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Our Lady and St Rose of Lima
Catholic Primary School & Nursery

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At Our Lady and St Rose, we aim to provide a high-quality Geography curriculum to 
inspire, challenge and engage children to understand more about the world around 
them. 53% of the children attending our school are pupil premium children, which is 
well above the national average. We use this as a driving force to widen children’s 
learning opportunities and to give them a broad understanding of Geography including 
insights into their local area and the skills of a geographer. 

In line with the Early Years Teaching Curriculum, the children in Nursery and 
Reception are exposed to geographical concepts and skills as taught through 
understanding the world topics. This sets the foundations for high quality learning 
which initiates their geographical knowledge for their primary experience to grow and 

We teach key concepts such as place, space, scale, environment, interconnections and 
physical and human processes. This will provide our children with opportunities for 
field world and developing key geographical skills to inspire a love of learning. The 
intent for geography at St Rose is to deliver the Geography curriculum in an engaging, 
exciting way, which will help to raise cultural capital and develop connections through 
people and events in different places and cultures.