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Catholic Virtues and Class Wish

Spring 2 Catholic Virtues: Faith-Filled and Hopeful 

In Year 6, we are faith-filled when we...

•Explore the Bible and infer its hidden meanings and messages

•Pray especially during this time of Lent and we ask God and Jesus for support around the world for those living in poverty and we have faith that they can help

•Know that things are tricky but persevere to keep going as we know Jesus is by our side

•Display role model behaviour to our peers and to others across the school so we can all be the best versions of ourselves

•Recognise that we are all made uniquely treat them with the same amount of respect and how we would want to be treated, just as Jesus teaches


In Year 6, we are hopeful when we...

•Trust God and the paths that he has for us in our future

•Feel that we can help to make a change in the world like taking care of people living in poverty especially in our Lent Charity acts

•Look on the positive side of things in life which bring us hope and help us to be the best versions of ourselves

•Practise and revise for our SATs and are hopeful that we will do our very best and this will give us the best opportunities for secondary school

•Notice that someone may be upset and are hopeful that we can make a positive influence on them to make them feel loved and cared for

•Believe fully in ourselves which will help us to express the Gifts that God gave us (our talents)

Spring 1 Catholic Virtues Luminary 


Our Catholic Virtues Luminary is Jaya for being a loving and compassionate member of Year 6! She is always so loving and caring to the people around her including her peers and adults around school and are always ready to offer support and kindness to others. She is a very compassionate person in their thoughts and actions and this displays their kind hearted nature and personality! She follows in Jesus' footsteps with their everyday actions and we are so pleased she is the luminary! Well done, keep it up!


Spring 1 Class Wish Luminary 


Our class wish luminary goes to Mollie because she is always so hardworking and always strive to do her best! She is a great friend to everyone in the classroom and ready to build the confidence of their peers. Mollie is a brilliant ambassador for the school and this makes her a perfect class wish luminary! She always try to be the best version of themselves which is amazing, keep up the great work!

Spring 1 Catholic Virtues: Compassionate and Loving




In Year 6, we are compassionate when we...

  • think about others before ourselves and take into account their needs
  • decide to help others in their time of need for example, with charity work
  • consider other people's feelings and support others if they have been upset or are feeling down
  • help people to exceed in their learning
  • look out for our friends and help them and become the people that God wants us to be: caring and kind


In Year 6, we are loving when we...

  • help others with their work and dedicate our time to helping them to be the best versions of themselves 
  • follow in Jesus' footsteps and follow the saying 'treat others how you would want to be treated' and show love to them in our actions
  • work together as a team and raise eachother's confidence as we look out for one another
  • think about how to portray ourselves and use kind manners towards staff and other people in school
  • help to boost people's confidence and fill them with hope and positivity

Autumn 2 Catholic Virtues Luminary 


Our Catholic Virtues luminary for being attentive and discerning is James because he is very attentive in class and around school. He takes on board advice and listens well to those around him and makes good choices based on what he listens to. James has worked really hard during his assessments and this is because he has been attentive in class and has been discerning when avoiding distractions so that he can shine and be the best version of himself! He is also a great example of someone who is attentive to the Bible and teachings of Jesus and discerns the correct path for making good choices! Very well deserved James, well done! 


Autumn 2 Class Wish Luminary


Our Class Wish luminary goes to Tara for always trying her hardest to be the best version of herself. She is a great ambassador for the school and works hard to be a good role model to others, not just in Year 6 but to other children in the school too! Tara is driven in her work ethic and always tries to challenge herself! She is also a lovely, kind and caring member of Year 6 which shows that she is being the person that God wants her to be! Well done Tara, very well deserved!

Autumn 2 Catholic Virtues: Attentive and Discerning


In Year 6, we are attentive when we...

oListen well to our teachers to progress in our learning skills and to become great role models and the best version of ourselves

oListen closely to the Gospel in Mass and show agreement with its teachings

oPay attention to Catholic Social Teaching and listen intently to the words and follow in the footsteps of Jesus

oListen to our calling from God and work towards our vocation

oWork with the local community and our Parish and pay close attention to God’s calling for us to help others


In Year 6, we are discerning when we...


oChoose to follow the right path and turn away from some temptations

oUnderstand and consider the consequences of our actions and how it influences our choices

oMake good choices and become luminaries through respect, listen well to Jesus’ teachings and demonstrate how others should act through our own actions

oWorking with your friends for the desired good

Autumn 1 Catholic Virtues Luminary


Our catholic virtues luminary is Sophia because she has an abundance of generosity to share with those around her. Sophia is always willing to be generous to everyone especially with her time and kindness. She always thinks of others but also appreciates everything that others do for her and her wonderful manners show how grateful she is! Well done Sophia, keep up the good work! 


Autumn 1 Class Wish Luminary


Our class wish luminary goes to Emmanuella for working hard in all that she does! Our class wish is to become role models and ambassadors to the school and Emmanuella does this always with her hard-working attitude, enthusiastic personality and helpful persona. Well done on your achievements this half term Emmanuella, keep up the good work! 

Autumn 1 Catholic Virtues: Grateful and Generous



In Year 6, we are generous when we…

- support and help others when they are sad or hurt - raise money for charities especially on our Charity Days

- donate food and clothing for the homeless and food banks - act passionately towards change for the world

- help teachers in the classroom and are generous with our time to help others


In Year 6 we are grateful when we...

  • notice what our teachers do to support us in our work
  • appreciate our families and understand how they support and love us
  • use our manners to be kind to others
  • appreciate our education and our right to learn