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Online Safety

We are aware of the importance of online safety and the increasingly important role it plays in our children’s lives.


We are committed to teaching the children how to be safe online.

The internet can be a fantastic place for children and young people where they can talk to friends, be creative and have fun. However, this is not always the case. If you or your child are worried or upset about something which has happened on the internet there is help out there.

Click on the icon to access the National Crime Agency CEOP website. The NCA's CEOP Command (formerly the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) works with child protection partners across the UK and overseas to identify the main threats to children, and coordinates activity against these threats to bring offenders to account. They protect children from harm online and offline, directly through NCA led operations and in partnership with local and international agencies.

Children today have embraced new technologies as a source of information, education and entertainment.  The use of digital technology has been completely normalised by this generation, and it is now fully integrated into their daily lives.

Technology is changing all the time and young people are no longer passive recipients of online information, but are increasingly directly interacting within a digital landscape in a variety of ways.

Children are increasingly referred to as ‘digital natives’: citizens born into a digital world, who grow up surrounded by and emerged in the technology and tools of the digital age. Their confidence and skills in using this technology are typically high, but their knowledge and awareness of the inherent issues, risks and dangers is usually very low.

Children and young people need to be empowered to keep themselves safe – this isn’t just a top-down approach. Children will be children – pushing boundaries and taking risks. Teaching your child about technology should be seen as another part of keeping them safe, just like crossing the road or learning to swim.


Do you know how to keep your children safe?

At St Rose, we are committed to discussing these serious issues as part of our online-safety curriculum, but we can only be successful if we all work together: pupils, parents and teachers.

Please see below a range of E-Books that you can use with your child to discuss internet safety.

KS1: Smartie the Penguin E-Book (Free Download)


When Charlie McButton Lost Power ages 4-9

Charlie McButton likes computer games so much, he never plays with anything else. When a thunderstorm knocks out the electricity, his tech empire comes tumbling down, and his whole world loses power.




Once Upon A Time Online ages 5-8

Once upon a time, a laptop arrived in Fairy-tale land... A happily ever after is only a click away! Find out what happens when our favorite fairy-tale characters receive a laptop and learn a lesson in online safety.





Berenstain Bears: Computer Trouble ages 4 - 9

When Papa brings home a computer, the whole family is excited. Soon Mama, Brother, Sister, and even Honey start spending all day every day staring at their own computers. It's up to Papa to get the family off the computer and back into the real world!





On the Internet: Our First Talk About Online Safety ages 6-9

Using real-world examples set within the context of a child who is using the Internet for the first time and watching an older sibling interact with social media, Dr. Roberts takes readers through several common scenarios around parental supervision, online bullying and anonymity. She also includes examples of people who use the Internet to make the world a better place.



Hey Zoey! Get Off Your Phone! ages 3- 7

Hey Zoey! Get Off Your Phone! is about a girl named Zoey who would rather play on her phone than with her friends. While she absentmindedly walks away from them, Zoey trips on a root of a tree, her phone flies out of her hand, and when she falls, she finds herself stuck inside her phone. After a most daring adventure in the digital realm, she realizes what's most important: her relationship with friends and family, not her phone.



But It’s Just a Game ages 7-11

Meet Jasper! A young boy who is totally absorbed with playing video games… This creative story book teaches both kids and adults how to switch out their game controller for a "life controller."




The Technology Tail ages 7-11

A cute, creative story about children and their texts, tweets, posts and pics. Don t be mean and irresponsible! That s the straight-to-the-point advice Screen has for young readers who are active on social media.




Cell Phoney ages 7-11

After much anticipation, Joanie Maloney finally gets her very own cell phone! Knowing that owning a cell phone requires responsibility and sound judgment, Joanie's mom requires her to complete a Cell Phone Safety Course.Along with Joanie, children will learn the six rules of cell phone usage which are designed not only to keep them safe, but also to keep them from being tempted to hurt others.