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PE curriculum at St.Rose

The PE curriculum at St.Rose


Our PE curriculum has been designed to allow every child to succeed and progress from when they join us in Nursery or Reception until they leave us in Year Six. As a school, we use The PE Hub as a foundation for high-quality teaching. This fantastic resource has really developed the way our PE lessons are structured, ensures progression throughout the school and is fun for both the teachers and the pupils.  In EYFS and KS1, the curriculum is designed to give our children a strong foundation of essential skills to build upon in Key Stage Two such as throwing, catching, agility, dance, gymnastics and an understanding of simple competitive games.


The curriculum in Key Stage Two comprises of dance, gymnastics, handball, tennis, rounders and athletics. The children will have a unit of each sport in every year in order to build their understanding of the sport and competency as players. Feel free to look at our whole school progress map and yearly overview to see what your child can expect. 


Just like our Knowledge Based Curriculum, our children have knowledge organisers to support their learning.