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As the season of Advent approaches, we now turn our attention to how we may prepare for the birth of Jesus.  During this season, we try to help as many different charities as we can through 'non-uniform' days each Friday during Advent. 


This year, more than ever, charitable giving is especially important and we hope that our charitable work will be able to support those who are in need, sick or who simply need a little more support because of the impact of COVID-19.


The following table indicates the charities that we will support during Advent and what we are asking you to do as a result.


Date Charity What we would like you to provide
Friday 27th November Local Food Bank - Weoley Castle

Dried Items - Cereal, Pasta, Rice, Tea, Coffee, Biscuits, Lentils, Beans, Pulses

Tinned Items - Soup, Tomatoes, Pasta Sauce, meat, vegetables, fruit

UHT Milk 

Longlife Fruit Juice

Friday 4th December CAFOD World Gifts £1 donation to wear own clothes
Friday 11th December Christmas Jumper Day - Birmingham Children's Hospital £1 donation to wear your Christmas Jumper or your own clothes.
Friday 18th December Father Hudson's Society £1 donation to wear your own clothes







Children in need - Friday!

This Friday is an 'own clothes' day to help raise money for Children in Need.  

Now, more than ever, charities need our support so we are going to try and raise as much money as we can by bringing in a £1 donation.

Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

SIFA Fireside 'Big Brummie Camp Out'
Friday 8th May 2020


Bank Holiday, Friday 8th May 2020

Big Brummie Campout focuses on the importance of “home” at a time when we’re all being forced to spend more time than usual in our own. Whether you’re pitching a tent in the garden, building a DIY den on your balcony, or creating a cushion castle in the living room, everyone can get involved! 

The campaign is being launched as part of our emergency #SIFASurvives appeal, launched in response to a reduction in support due to the Coronavirus epidemic. We're looking to raise £50,000 over the coming months, and the money raised will ensure that we can continue providing homeless and vulnerable adults access to key services such as showers and health clinics, whilst also helping them to work towards a brighter future. 
To sign up as a ‘camper’ you are asked to donate a minimum £5 to the appeal, in return for access to an exclusive Activity pack filled with fun activities including stargazing and leaf printing. The pack will have everything needed for an evening under the stars, including family-friendly recipes created by SIFA Fireside Patron, Alex Claridge (The Wilderness), as well as craft activities and homemade bunting to decorate your ‘campsite’. The evening will also help bring people together, with a hosted live stream, music performances, and the chance to share camping experiences on social media.


SIFA Fireside, a charity based in Digbeth would like us to take part in the 'Big Brummie Camp Out' on Friday 8th May. 


You can camp out in the garden (the weather looks lovely), build a den in your living room or simply sleep on the floor instead of your bed.


This is a perfect opportunity for the community of St Rose to help raise some money for such a worthy cause.  All you have to do is donate £5 to the cause to try and help them raise £50,000.


Click here to visit the SIFA Fireside website for more information.

Click here to donate £5 to the Big Brummie Camp Out campaign.


Let's camp out together on Friday St Rose and do something to help those who have no choice but to camp out.


Miss Neville

Birmingham Children's Hospital

Friday 17th April 2020


For the past five years, we have supported the Birmingham Children's Hospital during our annual summer charity day.  Our efforts were recognised last year by becoming one of their '100 heroes' and saw us raise our most impressive amount to date. 


Now, more than ever, the Children's Hospital are desperate to raise money because people are not able to fundraise in the ways that they have been able to previously.  Sadly this year, in light of everything that is happening in the world, we won't be able to have our normal charity day but this doesn't mean we can't still support them. 


Let's get sweaty for our heroes

Birmingham Children's Hospital want us to get sweaty to help them raise money.  The idea is quite simple... do some exercise whether it be following Joe Wicks, going for a run or walk or heading out on your bike and, when you have finished, take a sweaty selfie and get your parents to post it online either on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and include the hashtag #NHSSweatySelfie.


For every sweaty selfie that is posted online using the hashtag, Gymshark (a well known sports clothing provider) will donate £5 to the Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity.


