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Life in Year 6!

Take a look at all of the wonderful things that have been happening in the classroom...

Online Safety Workshop


During online safety week, the children participated in an online workshop which looked at keeping things safe online and how we can conduct ourselves when being online. The children had to pretend to be an avatar and use freeze frames for this. This was good fun!

Theatre Trip to see The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe


We went on a very special trip to the REP to see The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. This was a lot of fun and the children absolutely loved the show! What a great day!

PE - Dance 

During our PE lesson, we focused on two different jumps: a stag leap and a rebound jump. The children learnt these really well and incorporated them into their dance routine! They did really well! 

Christmas performance 

The children did their very last Christmas performance at St Rose and did they smash it...YES they did! They absolutely sang their hearts out and did amazing with their own section in the Born in the Hay song! Well done Year 6, you also made me cry, it was so wonderful!

Going to see Santa

We had a wonderful treat before we broke up where we saw Santa and all of the children received a present off him. This was a lovely way to end the half term and start the festivities!

Lenten Retreat Day

The children had an amazing day with Dan and Emily where they came to speak to us about Jesus being the light and how we can share his light with others! It was a really lovely day! 



Forest School Wk 5

The children really enjoyed forest school this week especially when they were helping to build the fire and try and strike the flint and steel to light the fire. 

The children also got musical and created this wonderful performance about forest school!

Forest School Wk4

This week the children really enjoyed getting creative during forest school. They started making a pine cone wreath for our outdoor prayer space, worked as a team to build an obstacle course and starting building a large den! Some children even used the tools to help to repair the benches around the fire circle!

Forest School Wk 3

In our session this week, the children explored the different ways they could make a den and used their team work skills to do this. They also did some bug hunting and some of the children created nail art using tools such as a hammer and nails!