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Homework in Reception

 Homework in Reception 

Phonics reading book


This is the main reading book that your child will be given. It is linked to the phonic sounds your child is learning in school. These need to be in school on a Thursday to be changed. Please sign your child’s reading diary when you read together. If the diary has not been signed, then a new book cannot be given. 


You will receive a letter in the Autumn term about additional reading books that your child will be bringing home.

Sound box


Your child will be given a sound box which will contain sounds to learn, and words which contain the sounds. Please try to practise these on a daily basis - even just for 5 minutes. Each week your child will be given new sounds and words to learn. At the beginning of the year your child will be 'sounding out' words, e.g. c-a-t ----> cat, but the aim is that your child will soon be able to read these words fluently without having to 'sound them out'. 


You will receive a letter in the Autumn term with more information. 



Sound boxes - ALL sounds and words

Homework folder


This will contain Literacy and Maths work each week, including letter formation sheets. There may also be small projects set for holidays linked to the new topics in the following term.

High Frequency Words


These are 45 words to learn to read and write by the end of Reception. They are called high frequency words, because we use them so often. Your child will be able to move up the word bands on our 'reading rocket' and ‘spelling rocket’. Once all of the words have been learned, your child will 'land on the moon' and can choose a prize from the prize box! Many of the high frequency words are 'tricky' words which you cannot 'sound out'. They are 'sight' words which your child will learn to read.