If you want to make a further donation online, then you can visit their justgiving page by clicking here.


Selfie Wall

I'd also really like to create a selfie wall on the charity page to celebrate everyone that has taken part so email your selfie to and we'll put it up on the charity page.


We might not be able to dance, skip or walk but we can all take a sweaty selfie and help the Children's Hospital raise some vital funds.


Take care, keep safe well and let's get 'Sweaty for our Heroes'


Miss Neville


This half term, we will be supporting different charities each Friday during Lent. 

Below are the dates and the details of what you need to bring and which charity we are supporting.   Please make a note of these on your calendar.



* On Friday 20th March we will be once again be showing our support for the CAFOD Family Fast day by holding our own Healthy fast day’.  By reducing what we eat in school on that day, we will gain a better insight into how people survive on very little in other countries around the world.  If you choose to take part in the fast day, you will agree to only eat the soup provided at lunchtime during the day.  As a reward and thank you for making this sacrifice, you will be allowed to wear your own clothes during the day. 

If you would like your child to take part, please talk to them about this so that they are aware of what they will eat on the day and then complete the slip attached and bring it in to school by Monday 9th March 2020Please do not send them in with any additional food on this day.

Thank you for your continued support with our charitable fundraising.

Heroes Heptathalon – Friday 12th July 2019

This year, our fundraising efforts were recognised by the Birmingham Children’s Hospital and we became one of their ‘100 Heroes’.  Our heroes balloon is now on display in the entrance of the hospital – something we have strived for over the past few years. This is a fantastic achievement for our small school and we should all be very proud of the phenomenal amounts we have raised for the charity over the past four years.  So it made sense to build our charity day around the theme of Heroes. 


As a school, we have raised over £27,000 for different charities including over £15,000 for the Children’s Hospital.  In years gone by we have skipped, danced, walked and challenged ourselves in many different ways and this year is no different.  On Friday 12th July, each and every child will take part in seven different events as part of the Heroes Heptathalon with one aim – to raise as much money as we can for this amazing charity.  Every penny really does count and if every child raises £10 we would be very close to achieving £30,000 in charitable giving.


Sponsorship and collecting money

Once again, this is a sponsored event and we would love you to help your child get as much sponsorship as they can to help us beat the total raised last year.  A sponsorship form is attached for your child to complete.


Sadly, each year, almost £1000 is not collected after our charity day and this is money that is greatly needed by the hospital.  We know the children will complete the challenge so it makes sense for them to collect the money as they go along, either in cash or via our justgiving website:


As an incentive for collecting the money and to encourage the children to strive to raise as much as they can, this year there will be a special prize draw.  If you are entered into the prize draw you could stand the chance of winning a bike, tickets to Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Hatton Country World, the Sea Life Centre and many more prizes.  The prize draw will run as follows:

For every £10 raised, collected and brought into school by Thursday 11th July a raffle ticket will be given.

  • Any cash collected should be brought in with your sponsorship form and ticked off by your class teacher.  Raffle tickets will then be given.
  • If you are collecting via the online justgiving page, please write this on your sponsorship form and bring it in to receive your ticket.
  • Only money collected by 11th July will be eligible for entry into the prize draw. 
  • Any money brought in on 12th July will not be eligible for a prize draw ticket.
  • Winning tickets will be drawn at the end of the charity day on Friday 12th July 2019.

The more money you raise and collect, the more tickets you will be given and the more chances you will have to win.

Charitable giving 2017-2018: The year that was... fantastic!


This year, we have taken our charity work to a new level.  Following in God's footsteps, we have answered his call to help those most in need not only in terms of the money we have raised but also with what we have been able to donate to various different charities.


Starting off the year, the PTFA organised a wonderful Macmillan Coffee Morning both at school and at Castlecroft and raised over £500.  This charity really does wonderful work for those who are suffering with Cancer and their families so this will have really helped their organsation.


