. 


.Don't forget also that I reset the house points back to 0 each weekend so that everyone will start every Monday at the beginning of the week with the same score or points. Everybody starts with 0 house points on Monday so this means there is all to play for every week and anybody can win! 


I need to see your work to give you the house points so make sure you either upload your work or pictures of it to the blog or complete it on jit and save it as a j2file. For any help on how to do this please click on the link below. Every Friday I will post the dojo points online for the week so that you can see who has the most and who is at the top of the leader board! The top three children each week will receive a special treat from me when they return to school. Have fun and earn lots of house points!

Year One Remote Learning Timetable Guide

Year One Homework Grid Spring 1

Forest School Reminder

Year One Key Worker Bubble Only



There are only a very small handful of Year One children in school at the moment- only Year One key worker children are in class and are now in a special bubble. From now on, every Wednesday afternoon for 1 hour the children in the Year One Bubble will be having a  'Forest School' session as part of their enrichment timetable. This will involve being outside and working in whatever weathers so the children need to be dressed appropriately for the environment they will be working in and the changing weather conditions. 


Therefore, for these key worker Year One children, every Wednesday they must come to school NOT wearing their school uniform. They need to wear the following:


  • Old, warm clothes that you do not mind your child getting dirty e.g. an old pair of tracksuit bottoms, warm jumper or sweatshirt, woolly hat, gloves and a scarf.


  • Old, warm waterproof coat


  • WARM clothes e.g hat, scarf, gloves, jumper, thermals, trouser bottoms, tights, warm woolly socks, boots or wellies etc


Please also ensure that your child comes into school with a labelled plastic carrier bag containing a pair of wellington boots and a pair of warm long socks.  These can be kept in school if you would prefer.


REMEMBER: This is just for the handful of Year One children who are in school and in the bubble. If you are working from home this does not apply to you but don't panic- you won't be missing out! All of Year One will be doing a Forest School/ Spade to Fork Session every week as soon as school is fully open and we return to a full class.

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