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Preparing for school

 Preparing for school 


 Please find some website links at the bottom of this page with more top tips for starting school. 

Top tips before starting school…


1. Get them excited for school

2. Teach them to LOVE books

3. Make the first day a happy one - Be positive. Be prepared. Be prompt.

At home you could help your child practise…


1. Going to the toilet independently.

2. Using a knife and fork.

3. Opening things in a lunchbox.

4. Recognising/writing their own name.

5. Taking turns.

6. Putting shoes/jumper/coat on - changing independently.

You could also practise these activities to improve your child’s coordination…


1. Holding a pencil correctly.

2. Colouring in accurately.

3. Using scissors.

4. Using glue and paint carefully.

5. Hopping and skipping.

6. Balancing, running and jumping.

7. Kicking a ball. Catching and throwing a ball.

8. Tying shoe laces.

9. Peeling fruit.

10. Drawing straight and curvy lines.

11. Playing board and matching games.

12. Completing jigsaws.

13. Counting objects and recognising numbers.

14. Playing ‘I Spy’.

15. Playing ‘spot the difference, snap and dot to dot games.

Website links

Starting school skills - a guide for parents