In November, the children raised the roof with their wonderful singing in aid of Children in Need and Cheska was the fantastic winner of the 'The Voice of St Rose' singing competition.  This really was a wonderful way to showcase the talents of our children whilst also supporting Children in Need.  We raised over £200 on this day.


Our Advent charitable giving took a different route this year as we supported the Bags for Brummies appeal organised by Love Brum, a charitable organisation based in the centre of Birmingham.  Through this appeal, we were able to send 8 bags to homeless people ready for Christmas.  Alongside this, Mr Birmingham took sleeping bags that had been donated by our school to the streets of Birmingham on Christmas Eve and a local food bank benefited from all of the food that was given for the same appeal.  Your generosity was amazing and this will have touched the hearts of many people living in poverty or without shelter over the winter period.  Again, we also wore our Christmas Jumpers to support the Birmingham Children's Hospital and were able to send them another cheque for almost £200.


During our preparation for Easter, we once again thought about our Lenten Charitable giving and were able to support Cafod, Father Hudsons and Sports Relief.  We set ourselves a huge challenge of walking a million steps for Sports Relief and each and every person helped us to achieve our target.  Every household received a 'Good Shepherds Appeal' box and many children brought back boxes full of loose change to help this very worthy cause.  During Lent, our charitable giving also made a surprise contribution to the Birmingham Women's Hospital but this time, rather than money, we helped the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit by supporting them through donations of nappies.  This was quite a strange request at the time but, when the nurses explained how under funded the unit is and how many of the tiny babies do not have their own supply, we rose to their plea and send over 2000 nappies to help the really tiny babies.  It was heartwarming to see how grateful the nurses were when these were taken to them and this, once again, demonstrates how our school respond to those in need.


As we now come to the end of the summer term, we can reflect on one of our final acts of charitable giving for this academic year - the annual summer charity day.  The weather was booked well in advance, a little too good maybe but it didn't dampen our spirits.  This year, we took to the streets of Birmingham to complete a 5km walk from our school to Rowheath Pavillion and back.  Supporting the Birmingham Children's Hospital for the fourth year running and, in addition to this, supporting the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Birmingham Women's Hospital, we all wore red and purple to make a statement to the general public.  The sun was shining and the temperature rose as the day continued but this did not affect the enthusiasm and determination of each and every person that took part on the day.  This was always going to be a challenge but the heat added a new dimension so we should all be very proud of what we achieved for the two charities and for children across the Midlands.


We have always raised a considerable amount of money for the Birmingham Children's Hospital and this year was no different.  Instead of meeting last year's total, we broke new barriers and raised over £4600 for our charity walk.  This, combined with the previous 3 years, means we have now raised over £15,000 for the hospital which is astounding. 


As we come the end of our sixth year of raising money, our charitable giving in monetary donations alone stands at over £28,000 and this is, quite simply, remarkable.  Each and every person that has handed in £1 for wearing their own clothes, bought a cake at a cake sale, brought in food for the food bank, donated old clothes to the homeless and raised money for our sponsored walk should feel immensely proud of what we have achieved.  We always say that every penny counts and this is so very true. 


Together we make a huge difference to the lives of so many people and we look forward to how we can continue to make a difference in the next academic year.


Well done St Rose!


Miss Neville

Our charity committee is keen to make an impact within our local community and the wider world.


As part of the committee, one of our aims is to raise money for selected charities through organising fundraising events within the school.


We also recognise that money is not the only way of being charitable.  A valuable and important way we can be charitable is by offering our time and support to members of our local community and local charity groups.


Together we can make a real difference!


Charity Champions!

This year, I set the children a challenge to help encourage our fundraising for the big summer event.  The challenge was to see who could raise the most money in each class and my goodness, did the children rise to the challenge.  Each class now has a charity champion - some even have two.  These children raised the most money for their class and, together raised a phenomenal £1000 between them - almost a quarter of the total raised by the school.


As we move into the next academic year, these children will now be the champions for all of our charity work and will be at the forefront of all our events and charitable acts.  They should be exceptionally proud of what they achieved and I hope they enjoy and gain even more reward from what lies ahead of them.


Our charity champions are:

Nursery: Amelia

Reception: Seena

Year 1: Amelia

Year 2: Maisey R

Year 3: Lucie

Year 4: Finlay and Aya

Year 5: Panashe and Millie

Year 6: Amelia

Charity champions

Christmas at Castlecroft

Today, we took the gifts and cards that the children had made and written for the lovely residents at Castlecroft Care Home.  As part of our charitable work, we think it is really important to extend our charitable work to those people within our school community.  By giving gifts to the residents during the Christmas period, we are letting them know that we are thinking of them and wish them all a very Merry Christmas.  The choir took the gifts over to the care home and sang beautifully to all the residents, some of whom remembered us from last year.  It was wonderful to see their smiles and they were so grateful to us that it really shows we can make a difference to other peoples lives.


Well done St Rose!

Children in Need - Teachers vs. Pupils TV Challenge!

Well done to all the teachers and pupils who took part in the Children in Need TV Challenge on Friday.  They really gave 100% to everything we threw at them, including the critters in the Bush Tucker Trial.  We really do have an amazing team!



To help raise money for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital we are running an ‘I Spy’ competition. Look closely at the pictures of the book bench below and write down the titles of as many stories that you think have been featured on the bench. Bring your answers, along with a £1 competition entry fee to Mrs Beddall by Friday 8th July when the winner will be announced.

All money raised from the competition fees will be added to the total of our school charity day!


I spy with my little eye...

Sports Relief - Friday 18th March 2016


Well done to all the children who took part in the Sports Relief Fitness Challenge on Friday.  It was fantastic to see all of the children in their house colours and it made for a real sense of competition across the school.


In KS2 they braved the cold (and it was very chilly) to complete the bleep test - a real test of stamina and endurance.  The children were fantastic and highlighted just how fit they really are with some children achieving amazing levels and housepoints for their teams.  EYFS and KS1 didn't let us down either and showed great enthusiasm and determination for their shuttle run challenges.  There was a great atmosphere during each of the children


There was a great atmosphere during each of the challenges and the children were delighted to find out how their housepoints had affected the overall total.  Well done to everyone but a big congratulations to the children in St Sebastian who were the overall housepoint champions.


Of course, whilst the children had fun they knew we were doing this to raise money for Sports Relief so well done to everyone who brought in their £1.


Please see the individual class pages for more information on what each class did!


Another great charity day at St Rose... I wonder what the summer will bring?

Sports Relief Class Photos

Sports Relief Ultimate Fitness Champions 2016

Christmas with Castlecroft


This year, we decided that we would make the residents of Castlecroft Care Home the focus for our Christmas Charity Work.  Knowing that many elderly people around the UK don’t have family or friends to think about them over the Christmas period, we made it our mission to ensure that all the residents received Christmas cards and gifts from the children at our school.  Each class was assigned a group of residents and they worked hard to make cards and special Christmas treats for each of them.


On Thursday morning the charity committee, along with representatives from years 2 and 1, Reception and Nursery, visited the care home and took the gifts for all the residents.  The children sang Christmas carols beautifully and were a real credit to the school.  There were tears of happiness from a few of the residents but it was wonderful to see them smile and sing along with our children.


“It was lovely to see how the elderly people reacted to our visit.  Our songs will have given them lots of Christmas joy and we really enjoyed seeing their winter wonderland.  We feel really proud that we have gone out of way to do something good and we hope this makes them very happy.” 

Angela and Naomi, Year 5 Charity Committee.


This is real charity work in action and there can be no greater reward then seeing someone smile because of something we have done for them.


Well done to all of the children and staff for their hard work during this project.  

Children in Need 2015


This year, the charity committee decided that the children should put on their dancing shoes and show their talent through a 'Strictly Come Dancing' style dance competition... and they weren't disappointed.

With auditions taking place before Children in Need day, it was clear that St Rose has talent in abundance!


Well done to everyone who took part and a special congratulations to Bianca (Y6) who was voted as the overall winner!

'St Rose does Strictly' Finalists